A quick read about a great dog and cat kennel in La Paz Mexico that Quincy Dane likes.

While we road tripped to the US in June to get our vaccinations, see the family and pick up much needed parts, our Great Dane Quincy stayed in her favorite kennel (Pet & Breakfast) in La Paz, BCS Mexico.  This was her third long term stay in this same kennel and we continue to be impressed with the attentive care and consistency of the staff who care for the various dogs and cats at the kennel.  We like this kennel and Quincy will stay here again.

Photo courtesy of Pet&Breakfast
Photo courtesy of Pet&Breakfast

Bringing Quincy home to the boat was fun to watch.  She recognized her boat home immediately and was happy to be back on board.  In coming back on board, she figured out that we don’t have A/C like the kennel, but she does know where ALL the coolest spots are onboard.  Smart dog.

The LF2SF Crew and their 130-pound Great Dane Quincy live full time on an Aleutian 51 ketch in the Sea of Cortez while they wait out hurricane season.  We LOVE your comments and “likes” and the greatest complement is having you “Follow” our website.  Have a Great Weekend.

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