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I’ve gotten kind of bored with the MINECRAFT CAVES AND CLIFFS UPDATE MARATHON, so I decided to have a lil break. Side note: if you’re wondering what’s happnen’ in the real world, we’re (currently) on the dock in La Paz. It’s Monday, and by the time you get this post, we’ll probably be in La Cruz, Banderas bay, on the Mainland. We’ll be leaving on a two/ three-day trip from Frailes with Kyrie, buttt uhm, other than THAT, not much is happnen’. SOOOO, I’m gonna talk about a new AWESOME game on Roblox, called Creatures of Sonaria… or is it Creatures of Agartha?? There has been some confusion on my side about which it is, although the game is officially called Creatures of Sonaria in Roblox, so I’ll be calling it that. It is a survival game, but to those sissies in the back trying to slink away unnoticed: this game is pretty great for a survival one. I myself haven’t been very active on any survival games at all, really, but I love this game (which is saying something). Yes, it is a survival game, and yes, I’ve only been playing it for a couple of days, but it’s not too bad on the survival part: you do have to find food and water, but what really helps is the fact that you can ‘sniff’, and a green trail (for food) or blue trail (for water) will appear, if you’re near one of them. What drew me in was all of the cool animals: there are several cool animals that you can collect by buying a random from these in-game animal vending machine: totally random, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, sky, land, sea, toxic, bleeder (I’m not sure either…), and semi-aquatic. All of these animals have their pros and cons. For example: a Vin’rou is a pretty good flying carnivore to have, but during winter, if it goes in the water, it will start to die out of hypothermia . That’s another cool feature: there are seasons (Spring/blossom season, Summer, Fall, Winter! And famines, too. There is weather, of course. Also really cool is that footprints trail you wherever you go (if you’re on land), which is bad if your being hunted, BUT STILL REALLY COOL)!! My favorite animal is probably the Sakuryn. Its name hints at what it is: Sakura, Sakuryn? It’s probably one of the biggest animals you can play as. It looks big and scary, but its actually just a (VERY BIG) gentle giant: it’s an herbivore. It’s pretty good in the air (it can fly), because it was modeled after a Griffin, although it goes really sloooooooooow on land, with a similar fate awaiting it in the water. I like it, honestly, because it’s so pretty. It has what looks like tree boughs arching all over its body, and flowers growing on the branches, hence the prettiness . Anywho, I think that’s it for today! TEAGANUPANDOUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTYYYYYY!!!

She’s right…when she wrote this post she was in La Paz, BCS Mexico and as I work to get it posted, I’m sitting in Banderas Bay, Mainland Mexico.  The author of the post is an 11-year old who lives on a cruising sailboat with her sister, parents and a Great Dane.  We allow the kids to write and come up with their own posts on our site to give them a voice and some personal creativity, with little editing by us.  Wanna read more…..follow her writing on this site every Friday when we have internet as we cruise the Mexican Riviera for the next six months.

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  1. Your Sakuryn sounds cool and pretty. Goooood writing and interesting new subject

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