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Big Green Egg on a Sailboat: Perfect Pork Chops

Ummmm…perfect Pork Chops with great seasoning done perfectly on the Big Green Egg.   Except ours is on our sailboat and we use it for a variety of different foods, NOT always meat.  But in this case, I just happened to shoot a picture of some of my perfect pork chops so I figured I’d drop a quick post so you could try this too-

I like nice thick boneless pork chops that I can buy in a regular ol’ store…ready to be barbecued and provide a great meal quickly.  In this case, I threw some olive oil and some “Bad Byrons Butt Rub” on the meat and let it sit for about half an hour (I was hungry).  I also needed that half-hour to get the Big Green Egg going and up to temperature (350′) so I could cook the chops nice and slowly at a consistent temperature.  I also chopped some veggies that would go on the grill first, but no picture of those.  I cooked these nearly one-inch thick pork chops for only about 15 minutes per side, checking them once and turning them once for a great cook.  The chops came out nice and juicy, with only one of the chops getting a bit too seared but it didn’t dry out.  This is the magic of the egg…food can be well cooked but rarely dries out-



Do you know what’s needed to keep the crew happy?  For us; it’s dog food, natural wood charcoal and a great bottle of wine occasionally.  You can help by clicking on our Patreon Button on the website and helping us out!  



Great Dane On A Boat: Quincy On Alert

Great Danes are large, smelly creatures who sleep and lounge ALOT.  But when they get their energy, it’s often channeled into puppy laps, puppy energy, alert mode or play.  Eating holds an energy level too, but it’s quickly followed by more lounging time.  Quincy Great Dane lives on a sailboat that’s leaving in November for a trip around the world and she’s now had a year to get used to the boat and the new world around her.  She still has leash anxiety on the docks but she’s really, really good off leash at Dog Beach or other places.  Here’s Quincy in alert mode, when she misses nothing: (more…)

Provisioning Has Started


Today as I’m writing this post, we STILL don’t have an engine in the boat (its been four {4} weeks since it was taken out) and our sails were shipped yesterday…so we’re still hoping to leave on 04 Nov.  With this in mind, we’ve started our initial provisioning of Tulum with a long-term trip in mind.  Our planning isn’t going into the commuter cruising model, the boat is our home and we’re planning to leave the US for some years…so we’re looking at what we need long term.  With this in mind…provisioning has started.  We actually started in May when we did our last trip to Paso de Robles and San Luis Obispo for someone’s birthday.  It was a productive trip….

Our priorities are straight-

But that was May…and this is late September.  Time to think through the important stuff….got the wine…now let’s think about poop.  That’s right, I said POOP.  We have (2) Air Head composting toilets.  The stuff that goes inside the solids (poop) tank is called Coir…and we need a new brick of it about every 2 weeks to a month.  Knowing it might be hard to get our favorite brand of in other places (Plantonix Coco Coir) in other places and we needed to stock up on it before we left, I bought some.  It turned out I bought a lot of it.

What the heck’s in this HUGE box?


Seriously, did they really pack 90 bricks of coir into one box?


Nope, we’re not smuggling anything…these are our coir bricks piled high in our room, waiting to be stored.

And in a weird twist of fate, I found room for all 90 bricks in a special place.  When we put in both of our composting heads, we didn’t actually take out our holding tanks, we just sanitized them.  This means we cut a large hole in the top of each tank, cleaned it and then sanitized it.  Wow, doing that made for a pretty shitty week, but we got through it and now we have two great storage spaces.  SO, in a weird twist of fate, the stern holding tank was a perfect fit for all 90 bricks of coir, which should last us several years.  I hope.

Stern holding tank with all 90 bricks of coir.

So if you’re heading to Baja Ha-Ha, don’t for get to start stocking up on the important stuff.  You can support this website and blog by following us or by buying Quincy some dog food on our Patreon link on the site-

Have a great weekend. 

Are We Smuggling?

Wow…is LF2SF smuggling something or what?  You’ll have to read my next post…titled “Provisioning Has Started” to find out.


Kid Corner: Thoughts on Composting Toilets?

“Soo…we are leaving in a month. I’ll update u. school has started, and it’s the end of September. School is SOOOO boaring. Dad is provisioning up. I actually thought that he had things under control……until he got 50 of these little sugar cubes that were actually stuff to start fires. Literally. That’s their one purpose. And DON’T even get me started on the coconut poop bricks. See we have a composting toilet. That means that we have to empty the pee bottle by hand and the POOP BUCKET. But after the poop is emptied out, we have to mash up these dirt bricks, and put them in the poop bucket, just so that it doesn’t smell. And of course whoever does that certainly never, ever gets so smelly and so poopy that they have to shower 3 times. Luckily, dad is that person right now. That might change though…AND he made US haul ALL of this inside. Sigh. The life of a boat kid is SO awesome. And of course we can’t forget the toilet. NOT. TEAGAN UP AND OUT.”

Kids Corner has been off the blog for a couple weeks because we’ve been busy, simply didn’t get to it but we’re back.  Kids Corner is written entirely by a 4th Grader who lives on a sailboat in a room with her sister.  It’s mostly unedited but reviewed as we try to develop good writing habits with our kids. Hope you liked this week’s Kids Corner and you tune in for the next 7-fridays until we untie the docklines and go south. That is…if our engine’s working and back in our boat.  And, you can check out our Patreon site to see if supporting us is right for you. 


Re-Post: Sometimes Video Says More

This is a re-post of camping in the Maine Woods.  JDR runs a site called: “Weird Guy With a Dog“…and he’s a long-haul trucker.  More importantly, he takes some of the best nature pictures I’ve seen in a very long time, of Maine but also from his cross country travels by truck.  I’ve been camping and backpacking for a long time and identify as a partial-country boy who’s now graduated to a boat…but I wax very, very nostalgic when I see his campsites and jeep, out there in the pure cleanliness of the woods.  I don’t re-post videos very often, but I need to make sure you have the chance to see this video just because it’s freaking awesome…tranquil and well-filmed without alot of talking.  

It you want to check out a blog with some of the best nature pictures around, check out Weird Guy With A Dog and please consider following his site.  (while you’re checking his blog posts, keep an eye out for LF2SF Stickers…like the one on his Jeep!)

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Re-Post: Its the Catch Up Weekend Share #99 — Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Part of Blogging is working to get folks outside your niche interested in what you’re writing about…no matter what your medium is.  However, I know plenty of folks who don’t identify as bloggers but they have a travelogue, blog, website, video links ect.  These mediums are fun and cool,,,so I’m re-posting this link from “It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes” for those of you who might want to keep building views of your site or just let people know you’re around.  I’ve been throwing links on this site inconsistently for at least the last 6 months trying to build my own website and I love the fact she’s doing this as a place for folks to come meet other bloggers.  If you’re interested, throw your links on here on Friday’s

I am so far behind with everything, so this weekend, I will be running round like a chicken with no head, trying to do everything. Its going to be a busy one, I hope you all have a great weekend If you have never done this before, give it a go, you lose maybe […]

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Slowly Training Again

When I retired I was determined to do CrossFit and started training consistently…for a couple months. An injury stopped the CrossFit and lately I’ve been doing physical therapy for a shoulder thing. These things took away some of my motivation to run…but I think I’ve found it again with my wife’s help. She retired and wanted to continue working out…so we started running again. I’m not always motivated to run because the enormity of some of the boat projects loom over my head, but there’s no substitute for getting out and just doing it. I mean…who wants to get all dressed up and then decide to bag the run cause it’s hot or I’m tired?

The runs are glorious- NO timing, NO heart rate, NO GPS, NO Distance on the Fitbit, NO need to even know my distance or time but total bliss just listening to my own ragged breath as one foot tries to get ahead of the other. Best of all…there’s no out there judging me except me.

Quincy’s Corner: Missing the Family

Quincy doesn’t like it when the family leaves her on the boat alone.  It’s that simple.  She endures it while we’re in the slip…sitting and waiting for the family to come home.  But her alone on our sailboat (on the dock) is constantly on my mind and we rarely leave the boat while she’s still on board.  {She’s a large liability to be running loose on any dock}  I’m sure you’ll concur with me-

Quincy does not like to be left alone…so here’s the face I get when I get home after taking up laundry or doing quick errands off the boat:

Quincy telling me how much she misses us!

Quincy the Great Dane lives on a sailboat that’s about to take off to ports unknown (in the first week of Nov).  She’s 5 years old and 130 pounds of love who eats ALOT.  With three full cups of dog chow in the morning and evening…it’s a lot.  We’re planning on taking as much dog food as we can store and then using rice and fish to supplement her diet.

Wanna help?  Check out our Patreon site where you can help with her large amount of puppy chow.

Nice To Be…

We’re celebrating “Talk Like A Pirate Day” today as thurs was a school night. Yaar

Another week of over-thinking limbo as we wait on news from our mechanic…especially if it sounds like forward progress. More wine with friends who tell us there’s a plan in the works somewhere. In our hearts we believe this. In truth….we wanna be out sailing and adventuring rather than sewing dinghy covers. While we’re doing things that need to get done…the engine does hang over our heads. As a planner, I can already see that Oct’s gonna come together quickly. It’s gonna be simple: either we make Baja Ha-Ha or we don’t…but it won’t be for the lack of work on our part. I hope you’re having a fun Sat night like I am- don’t forget to check out Quincy’s Corner tomorrow- (Sun).

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