Shelter Bay Marina And The History Of Fort Sherman By The HelmsMistress

Part of the reason we travel is to explore different landscapes from home and to experience history up close.  For us, this place has it all within a short walking distance of the marina!  If your travels find you at Shelter Bay Marina, take the time to learn a bit about the historic grounds you walk upon. 

The Panama Canal – What NOT To Expect, By The HelmsMistress

From the time I envisioned taking our floating home through the Panama Canal, I began to hear warnings and horror stories of dramatic transits from other boats that were damaged enroute, experienced significant delays in transit or had to deal with something else entirely unexpected.  What I found was that there was a lot of […]

Great Dane And Kitty On A Sailboat: Welcome Home Quincy

Quincy the Great Dane got a lot more than she bargained for when we brought her back to the boat 4-5 days ago…as it rains every day here, sometimes for hours and there’s little room for her to lay down…as there’s an engine in the middle of her salon. Life’s rough for a Great Dane on a boat.

Extended Maintenance and Major Repairs: The Continuing Price For An Experienced Sailboat

I’m of the opinion that delaying or ignoring major repairs could lead to cascade failure that we may not be able to handle, especially with my limited mechanical knowledge.  So, we try very hard to do major repairs before they go from urgent to emergent and often welcome professional + experienced opinions to add to our own experience….but we always put it on ourselves to make final repair decisions.

Kids Corner: Looking Forward

We have only basic ideas of what’s next, depending on weather and such, but we have two options. There are only two major weather windows that happen around here: either in November or April.