Riding The Cruisecoaster – Thrill Seekers Wanted, by the HelmsMistress

The simultaneous freedom and vulnerability of sailing the expansive sea with your family is a glorious, yet humbling experience.  Seeing the wonder and excitement in my girls as they watch dolphins on the bow, paddling to untouched beaches with beautiful waterfalls far from the spoils of tourism, or taking notice of all the colors in a sunrise or sunset as if Mother Nature is speaking directly to me saying, “I got your back girl”.

Anchor Chain Maintenance: Cold Galvanizing Tulum’s Anchor Chain

Some boaters just ignore anchor chain or worry about it when that chain is completely ruined. We just can’t do it that way, as we depend on our chain daily with all the anchoring we like to do.
Eventually if you drop an anchor and use chain rode enough times, anchor chain will need some maintenance or you will be forced to buy new chain. Finding Hot Galvanizing for anchor chain in larger industrialized countries isn’t hard, but what to do in smaller countries or if you just happen to be far away from somewhere that can hot galvanize large amounts of chain? When Tulum was hauled in July, we had to do some research and make decisions on our own chain maintenance.

MINECRAFT: The End Update, Produced By Kids Corner

A discussion about the End Update for MINECRAFT, produced by Kids Corner. Kids Corner is a feature on our website that we try to publish every Friday…written by kids for kids, gamers or the kid at heart. The kids who produce this website segment live full time on a cruising sailboat currently in Panama.

Homemade Sausage Sliders On A Sailboat (Using The Big Green Egg)

On this occasion, Tulum was in Golfito, Costa Rica with good access to local shopping but of course, when shopping locally you get what you can get….so some of the ingredients in my recipes are just not always available and I often have to adapt or revise the recipe for what I have on hand.  This recipe is no different but it turned out really, really good, so I’m gonna share in case you want to cook it too-

Veterans Day Weekend 2022

Boat work continues, but it’s important to slow down and remember that certain holidays are celebrated for different reasons. In this spirit, we’re taking the time to slow down and say “Happy Veterans Day”.

Dry Rubbed and Roasted Head of Cauliflower On The Big Green Egg

When we do have great weather and we’re not underway, we do everything we can to cook great meals on the Big Green Egg.  It’s easy, ifun, a great conversation starter and I love the time in our 2nd owners cockpit with great music and a cold drink, working on dinner for the family. 

“How Does That Huge Dog Do On A Sailboat”?

Having a Great Dane on a (sail) boat obviously gets noticed and becomes a conversation starter sometimes. We just can’t hide our Great Dane in a purse. But the question we get the most is “How does she do on the boat?”