Multiple Projects While Waiting On Our Engine Install

Just like the other times we had to stay for extended periods of time in marinas, we’re using this time to improve, modernize and update our beloved sailboat, Tulum-5. Here’s some of our concurrent projects, happening right now.

“Follow” Button Fixed

Ok, gotta admit that occasionally I have glitches on the site. With this in mind….I’ve gotten some help and the “Follow” button should be fixed….so Follow, Follow, Follow us ! And if you thought you signed up but you’re not getting 3-4 posts a week, please try again-

Shelter Bay Marina And The History Of Fort Sherman By The HelmsMistress

Part of the reason we travel is to explore different landscapes from home and to experience history up close.  For us, this place has it all within a short walking distance of the marina!  If your travels find you at Shelter Bay Marina, take the time to learn a bit about the historic grounds you walk upon.