Live Free 2 Sail Fast

De-naming Integrity

Friday night we de-named Integrity;  our new to us sailboat!  (more…)

Two Major Goals before my birthday

I achieved two major goals of mine before my birthday this year:

I’ve earned my USCG Captain’s License-

and,,,both me and my wife signed up for the old 1/2 Ironman Vineman which is now 1/2 Ironman Santa Rosa.  Just because we signed up doesn’t mean we’re going to be Ironman stud winners, but it’s a heathy step toward both of us being obstinate enough not to blow it off,,,,,or the training for it.

I’m feeling better but not cured.  My new computer is up and running so I’m working to get back to being a good blogger with consistent posts and all that great stuff.  If you like us, please consider following us.

USCG Master’s Ticket,,,,(finally) my Captain’s License

After year’s of acquiring seatime and taking my two week course at the Maritime Institute in San Diego, CA and passing my Captain’s License Test with Towing and Sailing Endorsements,,,,I finally put together enough hours to qualify and earn my USCG Captain’s License.  I’m pretty stoked.  My wife keeps asking me what I’m going to do with it,,,,,I’m not sure, but I know the Rules of the Road pretty well now!

Stay with us, we’re at the San Diego Boat Show Today (Saturday) and will provide some info, pictures and of course my review when we’re done.

Seatime toward my Captain’s License

Last year in January I attended school here in San Diego to prep for the USCG Captain’s License Test and passed it.  However, when I turned in all my professional paperwork, the Coast Guard didn’t count any of my hours prior to age 16, so I wasn’t able to qualify for my actual license last January.  This year, I used as much time as I could on the water making up those hours and acquiring seatime.  I’ve put my licensing package back together and reapplied with the Coast Guard, now waiting to see when the actual license will be issued.   We’ve been boatless since November, I miss having a boat to go down to the water on.

2018 LF2SF Roadmap

Welcome to 2018.  I’m happy we’re here together.   I’m probably also a bit hungover,,,,so speak slowly-

I might come on here and say there will be grand sweeping changes for the blog in 2018 and we’re going to make it a goal to shoot to 50,000 followers and all that,,,,but I’m not.

This blog is about adventure travel, family travel, production sailboats and cruising/sailing.  We’re going to continue down this same path in 2018, but we as a family will have a lot going on.  I’ve re-applied for my USCG 100GT License, will be working on a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate, continue to live with my two tiny kids and dog two hours away from my wife because of her work (NOT a divorce) and already know other things that 2018 will throw at us.  This year we’ll buy another bluewater cruising sailboat, our house will sell,  I’ll retire and we’ll all move onto the boat as a family.  These will be fun and refreshing changes for us as a family, but will probably be a lot more fun for you to follow as we have ups and downs.  Ever seen a very large Great Dane on a cruising sailboat? (I have).  Stay with us as Hotwife moves back onboard our cruising sailboat and we introduce Quincy the Great Dane to her new home on a sailboat.

Really wants to help,,,,a lot.

Should be challenging, fun, funny and downright stressful at times, but that’s where we’re headed.

A Happy New Year’s Wish for 2018

Photo Credit to HotWife using an iPhone

From our humble desert paradise to wherever you might be in the world during this last day of the western calendar, I want to reach out and wish you a safe and happy New Year.

I’m glad 2017 is over and I’m looking forward to 2018.  For us here at LF2SF, 2018 will bring some significant changes that I’m totally looking forward to.  We’ll be buying a another bluewater cruising sailboat, selling our house, retiring and moving as a family to start a new chapter in our lives.  I’ve re-applied for my 100GT/OUPV USCG Captain’s License and we’re continuing to travel on land as family.  That’s ALOT of change in one year,  but I think both me and my wife have thought it through enough that we’ll make it work and flourish.

If you’re one of our awesome followers or new to this website, stick with us and experience the adventure as we go.

Happy New Year!