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Book Review: Sailing Log to Blog to Book- Sequitur, to Cape Horn in Comfort and Style

I’m one of those sailors who dreams of taking the information from my log and blog and eventually turning it into a print book; author Michael Walsh has done just that with his book: SEQUITUR, to Cape Horn in Comfort and Style.  Author Michael Walsh and his partner Edi have written a book here that’s right on the money for me as a future cruising sailor: they have the sailing chops to tell a true story with an authoritative voice, they are great cooks who include pics of their gourmet meals in the book along with great wine choices for those meals and there’s info in the book that’s directly out of a sailing logbook and/or was present on their SAILBLOGs Blog site, Sequitur.  Incidentally, that specific SAILBLOG site still gets tremendous daily traffic, as it’s still up and running although Mr. Walsh has moved onto another blog site for their European Canal Travels (  The site has LOTS of cruising information, just like the book does.

Sequitur, to Cape Horn in Comfort and Style is a soft cover book of 678 pages crammed full of pictures and great stories.  Published by ZonderZorg Press in 2013, it’s for sale on Amazon and through the ZonderZorg Website directly.  The book does what I want it to when I start reading it….it starts with the basic info about Mr. Walsh and his partner Edi, how they acquired the Hunter 49 (brand new), put her together and started working toward a cruising dream.  Then step by step the book starts to take us along on their journey down the West Coast and the decision-making process that takes them through the Rouring 40’s and around Cape Horn.  In no way the first Hunter to put on some serious ocean miles but this is one of the first stock Hunters on record (that I know of) to actually round Cape Horn and keep going.  Written in meticulous detail it’s obvious that much of the info in the book came from Sequitur’s written logs or their SAILBLOG entries, which I applaud.  I love the fact that they have included cooking recipes that work on a boat, great wine and food pairings and info on how to do a big trip like this in comfort and style.  After their time on Sequitur, Michael and Edi moved on to other adventures, selling Sequitur and purchasing a century old canal boat in Europe, which they chronicle in several new books as well as their ZonderZorg website.

The book is for sale on Amazon and LF2SF would be tickled pink if you followed the link we provided above to check it out and purchase it.  YES, we would get about two whole cents if you make a purchase decision and use our link.  There….we’ve given you our disclaimer.  I liked this book and it will remain a staple in Tulum 5’s library.  Have a great day and a great weekend.

If you want to read about another Hunter with some serious ocean miles, Google the S/V Follow You, Follow Me on Sailblogs and about their miles.




Hunter Sailboat Discussion

Tulum IV under way in San Diego Bay, late 2014

I was able to go see Tulum IV this weekend.  She looks good.  We still have some minor systems to work on, but for the price we’re asking right now, I think buyers looking for a great boat at a great price may understand and want to just take care of those repairs for themselves.  The boat’s got new bottom paint, new batteries, new anchor and BBB chain, new sail cover and numerous other improvements.  But that’s not what this post is about, so read on:

Several weeks ago when we were in San Diego, I was able to have a discussion with an avid sailor and carbon fiber engineer; about cruising sailboats.  The conversation didn’t go like I thought it would.  This gentlemen has been on lots of boats,,,,(lots of times) and gave me a pretty strong reminder about not trash talking boats I didn’t know anything about or had never been on.  The conversation did get around to Hunter Sailboats; both from the Hunter Marine days and now the current Hunter Sailboats being made by Marlow-Hunter.  I was impressed with his knowledge of the brand and the fact that he didn’t give an inch when the conversation went to uncomfortable places.  One of these places was his simple question:  “Had I ever personally known anyone who cruised or even owned a Hunter Sailboat, besides me”?  My startled answer was “no”.  His reply was to look up “press” or internet stories about Hunter Sailboats that had actually gone “offshore” and see what people thought of them and why they bought Hunter Sailboats.  What I’ve found surprised me and I wanted to put some of these key stories into one post and let you see them.

Mike Harker- Hunter 460 and 49, around the world twice

S/V Sequitur

How We Got to Hunter- SmackTalk Blog

1999 Hunter Marine discussion

If you take a look at these links and stories, you might be surprised at what you find.  As one person said in one of the stories; “most cruisers never talk about their boat brands, they just talk about where they’re going and what repairs need to be made”.

Two weeks ago we went to Strictly Sail and Powerboat Show in San Francisco and I’m still working on the 2-3 separate posts to cover that weekend.  Stay with us,,,if you like us, please consider following us.

Don’t forget why you’re buying a boat in the first place!!!