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Great Dane On A Boat: Great Dane and Her Walker

“Most of you never get to see me and my walker and feeder in one picture, so here you go”:

Great Dane and her Feeder in one picture- very rare-


Quincy is a Great Dane living on a cruising sailboat while we prep to go cruising with our family in November of 2019.  We LOVE you reading our posts and FOLLOWING us and invite you to keep reading Quincy’s columns every Sunday.


Great Dane on a Boat: Quincy’s Advice

Quincy the Boat Dog is a Great Dane who lives on a sailboat and is prepping to hit the waves for some cruising time.  She’s spending more and more time on the boat when projects allow and seems to be doing fine.  Now for some more sage advice by Quincy the Great Dane: (more…)

Happy 4th of July from LF2SF

Happy 4th of July.  Wherever you are in the world, if you’re an American; 4th of July means something to you.  Beyond the pomp and circumstance, fireworks and speeches….this day should resonate with meaning as a country that wanted a different future for itself.  I’ve been all over the world and through some of the poorest and most destitute places in the world….and this is a great country; and has been for over 200 years-

Here’s to you America-

At this point in my writing, I’m interrupted by Quincy the Boat Dog….who wants to specifically tell you Happy 4th but she can’t really talk….so here’s her shout-out to all of you:

She’s celebrating on the inside- “Happy 4th of July”

LF2SF is primarily a website about prepping to go traveling and cruising (with kids) and our challenges over the last 3-4 years to get from there to here. Last year we sold our house and moved all of our stuff into permanent storage and wwe’ll be rid of our cars in the next few months as we prep to leave the US.  We’re heading out with Baja Ha-Ha 2019 on November 4th; kids, Great Dane and Surf-fur Crew with us! 

Hunter the Guest Dog in his youth decided he wanted to be on this post too, so here’s his parting shot:

Hunter the Guest Dog says “Happy 4th”

LF2SF is a small website trying to grow as we go along.  If you like our writing, please follow our site.  If you LOVE our writing and pics, consider checking out our Patreon site. 

Slips in San Diego for Baja Ha-Ha and CUBAR

Coming to San Diego for Baja Ha-Ha or CUBAR?  Rumor around San Diego is that there may not be as many slips available as there have been in past years….so book your slip early! 

Wanna know more about Baja Ha-Ha or CUBAR?  Check out their websites and check out my CUBAR YouTube Video here- CUBAR 2019 INFO 

LF2SF is actually going on Baja Ha-Ha 2019 and can’t wait to get video and pics of the start and the actual event to share with all of our followers.  Want to help us along? Check out our Patreon Site!  Quincy eats more than you think! 

Great Dane On A Boat: Epic Adventures Await

Nearly every Sunday our Great Dane (Quincy) writes this advice and wisdom column to other dogs and humans who want to read her stuff.  See, Quincy the Great Dane lives on a cruising sailboat that’s leaving for blue water adventures in November, starting in Baja California.  We’re all looking for epic adventures to follow.

Here’s her advice and wisdom for today:  “Sometimes when you’re hot, just stick your head out the window“.


While we know that Quincy doesn’t have the same life as when we had a land-based house, she’s adapting to life on the boat nicely and seems to enjoy herself.  We know that when we leave we’ll need to work on the bathroom thing and more adaptation will take place, but it will be a work on progress.  For us, the Sea of Cortez is calling and epic adventures with family AND Quincy await.

We lived a traditional American life (house, two cars, dog eat) for years but realized how much we WANTED to spend time showing our kids some of the world through travel. So we’re working hard to prep the boat to leave in November, traveling and adventuring together.  You can follow us on this website, Patreon and YouTube.    

Great Dane On A Boat: Quincy’s Alter-Ego

Wow, I’ve been waiting for Quincy’s Word of the Day all day, thinking I missed it.  But really, it’s just late.  Read on: (more…)

Quincy’s Corner- Sage Advice From a Great Dane 190224

This is Quincy the Boat Dog’s weekly post to stay in touch with all of you and make sure you know she’s still around, living on a sailboat while her owners prep to go bluewater cruising.  You’ll have to guess what kind of advice may come next if you don’t click to read the rest- (more…)

Sporadic posts but life continues-

Gotta apologize, as the posts have been a bit sporadic these last couple weeks as life has been busy but we keep going.  Hotwife had a hip operation so it’s been a week of having the kids on the boat with her elsewhere; then when she as able to get back on the boat on crutches I needed to take her to appointments for most of the next week.  So I missed my usual writing schedule and missed some of the work I needed to do around the boat as well.  With hotwife back on the boat, things have settled down a bit.  Take a look at Quincy, she won’t even move now when crutches go over her:  But it’s been a productive couple of weeks regardless.  Hotwife and Pirate Kate attended the Women’s Sailing Convention last weekend, I was able to determine the cause of my broken bilge pump and I’m getting it changed out with a new one, I finished my Small Boat Diesel Engine Course and we’ve set solid dates in March to haul Tulum 5 out of the water for a bunch of repairs and upgrades.

We’re looking to do the following while T-5 is hauled out:  three coats of bottom paint, drop and inspect the rudder and it’s bearings, have a dripless seal installed on our shaft, have a freshwater foot pump installed in our front head, have a saltwater foot pump installed in the galley, have the gray water flow changed from our 50-gallon (below the water line) tank to direct overboard and possibly remove the tank, unfreeze all the throughhull handles and fiberglass over throughhulls we don’t use and clean and paint the main bilge.  But this also gives me strict deadlines to get the washer/dryer taken out and if I’m going to put in a composting head…I’d like to get it done before the haul out.

So we have a bit to do.

We’re a family who got a good deal on a great boat and now have to dedicate the time to fix systems and give her the TLC needed to prep her for cruising.  We’re doing just that.  We’ll start our YouTube Channel in June and post every one of our complete free video travel logs on this blog.  We’ll also continue to post with mongo lots of pictures as we go along. If you want to read it all and share in the action, please think about following us and continue to follow us as we go.

Sunday Thoughts by Quincy the Boat Great Dane

I can’t really say it any better!  (more…)

Quincy the Boat Great Dane gets 5-Minutes of Fame

We were out shopping for screws and epoxy at one of the boat stores when Hotwife got bored and started perusing “the Log” newspaper; only to discover Quincy the Boat Great Dane on Page 16 with a caption and a shout-out with our Blog Name.   If you’re in Southern California, grab the Oct 5th issue of “the Log” newspaper and take a look at Quincy the Great Dane.  Here’s the picture in the paper, one of the first ones I took of her standing on the bow, her first day on Tulum 5.

First Day, First Meal on the Boat-

More coming out this week as we’ve been out adventuring as a family.  When that happens, I usually either don’t have internet or don’t have time to write.  We’re watching Hurricane Michael closely and all of our friends who are near the panhandle area or have connections there are in our thoughts and prayers-

Here’s your parting shot: