Live Free 2 Sail Fast

Kids Corner: SeaWorld One Last Time

Sooo…I…don’t know really what to write about…hmmm…right now I would really rather be reading harry potter or something. I guess my brain is just really clouded up because we stayed up until MIDNIGHT lastnight! Kellyn’s friend came over and they watched some movies and stuff…{suddenly}…OHH! OHH! I JUST CAME UP WITH THE BEST IDEA! I’ll write about that day when we went to seaworld! So anyway dad dropped us off and we went to these touch pools. There were horseshoe crabs, sharks, cleanerfish, and lots of other animals at the touchpools. The sharks skin felt like sandpaper. Then we went to Trip to Atlantis, one of the rides. We got soaked, but on another ride, the River Rapids, we actually went under the waterfall! I felt like I just had a bath! Anyway, this story, IS TO BE CONTIUED. TEAGAN UP AND OUT!











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waterfall! I felt like I just had a bath! Anyway, this story, IS TO BE CONTIUED. TEAGAN UP AND OUT!







Remember WHY You’re Doing All That Work?

Are you living to die or dying to live? Remember YOUR larger goals in life.  Don’t give up on goals till you kicked their ass!

See my goals!  


Great Dane on a Sail Boat: Great Dane Gets Sneaky!

Great Dane’s are notorious for loving “off-limits” areas where a human might sit down or sleep.  Cause when a Great Dane gets onto these pieces of furniture, no one else does.  Wanna see what this looks like on a boat with very small beds?  Especially when she thinks she’s getting away with it and continues the behavior. (more…)

Kids Corner- Adventures at Camp Grandma

Soo…I gess I have to finish camp grandma and grandpa

So anyway, in the first camp grandma and grandpa, it ended with that awesome cliffhanger, so now im gonna answer that. WE WENT TO……………….

{pause for dramatic affect}……………this place called………………CATTAIL LAKE!!!! Yay, I know. It was actually pretty fun.  So we brought our paddle boards and I actually learned how to stand up!{all credit going to grandpa of course, for helping me do it, and because I know you will be reading this} so we spent the day at the beach, for five days, all day. Me, swimming and trying to catch at least one of the many cray fish{looks like little lobsters} that live there, with no success,{no surprise there}. Or maybe one of the little tiny fish{no luck}? After that we had dinner and smores{yum!}. after five days of camping, we decided to go home. I waved goodbye cattail lake, Arizona, as we drove away, back to California…by the way, dad wanted me to mention the awesome mineral sunscreen, Raw Elements, our first sponser. TEAGAN UP AND OUT!!!!