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Reblog: For Sale: 2011 Beneteau 43.3, $119,000 — The Cruises of Marlinspike

Here’s a great pair of sailors who’ve lived their plan and are now putting their boat up for sale in the Caribbean.  Having already sold one sailboat, I’m aware of the challenges of boat sale and am especially empathetic to the challenge of selling a boat from far away….like if your boat was in the Caribbean and you had to come back to the US.  These folks have kept the boat in immaculate shape and worked hard to improve her while sailing the Caribbean, so the boat should be a steal for someone who wants to really sail the Caribbean.  Plus….LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION- you can pick up a great newer boat for a great price that’s already in one of the world’s premier cruising grounds…..nice!  If you’re interested, check out their website and tell em that LF2SF sent you-

All good things must come to an end. This was the third year of our planned three- to five-year Caribbean cruise, and having sailed the boat throughout the Eastern Caribbean, from Grenada to St. Thomas, we agreed that it is time to bid farewell to our beloved Marlinspike. This was the perfect boat for us: […]

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When Your Caribbean Bedroom Is Your Office

A re-blog from one of my favorite sites, “Women who live on Rocks“.  Always funny and always true to form, seems like some of these stories explain life pretty well.  If you like this story, make sure to go check out the website.  The stories are all written by mostly ex-pat women who live life on their islands, with this site bringing together these authors in a community like setting on the website.  They are on different islands, perhaps one of them is on an island near you (BVI ?).

The biggest disadvantage of working from home on a rock is controlling your environment so that it appears as professional as possible…

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