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Quincy’s Corner- 19021

Quincy the Boat Dog is a Great Dane.  She often smells like a wet dog and tends to sleep, eat and wag her tail quite a bit.  Sometimes during the day when I have boat work or have to run around doing errands, Quincy goes to doggy day care and LOVES it.  But I never thought I’d see her do this……. (more…)

Quincy the Great Dane’s Sunday Corner- 190120

More Wisdom from Quincy the Great Dane, who lives on an Aleutian 51 Sailboat. (more…)

Digitized Aleutian 51 Ketch Plans and Drawings

In the post below is my photo essay containing the hand-drawn plans for the Aleutian 51 Ketch.  Mr. Stan Huntingford was the designer and if you look closely at one of the sheets, you’ll see it’s actually dated, October 20th 1975.  I was around in the world- were you?  In October of 1975, we were most likely preparing to sail down Baja California on the original Tulum II with my parents.  Through new information from one of the editors for Cruising Outpost Magazine; there were only 9 Aleutians built in Taiwan in the late 70’s and there may have been several more built in Canada  sometime during this period too.  I’ve tracked several Aleutians via this blog/website:  ours is here in Southern California prepping for Baja Ha-Ha 2019,  another Aleutian is very much alive and sailing in the Caribbean, one Aleutian was sailed from the US to Australia and is detailed in several of author Jackie Parry’s books,  another is somewhere in Ventura or Oxnard (California) while another was sold somewhere in Spain several years ago.  If you have any information on other Aleutians, I’d love to hear from you.  Enjoy the plans, I’m glad we can continue the legacy of the lady we live and sail on:  (more…)

Digitized Aleutian 51 Ketch Plans and Drawings

I’ve been working on the best way to put out the complete hand drawn plans and drawings of the Stan Huntingford designed Aleutian 51 sailboat so that if people need to see them, there’s always access.  Although only 9 actual original Aleutian 51’s were built in Taiwan to Stan Huntingford’s specs, I wonder how many more were built in Canada- with or without his approval.  I’ve heard there are two more “Canadian” Aleutian’s out there.  If we had these plans and didn’t find a way to get them out, I might be a dismal failure.  So in the summer of 18 (before I retired) a friend professionally photographed the plans for me and digitized them.  I’ve spent some time last week touching them up and making them more readable.  I’ll get them on this website and blog tomorrow as a photo essay.  If you need more info on Aleutian 51 Ketch’s, we’re trying to become a resource for you.

Hotwife earns a new nickname!

Getting the boat out of the slip and onto the water is my own best medicine,,,,especially when I can take a deep breath and not do all the work!  (more…)

To Do List # 1

I’ve gotta start creating to-do lists on here as posts, as I’m forgetting more stuff to do than I’m remembering.  On the Hunter; after we bought her and moved her to Oceanside, I took the time in 2-3 day stints to get down on her alone and figure out what needed to be done.  On the Aleutian, it’s a different story cause I’m livin in a different world.  These days, I have the kids up here (it’s called parenting,,,,NOT babysitting), my wife is down there and I’m approaching retirement.  Honestly, I can’t wait to get my gold watch and the smack on the ass that signals retirement,  cause I can then focus on my boat projects and not have to worry about what’s happening down on the boat when I get the phone calls from hotwife every now and again,,,,,about some inane but very real thing going on down there.  So, I’m gonna start creating to-do lists on here and you all can give them a read and perhaps chime in with advice or just commentary as I go along.  There’s SOOOO much more to do that I can ever list on here, but I’m gonna make some of this into my YouTube channel projects and some of the work into blog posts with pics and info stories, just to keep it real!!

1.  Generator salt water cooling outpipe thingy–  This is a u-shaped pipe in the stern of the boat that the generator salt water cooling water leaves the boat through.  Except when they put it on there last time,,,,they didn’t use a stainless steel u-shaped pipe,,,and now it’s nearly rusted through.

2.  Generator and Engine Impellers–  I have no idea when these were ever changed last either in the generator or the engine, gotta be done.  Could be the reason the generator continues to overheat.

4.  All four (4) Racor Fuel Filters in the engine room-  There’s two 120 filters and two 60 filters, and all four of them need to be changed out.  At least one is leaking and the other three are not far behind.

5.  Heater in the boat–  The boat has a diesel heater in it.  I want to take it out (not get rid of it) in order to free up room on the boat.  I’m not too keen on going to places that ever need heaters, so I think this is logical.  But, in its defense, the boat was in San Francisco for much of its life, so I can understand the heater.

6.  Gray Water Tank Y-Valve–  Yep, someone in their infinite wisdom put a gray water TANK in the boat,,,and all the piping for gray water goes to the tank with no Y-Valve.  We’re going to need one of these valves.

7.  Black Water Tanks Y-Valve–  Nope, this boat doesn’t have a Y-Valve for the Blackwater tanks that I can find,,,,but I need these.  We’ll lock it up with a key and stuff, but we still need a way to dump overboard if the pumps ever go out.  No pun intended.

8.  More Chain and marked Chain–  The Boat needs 300 feet of BBB Galvanized Chain with my own markings on it,,,,as we get ready to leave.  And we need another giant backup anchor.

9.  Front Berth Restructure– The front berth is a mess right now.  There are giant closets but no room to turn round in, just a berth coming nearly to the stateroom door.  Something’s gotta be done for a 6 & 8-year old to co-exist in that space without serious destruction occurring.  I may do some destruction of my own in there in order to find more room for the girls, even a sitting desk with some more room for standing and dressing would be wonderful.

Random Coolness at the boatyard- JAG Painting

Prior to de-naming and re-naming Tulum V, we needed to get the old name removed and the new name put on,,,,what a bit of work it was.  (more…)

PMP & Boat Management

This week I’m sitting in the beginning stages of a class to get my Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Certifications with the hope that they help me find a real job after I retire and grow up a bit.  Not sure about the growing up part, but I am retiring in July.  At the same time this week, Tulum V (Integrity) our new to us 51′ Aleutian Ketch is starting to undergo some of the very much-needed TLC.  To the hardcore folks who read this, I apologize.  Some of the work is getting done by professionals because I just don’t have time this week or next to get it all done before she leaves her slip at the boatyard and gets moved to a less convenient marina.  I say this because it’s convenient to have the boat at a boatyard already that’s surrounded by the actual experts who can help with most boat repairs,,,,as opposed to making them drive to another boatyard.  This week I have a refrigeration mechanic looking at our fridges and freezers,  someone is cleaning the oil and grease water out of the bilges and polishing the fuel,  the electrician will work this weekend and next on the various electrical challenges, a fuels mechanic will come look at the overly complex fuel tank return valves and fill valves to tell me if we can simplify the system and I will get recommendations from a mechanic about whether the generator can ever work again or if we should just rip it out.  I’m considering just ripping out the existing generator, capping the fuel lines and turning to a portable generator and simpler watermaker.  So in the end, I’m practicing project management on my own boat project, but kicking myself for not being able to be there to actually work through things as they come up or do that work myself.  It would take me weeks to do this work myself and I’d make a much larger mess, so I often have to weigh how much my time is worth vice the price of hiring experts to get the work correctly and quickly.  Getting things done right is often high on my list,,,,as I’m the first to admit I’m still learning most everything and seem to learn new boat stuff everyday.

Stay with us,,,I’ll be putting my projects on my blog as we go along.

Tulum V

Aleutian 51 MotorSailor

We closed on the Aleutian 51 motorsailor on Friday.  Finally.  I’ll write about this exhausting purchase process in future posts but needless to say I’m relieved.  It’s been a bit of a struggle to remember the positive points that attracted us to her in the first place; but we’ve finally closed and started work on her this morning.  This boat just needs some TLC and of course being a “77”;  she’ll need some TLC + cash put into her at the right time as needed.  But we know she’s got good bones and she has lots of features we like, so we continued to believe in those qualities even when we were worn down by the lengthy process of discovery.  The process wasn’t helped by me blowing out both my eardrums or the fact that we didn’t have an easy time of the sales process, but that’s for other posts.  Right now, I’m totally relieved to do all of the work we did today because I’m back to a production sailboat that’s right for my family and has the ability to become our home on the dock and cross any ocean imaginable if we choose that route.  We’re still selling our own house in the next five months and moving onto this boat in July, to live on her until we change our minds or leave on our own cruising trip.  I love the interaction with all of you and the fact that some of you actually read this blog thing with all these storie, keep it up-

Tomorrow, photo essay of today’s adventure with trash and cleanup,,,,trying to show you what NOT to do when you finally sell your boat and walk off it.  We didn’t do this when we sold Tulum IV and I don’t want you to do it when you sell your own boat.  Stay with us, that story tomorrow.

Buying the right boat!

Buying the right boat for yourself or your family isn’t always easy or apparent, read on to learn more:  (more…)