PTSD and Sailing

This page is going to be a working/running project with research, organizational data and personal observations on the effects of sailing on different forms of PTSD.   This subject is important to me personally and I will be putting up the newest and latest info I have as we go along, connecting to more and more resources and using this tiny blog platform as a voice.

I am the BLOG author, I am NOT a medical professional nor will I ever claim to be 100% right, there is no wrong or right in PTSD treatment as long as something works for someone.  I do not write this as someone who’s trying to cure you or offer you a final solution at all.  This is one of many types of solutions out there, some work better than others-

August 2018- Just an observation,,,,gotta say out loud that sailing could work well for certain types of people’s PTSD or other forms of illness if the folks were taught more about the control of the boat via sailing and running the boat,,,,then taken out for more than just a boat ride.  I think putting people in control during a challenging situation (that’s not staged) with various unscripted outcomes and letting them figure it out knowing there’s still a safety net for them may work.   Let me explain:  Working through certain issues takes folks back to where those issues started,,,,and that’s what certain types of therapies are looking for.  Several grassroots organizations are using this same style of therapy on the east coast, there’s no consistent therapy of this kind on the west coast that I know of.   And,,,dogs seem to help too-

July 2018- I’m blown away by all the different blogs and websites on WordPress and the internet in general dealing with all different forms of mental challenges and PTSD.  I think blogging is a very good way to work through PTSD issues because not matter what; those folks are getting their stories out and working through those issues via their own writing.

February 2018- I was just talking to someone on another blog about my strong belief in the power of sailing as one possible way to start treating PTSD or at least start a conversation about it.  Once I started sailing, I understood some of the freedom’s I had been missing in the past few years.  I believe strongly that not everyone with PTSD can be cookie cutter cured,,,,there’s a lot of resources out there, not all of them for the “Wounded Warrior”.  Lots of treatments out there for anyone who needs it.  Give it a try.

July of 2017- This week I was invited to help with the Warrior Sailing Program as they put on the the sailing portion of the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic in San Diego.  These clinics are run by the VA but specific organizations like Warrior Sailing come in to help with certain parts of the clinics.  How stoke am I not only to get the invitation, but to be able to find baby sitting and have the boat in San Diego all-ready that I can stay on to help with the clinic the entire week.

Sept 19th 2016- During a weekend trip to Paso Robles, Ca;  I had the humble honor of once more visiting the Tackitt Family Winery.  This is one of the wineries I feel compelled to visit, as Leon and Cindy Tackitt made great wine and support the EOD Warrior Foundation.   Their specific brand of EOD Wine gives back to the foundation with every bottle sold.  I have added this specifically because of my utmost respect for the EOD Warrior, having seen them in action close-hand and having dealt with these men and women while on numerous “business trips”, I have sincere appreciation for their skill and dedication.  Please check out their website if you choose or perhaps buy a great bottle of EOD Wine from Tackitt.

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