Quincy and the LF2SF Crew say “Merry Christmas”

From the entire LF2SF Crew…Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you, wherever you are.  Next year we may write this email from somewhere on the Gold Coast of Mexico, but this year we’re still here in the US.   Quincy missed the her Sunday Wisdom Column due to being in the kennel, so we hope this suffices for the week.  Take care and have a great holiday, wherever you are in the world today-

Photo and Editing Credit to Hotwife



My Photo Essay for Dray 0308

Merry Christmas from my family to yours on this Christmas Eve.  In going through comments, I noted that Dray 0308 loved his trip to the BVI, so I decided to do a random photo essay of the BVI just for Dray 0308, of the Dream Big Dream Often blog. Continue reading

181219- One Foot in Front of the Other

No one’s perfect.  I have not been secretive about the fact that I hurt myself at Crossfit but it had nothing to do with the coaches or the Box, it was my own dumbass fault.  Don’t think this is really due to Crossfit, it’s due to me continuing to train with a known injury, making it worse.  So I haven’t worked out in about three weeks and hate the feeling.  I needed to get back out there and continue to do something, but I know I’m done with Crossfit.  I regret it, but I am.  So…I started running again (read jogging).  I did a whole 22 minutes this morning and it felt so really great, except that every time I swing my arm, the elbow hurts bad.  I don’t care, I’m gonna get back out there and do something until my Ortho visit.

I’m not much of a shining example, but I also say not to compare yourself to the perfection you see on your Pinterest feed.  To be the best you it may take getting off the couch or the boat and starting to do something, one foot in front of the other one like I did this morning.  Give it a try-

Tulum Crew 2018 Letter

A friend texted me to say he had seen stories about Quincy the Boat Dog, but not much about the family;  so I decided to write that update as a blog post vice a mail-out letter with our Christmas Cards.  We’re not trying to be secretive or force the blog, we just didn’t get to doing a mail-out letter this year with the Christmas cards.  So…here goes:  Continue reading

Are readers fickle?

I do watch my blog stats!  I admit it.  As a writer of a blog in a niche area with a potentially limited audience, I wonder if this limits me.  Then I remember I don’t really care because the readers that I do have on a regular basis are awesome folks who actually engage…a lot.  I read about the blogging ups and downs of mega-bloggers like a opinionated man (Harsh Reality) who have some of the same challenges that I do on my tiny niche blog.  I also know this blog wasn’t started (like some other blogs I know) for me or my family, it’s truly meant to be a resource for folks if possible.  But back to the question in the title: Are my readers fickle or are they just busy and overloaded with information?  Even though we may follow a blog, I would venture to say we don’t always read it or even click on it some or most of the time.  Reading all the blogs I follow would be a royal pain in the ass, especially as some of those bloggers post 5-8 times per day.  I think I’m right….readers don’t always read our blogs even though they follow them; and THAT’s OK.  I appreciate anyone who follows, reads, glances at or comments on my blog at all.  It’s royally cool to have followers who comment back and I appreciate it.

@LiveFree2SailFastBoatDog Instragram Site Explanation

Quincy the Boat Dog is once more featured in this issue of the Log  (Dec 14-27 2018) and on the LF2SF Blog.  However, due to stress on her paws as she posted pictures of herself on Instagram all the time; she decided to just do a Sunday morning post on this blog site and cancel her Instagram site.  So the @LiveFree2SailFastBoatDog Instragram site is closed and Quincy has made the commitment to now exclusively post on http://www.LiveFree2SailFast.com.

Please follow the site to gain her wisdom every Sunday morning. 


Calling all Women Sailors and Boaters- February Sailing Convention for Women

It’s important that both men AND women have both hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge in order to gain more confidence and safety on the water when sailing or boating.  Learning must occur to spark experience.  This can be done through boat shows, conferences, reading and hands-on experience- but the point of the first sentence is that it should and can be done by men AND women, not just the manly man on his boat!  You see men on boats a lot.  This is changing, especially as you immerse yourself in this world and start learning that there are more and more women involved with boating and sailing than you might have thought. There are women sailors and boaters who follow this blog and I hope more will follow as we go.  I digress.  Calling all Women Sailors and Boaters:  If you have the means to get to it, there’s a very good Sailing and Boating Convention just for women coming to Southern California in February 2019.   It’s called the Sailing Convention for Women and while it’s not the only one, it’s the only one on the West Coast in the near future.  The Convention date is February 2nd 2019 in Newport Beach, Cali, USA.  When me and Hotwife were going through the morning and afternoon seminars; I was a bit jealous because there are so many cool seminars that I would like to go to, but she’s going instead.  I’ll stay here and babysit (I mean parent).

PS: If you’re around the convention and spot Hotwife, tell her hello-

Bad Blogger!

I try to do a Mon/Weds/Fri posting schedule and facilitate Quincy the Boat Dog’s Posts on Sunday.  It’s been a hectic week, so I missed my post yesterday, wanted to do it today but missed it again.  I will be back on my schedule tomorrow.  Remember I live on a boat with two small children, a Great Dane and LOTS of boat projects….but I love writing on the website and have more ideas than time.  And…it rained for three days in San Diego which is really rare and generally sucks.  The rain got  to us all, delaying all my projects.  I’m working on making dinghy chaps and curtains right now…it’s a slow process.

Here’s the end of my post: