Get out of Florence’s way-

For those of you on the East Coast…..don’t mess with this series of three hurricanes in a row, your safety is worth it.  Get the boat tied down, get off her and get out of Florence’s way.  Remember IRMA…..lots of people didn’t get out of her way in time-

I need all of you reading this to stay safe this hurricane season!



Last day of CrossFit OnRamp.  I “graduated” which means I can now go to CrossFit Class. Yeah.  Tonight I was really de-motivated by my all day in the sun Windlass work, but picked up steam in the workout and Coach Sadistic took it a bit easier on me I think.


After the Coach/Instructor tried to break me on Monday afternoon (that’s my own thinking, she really just put me through the Day-1 OnRamp),,I’m not sure if she thought I would actually come back on Friday afternoon like I said I would.  To my own surprise,  I actually looked forward to it and showed back up on Friday afternoon, ready for another ass-kicker of an OnRamp intro.  I was not disappointed.  I’m really liking the OnRamp Class and CrossFit in general because they take their exercise form seriously and that contributes to safer exercises; done correctly and with more weight.  Three more days of OnRamp and I’ll be released onto the CrossFit world,,,,taking classes three days per week.  I’m looking forward to it.

Endless Windlass Work

I’ve been a bit distant with my posts because my never ending Windlass work is still ongoing and I’ve gotten a 30 Day Extension to hopefully finish my PMP work.  I only have till next tuesday to finish the whole windlass project and install both of my VHF radios, as that’s when the electrician comes next.  At his prices, I need to have everything ready for him so the installs can go quickly.  I’ll be writing a monster windlass install post with pics and such when I finish, as I’ve been documenting the process.  The original windlass was mounted below before I took it off, that was 3-weeks ago.