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HELLO everybody!!!!  I’m back!  P.S, I know that all of those EXCLAMATION marks are kind of not needed, BUT, in my family, if someone said that to me I would TOTALLY F-R-E-A-K OUT!!!! Seriously. ANYWAY, I didn’t exactly go into the details about myself so I know that if you’re at home reading this, then you’re probably about to say “O.M.G. there’s more to know about this girl”?! And then you’re probably about to scream because you loved my so much. Right?  My name is Teagan, I’m 9 years old, and I live on a sailboat!  Anyways, I have recently gone to a bird store where I thought I would get a parrot, but apparently not.  There we looked at the smallest cages that the bird would be comfortable enough in and then the guy showing us around took this very beautiful bird out of one of the cages.  It was green all around its body, but its tail and the underside of its wings were red. The guy said it was a male Eclectus parrot, and that it was the best bird to go on a boat. Unlike a lot of parrots, if you gave it enough toys, it won’t chew on the wood of the boat (as much as some of the others).  The best part though was that it could talk! It was a very beautiful bird and I totally recommend one.  If you live in San Diego, then you can visit the place, called “Our Feathered Friends”. I gotta go, so see ya all next post. Teagan, UP AND OUT!

This post was conceived and written by my 9-year old daughter Teagan…lightly edited for grammar and spelling by me.   If you like kids corner and your kids would like to pen pal with Teagan (9) or Kellyn (7); their comments and questions would be most welcomed and the girls will respond to each-


2nd Time to Near Perfect Steak on the Big Green Egg

I didn’t post yesterday because I was busy working cooking the perfect steak on the Big Green Egg (small) on the sailboat.  Using the recipe from the Big Green Egg CookbookI found the right steaks (1 1/4 inch Ribeye) and all the right spices.  Using the book, I followed the recipe and the cooking directions to achieve near perfection on the grill.  This was using a high heat (500 degrees) direct cooking method on the Green Egg, which it does quite well.  I was impressed myself.

Near Perfection Achieved

Lest you think I’m truly not critical of myself, the only thing I would change from the recipe is this:  Next time, I won’t use as much sea salt as the recipe calls for, it seemed a bit much.  Needless to say, the family and my parents fresh back from a month in Ecuador devoured the Green Egg cooked meal.  I’m still shooting for the Beer Can Chicken, maybe Friday.

Here’s the link to my last Green Egg Adventure: Big Green Egg on a Sailboat- Ray Lampe’s Cookbook As My Inspiration

Next up…downsizing gets personal and next week- Tulum comes out of the water.


Big Green Egg on a Sailboat- Ray Lampe’s Cookbook As My Inspiration

I wanted to cook on the Big Green Egg (size small) now on my sailboat…but wanted inspiration and a roadmap to cook the perfect steaks.  I found it in Mr. Ray Lampe’s cookbook; titled Big Green Egg Cookbook, published by Andrews McMeel Publishing in 2016.

The book is 147 pages long and crammed with recipes and full color pictures.  Since I was looking for inspiration anyways and wanted to heat up the Big Green Egg, this was a perfect reason to crack this book.  I found my inspiration on page 33…I was going to cook “Better than any Steak House Rib Eyes” but had not bought rib eyes, so I just used what I had.  I also didn’t have all the ingredients to make the dry rub as per the recipe; so again I used what I had.  I did follow the spirit and flow of the recipe and the cooking directions carefully.  The steaks cooked flawlessly and came out nearly as good as I’ve ever cooked them, take a look below:

Fire in the Egg

For this recipe, I would be cooking the steaks at approx 500 degrees for just a few minutes using direct heat.  It worked like a charm! Check out the finished product below:

Better than Steakhouse Steaks with Garlic Butter and a great bottle of Peachy Canyon Zin along with my cooking beer.

Not too bad, and they tasted fantastic, with just a perfect touch of smoke to them.  Next time I try this recipe I’ll be using the recommended steak (ribeye) at the recommended thickness 1 1/4 thick and I’ve already bought the spices I was missing for the dry rub.  Overall this was a great dinner and I’d recommend the book for the barbecue enthusiast.  If you click on the link I provided and decide to get the book, we’ll make some beer money!  Here’s another look at the steaks:

 Lastly, if you didn’t read my first post about the first time we cooked on the BGE, here’s the link: Pulled Pork using Big Green Egg – 1st Use of the BGE on our Sailboat.

Thanks for reading, more coming next time I fire up the Big Green Egg for Beer Can Chicken.



Quincy’s Corner- Sage Advice From a Great Dane 190224

This is Quincy the Boat Dog’s weekly post to stay in touch with all of you and make sure you know she’s still around, living on a sailboat while her owners prep to go bluewater cruising.  You’ll have to guess what kind of advice may come next if you don’t click to read the rest- Continue reading

Kids Corner- Living on a Boat When You’re a Kid

As parents we’re working to get our kids involved with boat and cruising life (little by little) even as we sit on the dock.  The kids go to school M-F here on the dock and don’t have lots of free time during the school week, but on weekends have more time.  I told them I would start a place for them to post their own thoughts and writings on the blog as a way to get them involved with discussing the world around them; both here and out cruising.  So here goes, the first combined blog post by both of my girls, Kellyn age 7 and Teagan age 9.  Teagan or Kellyn or both will be posting at least once per week, trying for Sunday from now on.  Continue reading

I need to take a moment to rave about Guru Tattoo in Little Italy, San Diego, Ca, USA.  An extremely professional and clean business, this tattoo shop has a dedicated following and fair prices that match the detailed and perfect artistry from each practitioner.  When some of the senior practitioners in the shop have 2-3 month wait times to even talk about starting a tattoo; there’s gonna be some badass ink.  Tim McEvoy is one of the best and his ink speaks for him.  If you’re looking for a great tattoo and want quality over a quickie; Guru is a great choice.  Check out the progress of a full sleeve tattoo that took five months to complete:  Continue reading

Evolution of a Great Tattoo

Pulled Pork using Big Green Egg – 1st Use of the BGE on our Sailboat

As I write this, I’m overcome by how far we’ve come as a family since last Presidents Day Weekend.  Here’s the link to my post past year (but the pics are missing for some reason):  Presidents Day Weekend last year we closed on Tulum 5 and bought our dinghy in the same weekend.  So, this is actually our one year anniversary of owning our boat.  Yeah!

I posted about getting a Big Green Egg for my birthday:  I’ve been having a mount built for the boat that will hold the Big Green Egg securely and safely for cooking on the boat.  Continue reading

Wanna Head South?

Middle of winter and it’s cold!  Dream of casting off lines and heading south?  What’s really keeping you here?  Not enough money, relatives health, boat’s not ready, we don’t have enough sailing experience, the kids don’t want to go, we want to continue to build our nest egg…..ect ect ect.  I’ve heard some of these in my own life and had to set them aside.  I was “woken up” to how short life can really be and I’m a HUGE advocate of living your life while you can…while your own health is good enough to fully enjoy things and even if your boat and finances are not perfect.  Will they ever be?  I have no intention of dying without living.

If this is where you want to be, isn’t time to make it happen? Courtesy of Pexels.

If you want to head south but just haven’t had that “wake up moment” where you see yourself dying without living…DON’T WAIT.  Head south or west or east or north.  If you are on the West Coast and want to head south this year,,,,,sign up for Baja Ha-Ha in May and take off with us in November!

I have no financial ties to the Baja Ha-Ha, I'm just sitting here in a rain and wind storm on our boat wishing we were already somewhere warmer.


Book Review: Portraits of Courage

I’m reviewing a book I’ve owned for nearly two years;  but just couldn’t figure out how to write a review worthy of the book or the folks featured in the book.  This is a deeply personal subject for me as I know someone in the book and was blown away when I found him inside it.  I had to read the book, twice.   Continue reading