Yep, I’m trying to get back into it and took the body out again today to remind it what running feels like.  Except,,,,it’s more like jogging a lot and very slowly.  God I hope none of the youngling’s I work with ever read this,,,,,cause it’s running so slow it’s embarrassing; knowing what I’ve done in the past!  Went out again today and did 2.30 miles with a total time of 31.11.  But,,,,this involved walking at least 1/2 a mile and trail running in sand.  No excuses,,,,,it is what it is!


Quincy’s Dogbed Blues: The official start to our downsizing

The “blob” as it officially became known around our house was in fact a giant red beanbag,  designed to be a comfy piece of furniture that would support multiple people for tv watching and started life officially known as a Zeppelin Couch.   Continue reading

BVI Destruction In Fine Focus

I dare you not to click on the link and check out the full destruction that Hurricane Irma wrought on one of the most popular bars in the BVI, the Soggy Dollar.  Once you see it, you’ll also be amazed at the creativity and drive to bring it all back.  Check it out: Soggy Dollar

LF2SF cares so much for the BVI that we’re heading down there in two weeks to support the cause,,,,and report back to all of you on our good deeds!

Remember that you can still buy shirts and the proceeds will go directly to helping the less fortunate still trying to dig out of Irma’s wrath.


I’ve been a bit sidelined since January when both my eardrums burst and I’ve had several visits with ENT to sort out what went wrong.  March brought about the fact that my hearing was not getting better, and I’ve lost about 33% of my original hearing,,,,which was already 19% degraded..so you do the math.  I got my hearing aids two weeks ago and am still not happy about it.

Got out in the fresh air today to remind my body that I was once a runner again.  Although I did walk to warm up, I ran too.  I did a whole 1.64 miles in 22 minutes.  I’m starting to feel better and knocking this out one step at a time,,,,not really beating myself up too much because I’m starting to run again and getting back into the gym, feeling better overall.  If I can do it,,,you can do it!

Rage — HarsH ReaLiTy

Although this is a re-blog from the Harsh Reality/Opinionated Man Website, I need to preface with the fact that I’ve screwed up a few times and have no excuses.  Four years ago at a New Years Party with my family that was hosted by my Best Man,,,, I drank too much and lost control.  I blacked out,,,and the nightmare scenario of PTSD came out.  I lost control and don’t remember to this day what happened or what I said.  When I woke the next morning, my best friend and best man told me I had said horrible things to someone and I slinked out as quickly as I could, the family in tow.  Since then, I’ve seen him and his wife exactly once.  We’ve talked several times and I apologized profusely several times.  But this doesn’t mend the damage or fix the bridges that I broke.  But, the friendship must have not been as strong as I thought it was,,,,cause that night it came crumbling down and I have not been able to mend it.  After a year or so of thinking I could do something about it,,,,I  basically gave up.  I think I gave up in 2014,,,about the same year I started this fledgling blog and have been trying to grow it ever since.  Read the rest of this to see what Harsh Reality says about Rage,,,,knowing that I was once prone to it too,,,,but wore out my welcome with my own best man,,,,who only talked to me once since then…..I SUCK!!!!

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LF2SF Bare Boat Charter Series

Photo Credit to our roving reporter, Ms. Emmy.

If you’ve ever thought of channeling your inner pirate and crewing your own bareboat in an exotic location somewhere, read on.  We’re NOT chartering experts, but we think we have experience that might help you.  We’re working through the process of doing our another charter;  the first was a bare boat charter in 2011 on a large powerboat and this next one will be a bareboat charter on a catamaran.  We have no catamaran experience but we’re really excited to get it, so we decided to go sail a bareboat for a week or so to get some on-water experience and make a vacation out of it.  For the next three posts and then some more as we approach our charter;  we’ll discuss some of the finer points of actually doing a charter.  Again, we’re not experts but we’ve done a lot of work to get these charters off the ground.  Since the first charter went fairly smoothly in terms of logistics, travel, operating the boat and preparedness; we’ll focus on those areas while also approaching a charter of our own.  Our own charter is less than a month away, so this is relevant information that we’re applying in real life, to our own family charter.  I hope these posts are worthwhile and help inform you if you’re interested in bareboat chartering.

Downsizing Blues

Jody Ambrose and Mistakes and Adventures,,,,,welcome, love the follows-

We’re continuing to work toward our eventual goal of casting off the docklines and heading the bow south.  But first,,,,,we’re downsizing.  Wanna see what a Great Dane looks like when she knows her bed is leaving,,,,stay tuned to tomorrow’s post.

My Blog’s better than your Blog?

If you write a blog or run a website you probably look at other sites and ask yourself fundamental questions about why you do what you do and what makes your site unique from others?  The genesis of this post is another post I read earlier this week or last by a writer who discussed how few posts she was getting compared to “professional bloggers”.  I was sympathetic and still should be; as blogging is all about putting personal motives in perspective in order to understand yourself and your writing and writing motivations.  Toward the end of the post I mentioned above, this young women mentioned how bummed she was by her recent bad day in terms of overall views,,,,”a mere 70″.   Wow, I was a bit taken aback by this one because 70 views of one post in one day would be like,,,,the best day ever for a tiny micro-blogger like me or some others that I know,,,,but to someone like her or Jason at the Harsh Reality site, this might be a devastating day.   To me though, few views isn’t really something that has a great effect on me, because at the same time I get very few views, I’m having more and more follows,,,,which keeps the blog (and blogger) trucking along.  Looking at other blogs like my friend at jdraymaine, the author had another blog with significantly more followers, but decided he needed a change of pace.  After starting this new blog, only a few of his other followers came with him (although he told them about his new site) and now he’s blogging confidently along on his new site, not worried about views or followers, but putting out the message and content of his choice.  Still other bloggers seem to put out lots of content, but I have to struggle sometimes to find their own voice in the content.  So,,,is my blog better than your bog?  Probably NOT.  But what fundamental question are you trying to answer with your writing,,,,,or are you trying to answer anything at all.  Think through whether you really care about views, stats, followers, comments, meta-data and other metrics of success as a blogger-  MOST of us probably do at some level, but perhaps there really is that blogger out there who cares nothing for this and simply writes.  I hope so, I bet their blog is better than mine.  Also read the post last week from the blogger who writes about the crap she’s taken for a few spelling and grammar errors in some of her posts and the fact she’s been called a “whore and a slut” in the comments section of her blog.  Probably not words I’ll ever use for another blogger,  but I know she cares about those words,,,,but keeps writing whatever content she wants to,,,,,,,cause it’s HER blog.  That’s the point of blogs and posts,,,,,I think.  It’s your content and writing,,,,OWN IT.

For my own blog, I have nothing to prove.  I want it to grow but am less worried about views and stats ect.  I make spelling errors, don’t always have great taglines or web hooks, sometimes curse and write few polished posts.  I love followers who come into conversations and provide solid feedback or are just there.  I have not in this for the monetary gain, political statement or agenda of much of any kind.  I like to write and will try to continue to write solid informational (and occasional fluff) posts about adventure travel, sailing, boats and other like content.  If you’ve just started following like “Unspoken Spree, thecourgettessshortage, MZ, notxjustamum and dray0308”,,,,welcome, thanks for staying with us.