Lady in the Jungle and her Hurricane Wisdom

Although re-blogged, I don’t care,,,,cause when I read this post from the Kristine Simelda blog,,,,it sounded alot like how my parents would say the same thing.  A great story from a resilient and eloquent writer who’s in the middle of the hurricane zone, now.

After living in the Caribbean for almost twenty-five years, I have to admit that I have become a fatalist when it comes to hurricanes. The fact that Hurricane Irma didn’t behave according to previous models didn’t alarm me like it did some of my expat island friends. While they ran around securing their fancy glass […]

via GO FIGURE — Kristine Simelda

This blog is following the hurricanes and our hearts and prayers go out to those in the way of the hurricane.  Hopefully you’re having one hell of a Hurricane Party with some boat drinks as it passes safely overhead.


From Harsh Reality: How do you keep from annoying your subscribers?

This is a great post from the “Harsh Reality” blog that I grabbed to share with all of you.        While not everything is perfect on his blog, he’s pretty impressive as a full time father, someone who works full time and has a life and a house and still finds time to blog EVERY day, sometimes much more than once per day.  And he’s got more than 50,000 followers, so his advice seems to be sage at times.

Source: How do you keep from annoying your subscribers?

Ode to the Original Rubio’s

As much time as I’ve spent traveling and living in Baja California, I like Mexican food a lot.  The food you eat in different places is a reflection of the culture and people around you.  We learned early on to avoid places the tourists eat,,,,,cause those places often have sub-standard refrigeration and the food often sits for longer than needed, with few health regulations.   But smaller busier food stands with just a cooler for refrigeration have lots faster food turnover and the food is cooked in front of you.  This style of food is often safer, cause you get to see it cooked and the vendors often know you’ll come back, they want you to fill up and not get sick.  Even as a kid, I never got sick anywhere in Central America because of food,,,,until we ate at tourist resorts.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill is a San Diego creation of a local surfer who loved the food he ate on surfing trips to Baja, so he brought it back to San Diego.  The idea has since spread into multiple restaurants; but the original in Pacific Beach, San Diego California is still there.  Yesterday I was able to grab some food there and appreciate the original site for how it looked 30 years ago and how it looks today,,,,,pretty much the same.  Here’s some pics for you to appreciate and perhaps savor, especially if you miss your Rubio’s!

Original Rubio’s sign and pickup window

Restaurant looking toward outdoor patio seating area,,,that’s all there is to the whole thing except for kitchen.

Next time you’re in Pacific Beach, San Diego California, make sure to come check to the  original Rubio’s Coastal Grill, grab a perfect fish taco and slow down enough to appreciate the food culture of Baja captured in some of the dishes that Rubio’s serves.

If you ever have questions on production boats, boat upgrades, projects, family adventure travel or other,,,,let me know, I’m here as a resource.


SpearFruit: A gentle soul moves on

Spearfruit passed several days ago and I miss his writings already.  This is the first person I’ve met that I miss without ever meeting him.  As a new blogger and writer, I followed his blog and I believe he followed mine as a pity follow, but I appreciated it.  I often found powerful grace in his self-less writing as he approached his own cancer and mortality.  The writing was powerful and poignant  to a point you could feel what was going on in his life and his struggle with the demon that would eventually take his body, but never his spirit.  This was his powerful message till the end:  Even when his body was wasting away in hospital and hospice, he was able to continue to write,,,,to show you that his spirit and intelligence was still around and in place.  This IS the freedom and platform that writing and blogging give you,,,,people like me could tell that he was still around,,,,his mind was still sharp and witty and dealing with his struggle.  I’ll miss his writings-

Spearfruit, may you have Fair Winds and Following Seas-

Written in earnest by LifeFree2SailFast-

Daily Dose of Tulum IV

Photos like this remind me to slow down and take life one step at a time, remembering what’s important.

Tulum IV at Sunset (beefed up rigging in the foreground)

Remembering my time in Houston fondly and considering I’m a Texas state resident, please keep Houston and the folks there who are less fortunate than ourselves in your thoughts.

Photo Credit to my hottie wife using her iPhone.

aopinionatedman/Harsh Reality Reblog- Meet and Greet is Back

I’m stoked.

Jason Cushman, the guy who runs the Harsh Reality Blog, has brought back the monthly Meet and Greet and allowed us to use it for blogging networking and passing it along.  I encourage you to take a look at it, as it’s a catalog of smaller bloggers who are looking for people just like you to use this as a reference tool or find like minded writers.   Don’t take my word for it,,,,go into it and see what you find!

Feel free to pass this on-   Source: WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

Thinking of Houston-

When I was younger and didn’t have a career path, I ended up in Texas for several years.  I lived in Brenham, Texas for a year or so, then moved to Katy (outside of Houston) while I worked at Whole Earth Provision Company, on Woodway and Voss.  Those were interesting years.  I lived and breathed expensive mountaineering and climbing gear and did some testing for Mountain Hardware, getting to some of the “14’ers” in the Lower 48 and getting a chance to get most of the way up Denali.  One of my quests in those days was the highest point in every US state,,,I did pretty good, getting about 24 states before a full-time,,,,steady job found me.  Those were the times,,,I worked, partied and climbed a lot.  Just not in that order.  I was a bit lost for a few years back then, but Houston was forgiving and I survived.  I still have some of the spirit tokens given to me by my friends from the store when I left, several are here in the house and are favorite possessions.  A guy named Bobby Winters painted me a small, poignant painting that’s on my dressing,,,but I think he left Houston for Austin the year I left,,,,,not sure if he’s even still around or not.  Would LOVE to see how he is and spend an hour talking to him again.  Houston was good to me and I hate to see the scenes coming out of there like I’ve seen on the news.

Please keep these folks in mind as we go forward,,,,,easy to sit here and armchair quarterback.   Someone I work with right now has family right on the Texas Coast,,,I pray they’re all doing well and I hope all of you are doing well too.

Tightening up the Boat (Tulum IV)

Good morning.  For the last couple weekends I’ve been here and sometimes while my wife’s been here, we’ve been working on various projects to completely tighten up the boat.  “What do I mean why this”?   I mean,,,we’ve been doing the little things here and there that are left to do,,,,as the boat is still for sale.  We want to sell her for the simple reason that we think we need more space.  We’re living with what we have for now, but a bit more space for our growing family would be a Godsend.  All of the projects we’re doing will help sell the boat, and with my own “thing” with constant improvement, I have to continually make the boat better, healthier and in better shape as we continue to keep her up for sale.   Here’s where we were two weeks ago as I cleaned bilges, traced various pipes and checked the hot water heater in detail:

And here’s how she looks normally, all put together again:

I’m not sure a used boat is ever going to be perfect.  But as long as you give a crap about your boat and constantly work to make her a better boat and a better place to live, you’re GOING to make the boat better.  It doesn’t take much money and it doesn’t take a lot of skill (if I can do it,,,,so can you), but it does take some “give a crap”.

We’re,,,,,and we’re  still planning to leave for extended blue water cruising in the next few years,,,,in the meantime we’ll continue to adventure travel with family in the meantime.