For YOU- Help me start a catalog of smaller bloggers

Jason from the Opinionated Man OM site was doing a monthly catalog of smaller bloggers that seemed to grow and grow via his comments section and I loved looking at all the diverse blogs on there.  He hasn’t done it in awhile,,,,,so I want to see if I can start something like that, on a smaller level,,,if you’ll participate.

The rules are simple: Add your blog info to the comments section and feel free to repost, press, publish, publicize,  forward or use on your own blog.  This helps you and me with getting info out there like an online catalog of smaller bloggers.   Come back to the comments section to see other bloggers as they post recent stories or links and repost your stuff as often as you like,,,,,getting publicity as you go.  Come back monthly as the list of blogs, posts and writers grows.

Ok, let’s see if we can get this going and I’ll do it monthly on the 14th or 15th of every month,,,,letting all the blog info add up as we go in the comments section-


To my new followers, thanks-

Good morning, happy Friday:

We’ve had a number of new folks follow the blog just in the past few days and I wanted to say thanks-

And, to those who have been following the last few months or years, thanks to you too-

the picture below is for all of you,,,,make sure you get to the BVI and get one of your own!!!

busy but no excuses-

Really wants to help,,,,a lot.

It’s been a hell of a week up here and at 9:21 pm as I write this, it’s 101 fucking degrees,,,,,which means everything’s hot.  My faithful assistant editor (see above) and I wanted to make sure you know we’re not blowing off the blog,,,but it’s been a week.  Should have been a semi-controlled week with my wife gone and the kids at summer camp, but everything at work broke loose this week and the temperatures don’t drop after dark anymore.  And,,,,normally we have dry heat meaning we can run the less expensive swamp coolers, but this week has been very hot AND muggy,,,,,meaning I have to run full A/C, a lot.

Question: Do you think an inanimate object that some think has a soul (like a boat or a car) should make you feel guilty for looking at other models?  I have no problems looking at other cars,,,,,I’ll say that up front.  I also know that if I looked at other models of women,,,,I would get in trouble and possibly die.

So,,,,we’ve gotten a few mild looks at our boat and I started looking at a few other boats on Yachtworld, which is an easy distraction occasionally that affords me research time,,,,,since I run a blog all about production boats and adventure travel and whatever else I come up with to put on my blog.  But I digress-   See, I started feeling guilty for looking at other boats before we sold ours,,,but quickly got over it.

My question for you is: Have you ever felt guilty looking at other boats or cars,,,,like you were cheating on the current one?  (And NO, don’t bring partners into the mix please).

Keep following, I’ll recover from the heat this weekend and actually have a decent post out soon.

Little Miss Brewing- A beer story!

Awesome Beer and Great Ambiance- Little Miss Brewing Company, Miramar.

Yep,,,,so it’s Saturday afternoon and we’re in the industrial back area of Miramar, Ca in San Diego,,,,checking out a company that makes mattresses for boats- San Diego Boat Mattress Company.   We’d met these guys at the San Diego Boat Show and they had offered us a chance to drop lots of money for new mattresses for the boat.  It’s very, very tempting,,,,but we went for the tour and had a good time.  We liked this place.  They know folks with kids are going to come in, so they have a room with a DVD player and TV and toys for the kids so the adults can shop.  It was a nice tour and then we left, intent on heading out for food then back to the boat.  But,,,,our crew is easily distracted, so we followed the cool signs for Little Miss Brewing Company.  By easily distracted,,,,I mean,,,,,a chick riding a bomb on a sign advertising a brewery,,,,,easily catches my attention.  Yes,,,,I’m easily distracted.  So we followed the signs around behind several buildings in this industrial area till we found the brewery,,,,and LOVED it.  Little Miss Brewing Company has all sorts of decor that brings to mind WWII propaganda and great beer too.  We had a sampler of our own choosing,,,,,delivered in a bomb housing with very nicely portioned tasting glasses that allowed for both of us to taste each beer without having to conserve it.  Again, we were both impressed because the tasting room had a specific area with big plush couches and lots of games for kids, videos and more decorations that kept me distracted.  After tasting four different samplings, the tiny hunger machines (kids) were on the verge of nuclear fucking meltdown,,,,so we had to promise to return and take off.  On the way out,,,,they took one of our stickers and you may be able to find it on the wall of stickers inside the brewery,,,,if you look really hard.

We’re working toward our goals……are you?

Stay with us,,,we love your questions, comments and concerns and want you to follow us for more adventures-

A Blogging Conversation — HarsH ReaLiTy- A Reblog!

This is a repost/reblog from the guy who writes the “Harsh Reality” Blog and often hosts blogging meet and greets that I’ve highlighted on here.  I’m pretty impressed with this post.  This spells the reality of blogging and I like his direct language,,,,it reminds me of how I talk in real life.  Funny, cause the Hard Reality Blogger has commented to ME that I have good manners, despite my bad language sometimes.  He’s got 55,000 followers,,,,something’s working good for him.  I’m gonna keep writing my way and about things I like to write about and we’ll see where that takes us.  Read on-

“I have a few questions for you! I have around 300 followers… how do I get to my goal of a million views?” Get more followers. You probably won’t reach 1 million views with only 300 readers unless they are 300 crazy stalkers. If you get 1 million views off that few people you may […]

via A Blogging Conversation — HarsH ReaLiTy

Why a Guest Briefing on your Boat is SO important!

Take the time to do a Guest Brief on your boat before you leave the dock.

Yep, it happened.  Take a good look at the picture below and let all the various scenarios play out in your little minds.  Yes,,,,Captain Bligh allowed folks on his boat without giving them the MANDATORY Guest Brief that covers who Captain Bligh really is and what he’ll make you do if you mess with things like switches, buttons or put things in the heads that don’t come out of you!  I can only imagine what’s gone into that head,,,,but I’ll soon find out,,,,cause someone like me has to fix the damn thing.  This is the price you pay for not briefing guests on the various goings on of a marine head.  And,,,,once you’ve had to reach into said head with a shopping bag on your hands that soon starts to leak and is NOT waterproof,,,,you’ll understand why you’ve just been initiated into the Platypus Club,,,,no pun intended.  Once your hot wife and guests see you elbow deep in a head and you’ve playing guess who just used that head,,,,,you’ll NEVER forget to brief your guests again on boat etiquette.  And they’ll never look at you the same way again,,,,cause all pride is lost at that point.

I’m not saying this has happened on my boat,,,,it’s a blog,,,,so some of it’s made up!


Sailing Reads

I was thinking over the great sailing we had over the 4th of July Holiday and realized we had done the same thing for the last several years, in different places.  WE’RE in a different place now, but we’re still working toward the dream of leaving to Blue Water Cruise.  In order to do that, I’ve done a lot of reading.  I’ve republishing the story below because I’ve read these books and they all have an important lesson to each of you that needs it.  Take a gander and don’t be afraid to come back to me with questions on any of them.

Perspective on the USS Midway

Here’s a unique perspective of the USS Midway that you can’t get from street level or her decks.  The only time you’ll see a view like this one is when it’s taken from another boat,,,on San Diego Bay.  The USS Midway is a special ship.  She’s currently a museum in the heart of the San Diego Waterfront and sits as a sentinel of freedom for everyone on the San Diego waterfront to take in.  I was married on her decks and I’ve been to a number of special events on her decks that I’ll never forget.  This photo was taken on the 2nd of July from Tulum IV.

USS Midway in perspective

I loved being back on the water again after months of working on the boat,,,more about that as we go on.  Take a look at the rest of our posts this week and I’ll post more on Saturday from the boat!