Here’s the moon from Tulum’s stern on Saturday night.

I hope your weekend went as good as mine.  Over the weekend I was able to get onto two different sailboats for some perspective and assist our Marina Management and other boaters in helping to save a large sportfisher (powerboat) from sinking.  The Marina crew was fantastic in their efforts to save the big powerboat from going under while still tied to the dock,,,,,and did manage to re-float her with help from Vessel Assist.  Exciting weekend, stay tuned for those posts-


Moonlit Night

Sailing for Fucktards — Art of Hookie

Yeah,,,,couldn’t pass this great article up from “Art of Hookie”.  If you’ve ever read his stuff, it’s funny, griping and keeps you figuring out if he likes his bikes or boats better.  And there’s a fair amount of bitching thrown in there too, which I like.  However, I need to interject here just for a second, cause the guy he’s talking about in the first paragraph who can’t always get his boat back on the dock smoothly might just be me,,,,,as not all docking is perfect in my world.  I do like his stuff about anchors, and I did google “Rocna Anchor Review” to see if his was on there, and it is,,,the first one just like he said it would be.   I looked into buying this brand but went with another of the same lineage, for my own reasons.  I have that post in here under “Shiny Michelle” if you want to look it over.  I liked this post and he has some very intelligent things to say about anchoring- Take a read and make sure to check out his blog if you haven’t already,,,,Art of Hookie is a good one.

Yes this is the title of the book I’m never going to write. Chapter one Don’t be a dick! Having spent the …Continue reading →

via Sailing for Fucktards — Art of Hookie

Vagabond 47 Look-See

We get to go take a look at a Vagabond 47 tomorrow afternoon before she goes on sale in San Diego.  See, we gotta keep up on our research “cred” as sailing and cruising blog.  She’s ultra salty and I love the pirate ship lines, but looks like she might need some upgrades and gear.  As long the price stay low, she might be worth it to someone with time to fix her up and a pirate like outlook on life!   Here’s some initial pictures a friend sent me:

If you study some of the pics, you’re going to see some things that trick you’re eyes, but they’re real.  Yep, looks like there’s a bit of damage to some of the sails, sail covers and canvas.  That’s ok,,,,that’s easy stuff to fix for a price.  The decks look great and the rest of the boat we’ll see tomorrow.

Stay Salty and Stay with us,,,,we’re working on big things right now that we’ll update you on over the weekend.

Working a Boom Vang

A re-blog from a great site that puts out all sorts of technical information for sailors; especially if you’re handy and want to do much of the work yourself.  Most sailboats have some sort of a boom vang on them, but this article actually tells you when and how to use one,,,and how to cheaply make one if you don’t have one already.  Might be worth the read,,,,,check it out-

Source: Control Your Mainsail Shape Better With a Boom Vang

All work and no play?

Last weekend me and hot wife were invited to a fancy wine dinner.  I’m a humble sailor and basically a country boy at heart,,,,so when we arrived and figured out just how fancy this dinner was, I felt like a “hick from the sticks”.  Needless to say, there wasn’t a beer anywhere and it turned out to be a wine-paired dinner.   By the end, I was channeling Martha Stewart.  Check out the photos:

Champagne with real gold flecks in it,,,,upon arrival

Fancy Finger Food Plate

Uhhhh, what fork do I use?

Baha Ha-ha 2017 in San Diego

Today at 11am,,,,another Baha Haha will kick-off with over 154 boats signed up as of early October.   The Fever for this caught me in 2014 when my parents were at the HaHa goings-on; giving talks about their circumnavigation and selling their books at the events.  We bought Tulum a year later and I’ve been waiting to get into the event myself, but we’ll wait a few more years (retirement).  If you’ve never checked out the site, it’s got lots of good info and you might catch the fever too.

Just down from Tulum on our dock is this pretty lady, taking off Monday morning at 0500 to get fuel then onto the Ha-Ha.  We wish them all good luck-

And, if you’re in San Diego and want to go check it out or think you might want to do it next year, here’s the event map that most boats will take through San Diego on their way out of the harbor:

My boat is good for my OCD!

Hot Wife says I may have some OCD tendencies and that the boat may be good for them,,,,,cause I’m constantly working on it or improving it if I can.  When we’re out sailing,,,there’s ALWAYs something to do on the sails, lines, rigging or course corrections.  So, it’s a win-win.  But inside,,,,there’s MORE to do and I love it.  This weekend, I’m down here to relax after a very long week of working on the house,,and I’m determined to repaint the bilge cause it’s a dirty white.  Last week our new mattresses finally came in,,,,and what a HUGE improvement.  The photos will tell the story, no new canvas or dodger yet, but it’s in the works:

Old Mattress in Girls Room- NO, that’s not pee, it’s water that came through a hatch by you’re truly and dried in that pattern.

New Mattress in Girls Room,,,,SO much better

Mattresses getting moved onto the dock

Old Setup, two separate smaller mattresses,,,that I had made with Walmart Foam three years ago

New Mattress, SOOO Much Better and worth every cent!

Our new mattresses were bought and made right here in San Diego by San Diego Boat Mattress.  I think this is one of the best boat purchases we’ve made, worth it already.  If you ever need a mattress, give Pablo Hernandez  a chance to show you a great mattress or talk to him by phone or email, it might save your relationship or your back.

(We have no financial interest in Mattress Makers), I just thought enough of my new mattress to make sure you know where to find your own!

Crappy Blogger or Working Hard?

They say great bloggers are very consistent, but these two weeks my posts have been sporadic and I’ve been working hard.  All this work was done either because my wife was home or I knocked it out after a full day of work.

BEFORE I painted it! Looking South

AFTER Paint, Looking South

BEFORE- Leach Line and Sewer Tank getting inspected-

AFTER- Tank Fully Certified

Pool Safety Fence after getting eaten by Mastiff


New GFCI Plugs after Mastiff Ate them off the wall

Concrete Sealer Applied

Concrete Repainted, two coats!

Outdoor Fireplace Cleaned

22 Foot Tree Stump taken down with my Dad’s help,,,,Quincy photobombed me in this pic

Deckhands helping paint the pool deck!

Ok, I have not posted on a regular basis so now I’m back and will work to get back on my regular schedule.  Thanks for sticking with us!

Is this expensive stained glass?

We were invited to a fancy dinner party over the weekend and at this nice fancy house, I was blown away by their expensive stained glass.

So now I’ll put it to you,,,,is this expensive stained glass?  This photo is unedited, taken with my iPhone-

A simple yes or no will do,,,,or an explanation if you think it isn’t!