Live Free 2 Sail Fast

LF2SF Recommends These Professionals

We put a value on good service (whether it’s marine related or not).  I would NOT recommend a business if they had not given us great service and a fair price.  None of these businesses are our sponsors nor do we gear test for them.  If you choose to use any of these folks or their services, please tell them that LiveFree2SailFast sent you!

Note:  Just because a business isn’t on here doesn’t mean they’re not superb….we may not have used them.

1.   Brandnu Creations:  Mr. Brandon has done wonders for my website and provides ongoing technical support as we attempt to grow and improve the website.  I recommend his website creation services to anyone who needs site improvement or management.

2.  SURF-FUR:  This is high end warming gear for water-people who adventure in cold and wet environments.  There’s no compromises or cost cutting involved in this clothing, it’s simply high quality gear.

3.  Emi MD:  Dr. Emi is a Doctor and medical professional who runs her own Medical Spa and has now created her own line of high end sunscreens.  Highly recommended if you’re in San Diego.

4.  Best Coast Divers:  I use them and would use them again.  If you’re in San Diego and need diving or zincs, give these guys some love. 

5.  Camp Run-A-Mutt:  This has been a home away from the boat for Ms. Quincy while we’ve gone through many of our repairs and upgrades this year.  I don’t have experience with other Camp Run-A-Mutt’s, but highly recommend the Chula Vista Location.

6.  The Cruising Sailmaker:  We’re working with Mr. Jamie Behan (on Sailing Totem) to give Tulum a new set of sails before we take off in November.  I really appreciated his level of detail when helping us prep and make our sail order.  Our technical knowledge of sails has increased quickly from this buying experience.

7.  Guru Tattoo:  One of the best tattoo shops in San Diego and possibly the US.  A bitchin tattoo isn’t cheap and neither is Guru, but they’re the best.  Make sure to find an artist you get along with with AND make sure you love their work.  Have Fun.   

8.  Cedillo Marine:  It’s nice to have a generalist around who knows how to do most things marine.  With extensive experience moving boats in and out of the water, Cedillo Marine also knows how to do great fiberglass, teak work and boat wax/wash.  (619) 496-4116

9.  Pepe La Poo:  Mr. Charlie gets my vote because he came and pumped my boat out where no one else would have….after I had no choice but to haul out with nearly full tanks.  He pulled his boat up, ran a 60 foot hose through a boatyard fence and pumped Tulum for me.  I’ve appreciated his business ever since then and recommend him if you’re in need of a great pumping in the San Diego area.

10.  Blue Sky Energy:  Blue Sky Energy and Mr. Ryan Gurin ( have been instrumental in re-tuning Tulum’s energy backbone.  From the new solar panels to the Wind Generator and the new MPPT controllers, Ryan’s expertise has been instrumental in getting these projects knocked out. 

11.  In-Phase Marine Electronics, LLC:  Mr. Dave Basham (619) 665-8203 has been a great help to get some of the more technical systems actually installed and powered on the boat since we decided to add a more complex communications backbone than just radios.  I appreciated his knowledge as a cruising sailor.

12.  The Yacht Docktor:   This is one of those contractors I felt HAD to be on this list, because of their quality service and relationships built over time.  Tulum has had four different projects done, with the last one being the most critical as it was crucial to get the engine taken out quickly.  As soon as they figured out it was us calling to get a piece of cabin cut so the engine could slide out, we had an appointment quickly.  I recommend the Yacht Docktor for custom woodwork as needed.

13.  MEGLA:  If it’s metal, these guys can do it!  I’m impressed with the “Can Do” attitude…cause any project I’ve proposed they help me actually get off the ground.  They’ve come to the boat to do some challenging welding,  and continue to help me with projects of any size.  Did I mention they take PRIDE in their work-  If you want some metal work done, I strongly suggest contacting MR. Seth Eslin at Megla…letting them know that LF2SF sent you- 

The opinions expressed by us are only based on our own experiences.  Some of these folks are more expensive than others, but I believe they’re well worth it and provide quality service.  Again…if you use these folks let em know that LiveFree2SailFast sent you.  Have questions?  Send them and I’ll happily answer-