Running water? Priceless- By The HelmsMistress

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Shelter Bay Marina And The History Of Fort Sherman By The HelmsMistress

Part of the reason we travel is to explore different landscapes from home and to experience history up close.  For us, this place has it all within a short walking distance of the marina!  If your travels find you at Shelter Bay Marina, take the time to learn a bit about the historic grounds you walk upon. 

The Panama Canal – What NOT To Expect, By The HelmsMistress

From the time I envisioned taking our floating home through the Panama Canal, I began to hear warnings and horror stories of dramatic transits from other boats that were damaged enroute, experienced significant delays in transit or had to deal with something else entirely unexpected.  What I found was that there was a lot of […]

Welcome To Panama, From The HelmsMistress

From gorgeous sandy beaches shaded by palm trees, to tidepools within the lava rock teaming with life, to waterfalls in some of the most unexpected places, to rolling hills covered with greenery – northern Panama is incredible!