Quincy Dane In An Article By The HelmMistress, WaterborneMag.com

Make sure to click the link to see the HelmMistress’s Front Page Article in WaterborneMag.com about cruising with large breed dogs!

Dear Santa

The HelmsMistress wanted this out Weds, but I didn’t get to it.

Have We Really Changed That Much? Reflections On Our First Year Of Cruising

A year ago yesterday, we left San Diego and civilization as we knew it.  We had downsized to living aboard the boat at the time, but had all the modern day conveniences that in hind sight, we took for granted: power, WIFI, endless options for food and clothing, water, trash disposal, being able to communicate […]

From The HelmsMistress: Roadtrip: Tequila, Tonalá and Guadalajara

Time to play catch-up.  Rather than write about haul-out and repairs (that will undoubtedly show up in a future post), we thought we’d roll back the clock to pre-COVID times and write about a side road trip that we highly recommend as a break from the coastline. (Story and Photos are Pre-Covid)