Moonlit Night

Here’s the moon from Tulum’s stern on Saturday night.

I hope your weekend went as good as mine.  Over the weekend I was able to get onto two different sailboats for some perspective and assist our Marina Management and other boaters in helping to save a large sportfisher (powerboat) from sinking.  The Marina crew was fantastic in their efforts to save the big powerboat from going under while still tied to the dock,,,,,and did manage to re-float her with help from Vessel Assist.  Exciting weekend, stay tuned for those posts-


busy weekend and week

Yep, this was a busy weekend and the upcoming week will be busier.

We continue to work toward getting our house on the market; which is driving the work.  But,,,,being who we are, we play hard too.  Busy weekend: Got to get off the dock and get out sailing (FAST IS FUN); was invited to a 7-course wine and food pairing (dinner party)  where I felt a bit like the “hick from the sticks” and came home to have my new paint gun “explode” a bit (connection to the hose wasn’t tightened like it should have been”.  So,,,white paint is pretty much everywhere.

After I got the broken Fitbit cleaned up again, it says I did 16,145 steps today for a total of 6.88 miles.  Not bad for a day with no scheduled physical training.  I’ll enlighten you with all these stories as well as pics of the work we’re doing on the house this week.  It goes on sale about November 7th.  If it doesn’t sell by mid-December, we’ll take it off the market, put it back on the market in the spring.  This is a HUGE step in our journey toward starting to get ready for cruising,,,,,as it means no more house payments, home and flood insurance payments or property taxes,,,,and we can start to downsize our stuff (we’re doing that now,,,slowly).  I love all this,,,,,cause I like to simplify whenever possible and realize this is a good means toward our end (cruising).  So, with white paint on my hands still and all over my Fitbit,,,,I’m signing off, but will be back this week with pics and stories from this weekend and this week.

5-Year old interpretation of “Hottie Wife”

My youngest often hears me call my wife a “Hottie”.  So, at the 8-year old birthday party I helped with yesterday, my youngest daughter grabs my wife, hauls her to the face painter, and tell her that she must get a Sun on her face.  See, a Sun is Hot,,,,like daddy calls mommy!  Love It!  Here’s what it looked like when they were done:

I’m back to work on stories that fit into my “niche” and looking forward to the improvements we’re doing to the boat,,,,can’t wait to see them.  New custom mattresses, new cockpit cushions and all new sunbrella dodger with additional sun coverings.  Stay with us,,,we look forward to bringing you more stories, updates, advice and our own YouTube channel (in 2018).

Working out the Single Parent Kinks

My posts have been a little slow because I was out sailing all of last week and this week I’m back to working full time, acting the part of a single parent (except I’m happily married to hot wife but she lives and works 3 hours away), trying to keep the house semi-clean and the kids full of semi-healthy nutritional food.  I made the mistake once of telling friends I was baby-sitting,,,,but they laughed at me and said that it was called parenting instead.  No excuses, I’m trying to do better at all this and have resumed my guest posting on as well as my own stories here.  Lots of things to work through on here:

  1. The week on the water with Warrior Sailing
  2. How to start to put together a bareboat trip and keep your friends
  3. Upgrades to Tulum IV- happening right now
  4. How to prep a Catalina 22 for sailing
  5. My review and pictures of and Nautical Warehouse

More in the coming week.  Have a good night/day,,,,,stick with us-


Dirty Dreams and Clean Tanks

When’s the last time you thought about how clean your boat water tanks were?

Honestly,,,most of us don’t worry about the plastic or aluminum water tanks on our boats,,,,,cause what could be in them?   Ok,,,,,be very, very afraid,,,,since after this post you might be forced to actually look in your tanks,,,,or even cut them open to clean them like I just did!  I’m still having dreams about those damn dirty tanks.  In another post earlier this year, I told you that even though Tulum IV is for sale,,,,my OCD doesn’t allow me to ever stop improving and working on her to make her better.  So for the last few weekends, I’ve been devising plans to open up two of my water tanks at a time; putting view ports and new tank sensors in them and cleaning and sanitize them.  Mission complete.  I’ve finished two of my four water tanks,,,,and what I found in them was nasty!  Prior to working on the tanks, I’m not sure they’ve been cleaned since installation.  There was slime, dirt, particulate, solids and other stuff in the tanks.  But when I was done, there were clean dry tanks with 4-inch opening view ports for access and new tank sensors, all professionally installed.

Take a look by photo essay below:

First, have you ever seen how thick your plastic water tanks are?  Take a look at a core from the top of my tank-

Using a drill, we drilled out these cores on both tanks to install the 4-inch view ports with removable openings,,,,ya know the view port things-

After getting the view ports installed, we started to see what was in the tanks,,,and the cleaning started.  We used the trusty Zep Mildew and Stain Remover,,,,which is probably bleach and simple green mixed together,,,smelled like it.  Here’s what was in the tanks and is probably in your tanks if you have not cleaned them in the last couple years:

Bottom of tank 2

Love the wide angle lenses,,,inside of tank 1

After a full cleaning and double rinse, I installed the a new tank sensor on one tank and made sure the other sensor was working:

Old Tank Sensor, not working

New Tank Sensor, working very well

Lastly, we finished up by testing both tank sensors and making sure both tanks were squeaky clean and sparkly, putting the boat back together like new.

Yep, we work on them, sail them, play on them and raise our family on our boat when we’re there.  Love to adventure travel, sail and cruise, stick with us,,,,we love living free and sailing fast!


Small Blog trying to have an impact, can you help too?

LiveFree2SailFast just donated to the BVI Immediate Relief Fund, will you help?

Here’s the link:  BVI Immediate Relief Fund

BVI Immediate Relief Fund – Hurricane Irma

For: BVI Immediate Relief
Tortola, Virgin Islands, British
Organizer: Scott and Brittany Meyers
BVI Immediate Relief Fund - Hurricane Irma (BVI Immediate Relief)


Caribbean in Mind- Conflicting News from BVI

I was just going over news on the damage to some of the Caribbean Islands on Cruisers Forum,,,,and nothing really good is coming out of the area.  With US news filled with Houston last week and Miami and the Keys getting hit this weekend, I suspect that news about the Caribbean will take a back burner.  I’ve read horrible and graphic words for the damage,,,,,like catastrophic destruction in St. Barts, 90% of the buildings in Barbuda gone,,,,,all boats in the water destroyed.  Info coming out of the American and British Virgin Islands is scarce and scary too:  One photo of one of the hurricane holes that the large carter fleets use says it all:

Paraquita Bay in the British Virgin Islands, a mangrove lined hurricane hole. Those are BOATS.
Image reblogged from Cruisers Forum

Paraquita Bay is one of the larger hurricane holes in the BVI, I’d like to see how Sopers Hole and other spots did,,,,like boats that stayed in Tortola.  One business owned by cruisers in the BVI with Catamarans used for Day Sailing is Aristocat Charters, with a powercat and several large crewed catamarans running out of the BVI’s.  I hope to God their boats are ok, the family is back in the US I think from their blog, let’s hope their boats did ok.   I also received this email from NauticEd, one of the online sailing education companies out there, saying this:

BVI and St. Martin – Destroyed! What Now?
Hurricane Irma, the largest known Atlantic Hurricane, has wreaked havoc on the lives and homes of the residents of BVI and St. Martin. Not only this but it has destroyed the charter fleet as well as the marinas.Irma Destruction

Our hearts go out to all those affected. Some of them are my personal friends!

So what now?

Well for those who have booked the BVI, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, standby. Once the companies dig out and take a look at what it takes to get back up and running, we will let you know. But it is going to be a while.

Here is a situational blog article we wrote up concerning this disaster and the alternate locations:
We are so sad and can’t express the sorrow we feel for the residents of the BVI, St. Martin and others affected. Let’s only hope that those affected can get their lives back to as normal as possible soon.

Look carefully at the pics above, you’ll see catamarans upside down, demasted and generally messed up.  The Caribbean  fleet has taken a beating.

Please keep these folks in your prayers as they begin to put their lives back together and start the cleanup; it’s going to be a long winter for some folks.

LF 2 SF- What the hell does this mean?

Good Morning, I hope your Sunday is going great-

What’s LF 2 SF ?

So,,,what does LF 2 SF mean?  It’s the acronym for this website, LiveFree2SailFast,,,,and it’s now immortalized on my license place because I’m genuinely proud of being able to come out of my shell enough to publish a blog.  I’m a bit of a private person, so writing and publishing a blog and getting the help needed to set up a website was a huge step for me.  I’m also a humble person, so this new license plate isn’t something I’m doing to be a show-off,  it’s just all about the website.  Speaking of the website, I’m eternally grateful to the talented couple who helped me set this website up, couldn’t have even gotten remotely close to this point without them.  If you ever need any kind of media or advertising support, they operate Benchmark Studio’s and can be contacted through their website-

BTW, I’ve done some updating to my permanent links about both the Family and the Boat and will be doing more today.

Thanks for visiting, please consider sticking around by following this blog!


A Re-Blog- Solar for Boat or RV, things to consider-

If you’ve never thought through your plans to make power on your boat or in a motor home,,,,you might want to think through it on your own, keeping in mind where you want to go and what you can afford.  It’s not as easy as you think unless you have enough money not to care.  If you can afford anything, don’t bother to continue reading.  But, if you care about the costs, they add up quickly.  Solutions include solar, wind generation, water generation, battery charging via your main engine or a separate generator or both and more exotic means (hydrogen fuel cells– with an article from BlueWater Sailing) being developed and tested as I write.  I’m NOT an expert at any of this stuff, but lots of folks have put in extensive research and have written about it in great articles.  One of them is by the folks at Roads Less Traveled, a website by a couple who cruised Mexico for a short time (on a Hunter) and are now into motor home living full-time.  They’ve written an extensive article on this subject that I want to present to you via the link below, to start your ideas or thoughts on what you’ll need.

Roads Less Traveled

Give this some thought, as finding the means and systems right for you, your boat or RV and your checkbook won’t happen overnight.  If you liked the Roads Less Traveled site, please consider following their site.  If you liked the info on our site, please FOLLOW us, as we’re working toward the same goals.