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Yep, I retired and had to come into the here and now by opening a Facebook business account.  Wow,,,,most folks who know me well will possibly GASP that I’ve opened a real Facebook business account, but with the help of my friend from EMI-MD; I’ve come into the here and now!!!  LF2SF needs to come into the modern blogging world, so I’ve taken the plunge and now I need your help.  If you’ve got a facebook account, look up LiveFree2SailFast and LIKE us please- Here’s our link,,,,when it starts working:



Great Idea in a Small Package

You’ve gotta take a look at this one, ever seen it?  What a great idea, one book at a time, making some kind of difference in the world.  Then,,,when I got inside our friend’s house and heard all the other creative things this homeowner does,,,I wasn’t surprised this was outside her house.

If you get a chance, check out Little Free Library.org to see how you can make a difference.

If you write; will they read it?

Something I still ask myself and I think some new bloggers often ask others,,,,”if I write on my blog and website,,,,,will anyone read it”?  The answer is hopefully,,,,yes.  But I think the exercise is actually more important than the result,,,,the writing is as important or more important than the result of anyone reading the blog or website.  I was reading an article by Mr. Fatty Goodlander about how he got into writing his books and magazine articles,,and he said he just started banging out ideas on a typewriter,,,,and mailing them.  Eventually, someone actually came back and asked him to write something specific,,,,and he was off and running.  I also read new blog posts by Mr. Charles French’s students.  He does a lot of horror that I have to skip based on my own fears; but his students do a lot of writing online in the form of blogs that they have to start.  What a fantastic way to get into blogging and writing,,,,,that your teacher makes you start writing short stories (which are blogs) online to learn the craft of it.

LF2SF is working to grow as a blog/website and I’m excited that I’ll have more time to spend working on the blog starting mid-july.  We’ve reached out to a number of sponsors already but that end of things is a slow go,,,,,but the blog is growing as we speak.  We’re gonna continue to do things on here the way we’ve always done them,,,,our own way.  There’s a bit of bad language, misspellings, occasional micro-brewery recommendations and of course you can see our style if you check out our pinterest page,,,,but we’re going to continue before, during and after our cruising adventures,,,,cause adventures happen on and off the water.

Quick Update to my Book Review of “Swell” by Captain Liz Clark

A quick update to a previous post from a week or so ago,,,,,my book review of “Swell” by Captain Liz Clark.  Since I wrote that story and her book came out several months ago, she’s gotten some wonderful press in top tier magazines about her story, her book and her sailboat trip.  Make sure to check these stories out in the June/July 2018 Edition of “BoatUS” and the April 2018 Edition of “SAIL” Magazines.

Here’s the book review I wrote: https://livefree2sailfast.com/2018/05/26/lf2sf-book-review-swell-by-captain-liz-clark/

Summer Slog

-The House sold in May.  99% of our stuff went into long-term storage.

-We moved into a much, much smaller rental house until I retire.  (I’m thinking it’s helping the kids get used to much less space and shared heads).

-I retire very soon, meaning I’ll be free to find another job, go cruising, work on my boat or dad-up.

-Once I retire, we’re moving onto the boat as a family,,,,,me, both kids, the dog.  My wife’s there already.

-I’m also trying to keep this website/blog up and concurrently working on my Project Management Professional Certificate (that’s a slog).

-This coming weekend, we’ll introduce Quincy the Great Dane to the docks and a cruising sailboat.  I can’t wait to see all this, we may break out the GoPro for the first time to get some great video and see how to use it.  Pictures of that are going to be great!



Holy Extra Wires!

Wow, check out all these extra wires that my electrician took out of the small space that used to house a bunch of radio’s, but the former owner of our boat claimed them as personal property and took them off the boat.  No worries, cause we’ve got some ideas about radio’s and electronics of our own.

This is one day’s worth of work clearing out the radio area,,,,,the picture below is pretty dark, but you’ll get the idea:

Yep, all those wires used to be in this radio cabinet, what a mess.  Glad it’s out!

Reality Update from LF2SF

Ok folks, a bit of reality on a couple different things.  Today you’re not going to get a polished, refined writing product.  Tonight you’re going to get an update on things and then in a few more days, you’ll get a couple of cool reviews with pics and I’ll be back up to snuff.  I’m tired already and getting sick again (never fully recovered from this ear thing yet).  The boat sale is still in progress and by the time I write again tonight , we’ll know if we’re still in the deal or if we start looking for another boat.  Weds night at 5pm is my drop-dead date for this deal.  I’m tired of it dragging on.  Once it’s done whether it goes our way or not, I’ll be writing about some great lessons learned from a buyer’s perspective that might help you in the future.  I’m still excited I finally earned my Coast Guard Masters Ticket and in two weeks I start an eight week course to earn my Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate.  I’d like to be able to write more on this blog and publish the reviews and stories that I’ve outlined on here (but have not fully finished);  but I’ve learned the reality of parenting two tiny kids and the dog takes up a lot of my time.  In case you don’t know,,,,,I’m NOT divorced from Hot Wife,,,,she had to move roughly three hours away when her job moved her.  I support her totally; thus I parent the kids here while she lives on our boat there (until we sold the boat in November).  She will move back onto whatever boat we end up buying,,,,and live there until we take off on our own journey.  I’m proud of her for making the decision to stick with her job and move onto the boat, leaving the kids to the mercy of her sometimes grumpy husband.  A friend reminded me last year that it’s not babysitting,,,,,it’s parenting.  People comment that I’m occasionally controlling and very scheduled with the kids and I agree.  Since my wife isn’t around to help out, I need to have a schedule and stay on things every day to keep the ball rolling with two very young kids, the Great Dane and a full household of things that need to be taken care of.  This is a true reality.  Try it for a month or two-  just you and a 6-year old and an 8-year old, a 130 pound Great Dane and a house on several acres of property that all needs to be maintained and kept up,,,,by you alone.

I don’t need sympathy, I just need to be able to maintain until we sell the house, I retire this summer and we can come back together as a family when we move onto our cruising sailboat.  I will maintain and thrive; as will the family (we’re doing ok).  And, like I’ve written about in a few of the past couple posts, we’ve also decided to throw in a 1/2 Ironman in July just after I retire,,,,,for good measure to keep us busy.  You should probably tell all of your friends to follow this blog to see if we crash and burn,,,,or actually pull it off. 

PS:  My wife once got a really big anchor for Christmas, do you think she’d like a really big shiny new one for Valentine’s Day?