My perspective on Sept 11, 2001

I was engaged in my work day with no available TV’s when Sept 11th actually happened live, so I didn’t see the events live.  But I would feel them the rest of my life and the rest of my life would be shaped by them.  I went home and watched the events over and over again, hardly believing them to be real.  At the time, I was living near Joshua Tree, Ca and doing a lot of rock climbing and buming around with my rock climbing crowd.  On Sept 12th, we sat on rocks in J-Tree with too many beers and listened, it was beyond eerie.  All air travel was shut down, so the LA air traffic pattern was completely silent.  For the first time in my life, there was near complete silence.  I was struck by that fact. 

From then on, life would be different.  My life would radically change, my path would be altered forever and I would change as a person.  Our generation would lose its innocence and fear would creep into our society like a slow fog.  I’m hoping we can overcome that fear that may still be here, we’ll see as we continue our path.  9/11 should be remembered by all and those who lost their lives should continue to remind us of the cost of our freedom’s.










Get out of Florence’s way-

For those of you on the East Coast…..don’t mess with this series of three hurricanes in a row, your safety is worth it.  Get the boat tied down, get off her and get out of Florence’s way.  Remember IRMA…..lots of people didn’t get out of her way in time-

I need all of you reading this to stay safe this hurricane season!

Re-Post from Cannons to Cruising: Other Awesome People Doing Other Awesome Things — Cannons to Cruising

Good morning, hope your weekend was great- I’m re-posting this blog and post from Cannons to Cruising  because they were kind enough to mention LiveFree2SailFast in here as one of the sailing blogs they follow; which totally made my day.  I’m so stoked when this tiny blog gets any mention from anywhere.  I’m hoping you’ll read her post, follow the links to her site and consider following her site too, she’s recently finished a new book and is working on getting it published and they have a baby who is growing up on their sailboat,,,,,not a bad life.  Continue reading

Eppig Brewing Review and other ramblings

We’ve had a couple of long weeks with the kids going back to school and me still getting broken into full-time retirement and boat life,,,all at once,,,while also managing a Great Dane.  No excuses, we’ve chosen this for ourselves, but it’s still a bit hectic sometimes.  There’s some expectations that I put on myself as the writer of a travel and sailing adventure blog to live up to the writing, but we’re not always in a position to do that anymore and it’s a team effort now.  So last weekend we met up with our favorite roving reporter (Dr. EMI MD) to check out the Eppig Brewing outdoor beer garden right on the water in Point Loma, Ca, USA.  YES, it’s TOUGH, but someone’s gotta do it in order for this website to review it: Continue reading

Sharing Options from to Facebook Are Changing — The Blog

Check this story about from WordPress, may effect your blogging and website options and publicity.   I just setup my own Facebook Business site to share my blog posts and website highlights,,,,and now the sharing options are changing!

Starting August 1, Facebook will no longer allow third-party tools to automatically post to Profiles. Here’s how it affects you.

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