Live Free 2 Sail Fast

Catalina Island At Noon

Catalina Island, Ca covered in her blanket of light clouds (southern end)

Learning To Post to WordPress By Email

As a blogger and a sailor who’s working toward earning more bluewater days, I figured it might be important to learn to post to my website via email. Why? Because there’s a possibility that my new Iridium Go might be able to give me email almost anywhere in the world while my new Wave WiFi and Cellular Router might be able to enhance WiFi and Cell Data in more populous areas, thus allowing me to keep writing and working on travel and adventure stories anywhere I go. Wish I had them on this most recent trip to Catalina, cause it was a heck of an adventure that I’ll write about either tomorrow or Saturday. For today, I’m teaching myself to post to my own WordPress site via email and I’ll learn more about how it looks and feels once I see the published edition. I’m excited this feature works, as I’ve seen other cruisers use it to post to WordPress accounts….cause we know it takes a lot of bandwidth to hit WordPress normally, perhaps posting via email will work better and allow me to post pics of some of the better places we’ve been. For today though, here’s a morning shot of Tulum 5 on the way to Catalina (while her engine still worked)-

Great Dane On A Boat: Great Dane and Her Walker

“Most of you never get to see me and my walker and feeder in one picture, so here you go”:

Great Dane and her Feeder in one picture- very rare-


Quincy is a Great Dane living on a cruising sailboat while we prep to go cruising with our family in November of 2019.  We LOVE you reading our posts and FOLLOWING us and invite you to keep reading Quincy’s columns every Sunday.

Friday Kids Corner Video Premiere

Tomorrow will be the premiere of the 1st Kids Corner Video on our YouTube Channel, made by a boat kid for other kids.  

Come tune in and check out her video….tomorrow. 


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Crossing A Life Milestone

Sometimes I need to slow down and breathe, savoring the moments in life happening around me. Last couple of posts I’ve alluded to how much July would throw at us…..and it has. I’m drinking it up. And, my lack of writing means I’ve been working…a lot.

But more important than the boatwork (by far) is the fact that my wife will cross one of life’s bridges tomorrow; by retiring. I’m very proud of her. Her retirement is a major personal milestone. – Did you know that most jobs don’t offer retirement or retirement plans (in the US) anymore? I didn’t know that- Although we are headed for a family milestone in Nov, her retirement is pretty huge for our family.

Teagan’s working on her first killer video for Kids Corner Friday and we’ll look at it to see if we can post it tomorrow or if we’ll do some more editing on it. With the completion of several very large projects on Tulum this week, I’m able to get back to the website.

If you know us, this blog will be a great way to communicate with us when we leave.

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Happy 4th of July from LF2SF

Happy 4th of July.  Wherever you are in the world, if you’re an American; 4th of July means something to you.  Beyond the pomp and circumstance, fireworks and speeches….this day should resonate with meaning as a country that wanted a different future for itself.  I’ve been all over the world and through some of the poorest and most destitute places in the world….and this is a great country; and has been for over 200 years-

Here’s to you America-

At this point in my writing, I’m interrupted by Quincy the Boat Dog….who wants to specifically tell you Happy 4th but she can’t really talk….so here’s her shout-out to all of you:

She’s celebrating on the inside- “Happy 4th of July”

LF2SF is primarily a website about prepping to go traveling and cruising (with kids) and our challenges over the last 3-4 years to get from there to here. Last year we sold our house and moved all of our stuff into permanent storage and wwe’ll be rid of our cars in the next few months as we prep to leave the US.  We’re heading out with Baja Ha-Ha 2019 on November 4th; kids, Great Dane and Surf-fur Crew with us! 

Hunter the Guest Dog in his youth decided he wanted to be on this post too, so here’s his parting shot:

Hunter the Guest Dog says “Happy 4th”

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Slips in San Diego for Baja Ha-Ha and CUBAR

Coming to San Diego for Baja Ha-Ha or CUBAR?  Rumor around San Diego is that there may not be as many slips available as there have been in past years….so book your slip early! 

Wanna know more about Baja Ha-Ha or CUBAR?  Check out their websites and check out my CUBAR YouTube Video here- CUBAR 2019 INFO 

LF2SF is actually going on Baja Ha-Ha 2019 and can’t wait to get video and pics of the start and the actual event to share with all of our followers.  Want to help us along? Check out our Patreon Site!  Quincy eats more than you think! 

Previous Post Down

I took this mornings post down after a follower misinterpreted my humor. I have a wicked dry sense of humor that might offend some folks but I’m open to comments and concerns.

Kids Corner will be back up this fri for your reading pleasure-

Coming to San Diego for Baja Ha-Ha/CUBAR And Need Recommendations?

Are you coming to San Diego before heading out to Baja Ha-Ha 2019 or CUBAR in October or November of this year?  Need recommendations to find great services and contractors in San Diego?  From great restaurants and rigging services to the best book/chart store and contractors (who show up and do the work as promised), I can probably help where possible.  I’ll give you recommendations based on personal experience for services or places I’ve personally used or been to. Ask me via post or blog comments and I’ll give you answers chocked full of local knowledge.  



Photo Credit to Michelle using an iPhone, with revisions by Stacy. 

Great Dane on a Boat: Rain-Rain-Go-Away

I haven’t been on the blog or my computer for nearly a week.  We missed the usual Friday Kids Corner and the rest of my normal posting days.  In the last week or two we’ve road tripped, worked hard on the boat and continued to discover repairs that need immediate attention.  Stats definitely flog me for inattention to my writing.  This isn’t foreign to me as I value family road trips, work on the boat and actual adventuring…but still love to write when I have time and energy.  Sooo there’s more rain coming into So Cal on these atmospheric rivers sitting off the west coast and we’re predicted to get four more days of straight rain.  If I was in Seattle I’d understand rain, wind and coldy weather, but we’ve had not so great weather (lots of rain) since January.  Oh well, there’s always curtains to sew.  I’m in boat work season as we sit about five months from casting off so there’s no end to things that need attention and Michelle is still working full time.  The kids only have one more week of school, so that will have a definite impact on my work schedule.  In the last two weeks, I’ve gained a definite understanding about why you probably HIRE folks to do your brightwork (teak scraping, sanding and varnishing).  I’ve finished the scraping and sanding of the window frames all around Tulum and moved on to adding the base coats of varnish.  You can do one coat a day.  I’ve finished three coats and we’re trying to head offshore next week, so we’ll look pretty funny heading out with blue tape all over our windows but the tape is a pain in the ass to put on….so I may not take it off if I don’t finish (due to the rain).

This week I got motivated and ripped out all the old plumbing associated with the electric two heads we took off the boat.  With Francisco Cedillo’s (Cedillo Marine- 619 496 4116)) help, we opened (read holed) both holding tanks and cleaned them completely.  [I’m going to do a complete post on these two fun days of work, but a bit here too].  Now I’ll drop some reality on you…I was personally here when both holding tanks were pumped professionally and water was added several times to get all the solids out (we thought).  Dead Wrong!  When we opened the tanks, both tanks were about a 1/4 full of solids and hardened material…it didn’t all come out when Pepe La Poo pumped it.  The other reality is how heavy the lines were.  Several of the lines from both forward and stern heads were nearly 50% filled with solids…meaning that they would have eventually been stopped up completely.  Think through this….these are your hoses to and from your macerator and holding tank!

Here’s the first day of plumbing that we ripped out:

Day # 1- Forward Head Pluming ripped out.

Here’s the second day of plumbing and other assorted stuff ripped out from beneath my stern head:

Day # 2- Stern Head Plumbing and other assorted wiring ripped out.

TIP:  In the pics (if you look close) you’ll see diapers.  Diapers are cheap, absorbant and easily found.  They have elastic and can be easily positioned to catch anything that drips or leaks.


And now, Quincy speaks: (more…)