Working on Getting our Facebook Business Site running

Yep, working on getting the facebook business site up and running.

Here’s the view from my Galley:

Photo Credit to Hot Wife


“Like” LF2SF on our new Facebook Business Account

Yep, I retired and had to come into the here and now by opening a Facebook business account.  Wow,,,,most folks who know me well will possibly GASP that I’ve opened a real Facebook business account, but with the help of my friend from EMI-MD; I’ve come into the here and now!!!  LF2SF needs to come into the modern blogging world, so I’ve taken the plunge and now I need your help.  If you’ve got a facebook account, look up LiveFree2SailFast and LIKE us please- Here’s our link,,,,when it starts working:

Re-Post- Pinterest Worthy? From Cannons to Cruising

Yep, a re-blog for one of my first posts in several weeks, but a great short story with good pictures from a young couple living on a small sailboat,,,,with a new baby, a writing career and a husband with a full time job- Take a look and give it a read.  Perhaps consider following them,,,,as they often have good ideas for small boats-

Projects piling up

I’m still here and reading all of your comments, but it’s been hectic.  With this being my last week of work and me starting see the massive amount of things that need work on the boat, I’m in that stage where I’ve got to slow down and think through what the priorities are.  We got out and did some sailing last weekend, I’ll get some those pics up tomorrow night.  I’ve also knocked out some small projects on the boat and figured out why my electronics and engine died as I was coming back into the slip,,,,another project to work through.  This is good for me and gives me things to improve and work toward. Not a perfect boat,,,,but at least getting better as time goes on-

Stay with us, more to come-

Settling in is work-

I’ve now moved the kids to the boat, packed all our stuff out of the rental house and did a decent cleaning. Packed it all into the truck with the dog,,,,,and moved to the boat. It’s been more work than I thought; and way more adjustment on my part than I had imagined. But it’s also a forcing function for both me and hot wife…..getting us to face our own piles of stuff and consumerism and realize we just don’t have room for it all. And the longer I’m on the boat consistently, the more and more I’m fully realizing the enormity of the project list- from engine and generator to small things like teak that needs tending. Such an eye opener when I hear all the folks who tell me they’re thinking of the same thing or would love to live on a boat themselves, but never actually really do it. I hope those folks read this website and realize it’s possible,,,if we can do it, you can do it!

Here’s the last load of stuff, with the Great Dane in there somewhere and as much stuff as possible in the truck.

My Sailboat Wishlist

I’m approaching retirement and have a lot of work to do on the boat to get her ready to  put some more miles under her keel.  Aside from the work, she still needs some more equipment, as we go along we’ll try to acquire and install the following over the next year:

– 300 feet of BBB (triple B) hot galvanized chain.

– A working water maker-

– A working generator

-A wind generator

-Two more solar panels, with folding supports

-A lift for hauling up the dinghy motor (it weighs 100 pounds)


-Fishing kit (fishing poles and a good set of deep sea lures with heavy test line)

I know there’s more on the wish list, but as I sat in traffic this afternoon on the way back here from the boat,,,,,this is all I could think of-



From the other site I write for- Discussion about Guns on Boats-

I’m reblogging one of my own stories from one of the other websites I write for; although I wrote this article least year, it will has some merit during the times we live in today.  Don’t take this one way or the other, just read it for what it is-  Continue reading