A Memorial Day Remembrance From LF2SF

Memorial Day Remembrance from LF2SF and Tulum 5 currently in the Sea of Cortez

Quick Update

Hey Everyone, We don’t usually post on Tuesday but we’ve been off the grid and now we’re just about to go back off the grid to check out a favorite anchorage since we’re back in the Loreto area of Baja.  We’ll be up here for a month or so then back to La Paz for some […]

Great Dane On A Boat: Happy Easter

Quincy Dane says “Happy Easter”. We’ve made La Paz finally and look forward to our new lithium batteries this week and getting some engine work. We’ll be here a week then onto more cruising.

Moving North

No post today cause we’re moving north, Isla Isabel then on to Mazatlan Old Harbor to wait out a northerly. I’ve got numerous stories nearly written, so with time in Mazatlan I’ll get them out and published. Have a great weekend and Make sure to check out Quincy’s post tomorrow.

Gotta Go To Sea

The author didn’t get his intended story done cause he’s gotta go to sea…a common excuse right!

Happy Birthday USMC

Happy 245 Birthday USMC….you’re still the finest fighting force in the world!

Tres Virgin Appreciation

We’re not only sailors and cruisers, but travelers too. We love our travel blogging and writing….cause we don’t wanna JUST write about cruising. So the girls are unable to publish today cause we’re off on a trip to appreciate the Tres Virgins Volcanos in Central Baja. They’ll be back with more writing next fri. Adventure […]