Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to Everyone♥-

Good morning,  I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  To those of you who might be a bit bitter- well, I’m a bit bitter too.  My wife lives three hours away from me for work (we’re totally not divorced) and is at work down there on this Valentine’s Day.  To not be bitter about all this, I remember how lucky we are to have a strong relationship and a healthy family.  For holidays like this and last year’s 4th of July when I had to drive home (on 4th of July) because I had to be at work on the morning of the 5th of July and the girls were back in school, we just celebrate the day before or the weekend before,,,,so we always make the best of the situation at hand.  Single folks may refer to this as “Bitter Bitch Day”,,,,(or so some women tell me),,,,but remember it’s not all bad, there’s always a glimmer around the corner.

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If you keep following LF2SF and tell your friends to follow, all of your sailing trips will end up like the one below,,,,have a great Valentines Day wherever you are-

Great ending to any boat trip, land in sight on a clear day-


Not yet, one more day-

Today’s 5pm deadline for a boat decision came and went.  Like sailing, some things need to be put off till tomorrow, so we’ve pushed the deadline back to tomorrow (Thursday) at 5 pm.  That’s all I can say for now.   I know, I know, it’s frustrating for me too!

In case you don’t know,,,,we’re in the middle of trying to buy a sailboat but ran into a few challenges, which we continue to work through-

Another blog funny from Opinionated Man/Harsh Reality

I thought this one was funny enough with enough wisdom that I’d share it.  I think sometimes people follow us to see us fail but we don’t have a lot of the other reasons highlighted on here.  However, at least we’re genuine and you know what you’re gonna get from my writing,,,,most of the time.  Read on for some blogging reality from a larger and smarter writer in the form of OM:

1 – They are waiting for you to fail. Failure is so entertaining and even more so when the failee journalizes it for us! Fail away! 2 – You have a cute animal. Because animals are cute… until it dies. After the grieving period we don’t need your blog unless you get another one. 3 […]

via Reasons Why People Follow You and Your Blog — HarsH ReaLiTy

“F-ing computer”

Not a big fan of posting anything from my phone,,,,,but some of u have commented in things and followed and continue to read through my posts,,,,,but I’m still here. My computer has taken a dump on me, so slooooww and the battery has finally given up the fight,,,,,for the third time. I think I’ve got to invest in another computer, one I can start learning to use better, do better graphic stuff on and perhaps start editing video. Hot Wife gave me a Go-Pro for Christmas,,,,,this means u guys might get to start seeing some of the dumb shit I do for fun or some really Exciting boat projects like “my fun cleaning the bilges!” I bet you guys would eat that up,,,,huh!

Stay with me, new computer in the next few days! And, if you’re at the San Diego Boat Show next weekend, look for us in our new LF2SF T-Shirts!

Eardrums and Elbows

My eardrums have closed back up, but I still have approx 33% total hearing loss with little improvement so far.  Although laid up in bed for more than 3 days straight, I’ve been up to my elbows in help from family.  Thankfully the eardrums closed, some of the pain has subsided and I’ve gotten in to see the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists to start working on the various challenges with my ears.  Till it kills me, I’ve moving on with life because there’s too much not to get done.

Biggest news is yet to come, as we’re still contemplating adding another member to our family in the way of a home for Michelle and a boat for all of us.  More to come on that front!

Aleutian 51 MotorSailor

Lastly, to those who’ve followed us in the last few days,,,thanks.  Keep it up!

Race to 100?

This is a small blog.  I’ve been working on it for several years but have never had a story or photos “go viral” or get the notice I think some of them deserve.  So early last week, I thought through a challenge I wanted to issue to rally folks to give the blog “100 views” on 31 December, hopefully pushing traffic higher and getting the blog noticed.  However, this didn’t materialize.

First, it was simply a kernel of thought in my head that I couldn’t figure out how to discuss without sounding weird or like I was “wanting or begging” for those views or the traffic that might follow.  If I was serious about it, I think I could have presented it logically, but never really got that far.

Second,,,,starting right after Christmas until yesterday, me and the family were out doing the stuff I write about,,,,and I simply didn’t have the time or the energy to get those extra posts done.

Last, I remember some of what I’ve read from other bloggers.  I’ve got a ton of great followers and readers who interact with me on a regular basis and I love that.  I’m going to write what keeps you interested and maybe start watching my videos by mid-summer.  On top of everything else I’ve got going in life, this blog is a creative outlet for me.  I’m not doing it to become a great writer or travel author.  I’m doing it BECAUSE I travel and sail and want to share those experiences.