New Info On The “Our Boats” Page

Make sure you stick around to read the new post from the HelmsMistress. Have a great day. 

“Follow” Button Fixed

Ok, gotta admit that occasionally I have glitches on the site. With this in mind….I’ve gotten some help and the “Follow” button should be fixed….so Follow, Follow, Follow us ! And if you thought you signed up but you’re not getting 3-4 posts a week, please try again-

Last Run In the Pacific

As you are reading this post, Tulum-5 is heading out for her last transit in the Pacific Ocean, as we make the run from Vista Mar Marina up to Panama City.  We’re moving up to Panama City so we can start the physical process of going through the Panama Canal, which involves authorities coming onboard […]

Quincy And Kitty Speak

We know we’ve been out of touch for nearly a month….but we’ve been out cruising. No excuses….it’s just what we do.

Back To The Boat

A contemplative look at going BACK to the boat after time in the US with family.

Saturdays Post

Content, Content, Content. Blogs, Bloggers and Websites live and die by solid content.  We’re in our 9th year and I’m still working on the content part because I like to go do things just as much as I like to write about doing them. We’ve been in one place (a marina) for nearly two weeks […]