Sat Post

I’ll do my best to get my post out on our super antenna when we get cell as we cruise south, but if you read this, it means I have not been able to get the Saturday story out.  But I’m working on it!

Great Dane On A Sailboat: Writing Strike Today :)

Quincy Dane and Kitty Oreo are in the kennel today. They would much rather be with family, so they’ve decided on a writing strike…..meaning no post. But not to worry, they’re prepping for transit through Central America to Costa Rica; so more adventures ahead.

Technical Issue

We had a technical issue come up with todays story. It disappeared into the ether and probably won’t open when you click the link. It’s my fault. Stick with us…more great stories coming this weekend.

Happy FAT Tuesday

Hi guys, happy FAT Tuesday from all of us here at LF2SF- Make sure to check out the travel post that’s coming out tomorrow from the HelmsMistress…chocked full of great photos and good travel info all about our trip to Oaxaca.

Quick Update

Hey Everyone, We don’t usually post on Tuesday but we’ve been off the grid and now we’re just about to go back off the grid to check out a favorite anchorage since we’re back in the Loreto area of Baja.  We’ll be up here for a month or so then back to La Paz for some […]

Great Dane On A Boat: Happy Easter

Quincy Dane says “Happy Easter”. We’ve made La Paz finally and look forward to our new lithium batteries this week and getting some engine work. We’ll be here a week then onto more cruising.

Moving North

No post today cause we’re moving north, Isla Isabel then on to Mazatlan Old Harbor to wait out a northerly. I’ve got numerous stories nearly written, so with time in Mazatlan I’ll get them out and published. Have a great weekend and Make sure to check out Quincy’s post tomorrow.