The HelmsMistress Bakes: Success and Failure in a Pan

With no working oven and a crew hungry for bread….the HelmsMistress learns to bake in the Solar Oven


Quincy’s Corner: Happy Fathers Day From The Sea of Cortez

Quincy Dane wanted to use her blogging day to say “Happy Fathers Day” to all the dads out there, no matter where u are. Sitting here in a quiet bay, some drama seems far away while other stuff hits home right away. As a family we’re keenly aware of the physical distance away from our […]

“Shout-Out” To A Patron

Yup, this is a quick “shout-out” and thank you to one of our Patreon supporters….Cash and his family.  Cash, thanks for your contribution to LiveFree2SailFast….we love the cold beer you helped buy us.  Mexico’s getting hot and cold beer is always appreciated.  Our Patreon Supporters have a special place in our hearts so they get […]

Vive La Paz!

Another update from La Paz during Semana Santa week.

The Curse Of Muertos…or Not?

“Does anyone think it’s ironic that we’re going to wait out a norther in a place called Muertos?”, I asked smugly as we review our travel plans and weather routing back to the Sea of Cortez.  Norther refers to the northern origin of higher wind patterns that in this case were forecasted to hit speeds […]

Mexican Visa Advice

We came down to Mexico in November with the Baja Ha-Ha 2019, meaning to go back to the US in late March or early April to visit family and get our Visas renewed for another 180-days in Mexico.  With the descent of COVID-19 upon Mexico and the US, we decided not to go home (and […]

57 Per Day

I’ve figured out that if I can get at least 57 views per day for the rest of the month…..I can beat my stats from last month. Stats, views, likes…etc do provide a statisticians dream of hard data…..but don’t make or break a blog/website. Still…I’d like to beat last month!