Remembering Veterans This 2020

11-November is day of remembrance and thanks to those served in our Armed Forces. Just say “Thanks”.

Happy Birthday USMC

Happy 245 Birthday USMC….you’re still the finest fighting force in the world!

Tres Virgin Appreciation

We’re not only sailors and cruisers, but travelers too. We love our travel blogging and writing….cause we don’t wanna JUST write about cruising. So the girls are unable to publish today cause we’re off on a trip to appreciate the Tres Virgins Volcanos in Central Baja. They’ll be back with more writing next fri. Adventure […]

A Cruiser’s Plan…..

Becoming a cruiser means becoming a part of a whole new culture.  Along with that culture comes new language, a unique history to explore and all new proverbs and idioms to guide you: “Red sky at night, sailors’ delight; red sky in the morning sailors take warning”, “Fair winds and Following seas” etc.  There are […]


You may want to listen to a certain Uncle Jimmy Song while reading this entirely true post (Gypsies In The Palace).

Kids Corner: Meet The Sky Fam- YouTube Premiere

Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to the first of our series of Friday YouTube Video premier’s….brought to you by LF2SF.  These videos are all about the secrets of Sky, Children of the Light.  They are entirely made by two kids living on a cruising sailboat in the Sea of Cortez.  I’m so stoked you can watch […]