Live Free 2 Sail Fast

Learning to Appreciate My Boat

Our anniversary was Monday but because we knew that babysitting would be in short supply the first couple weeks of December, we celebrated our anniversary a bit early.  (more…)

Elusive StarFish

Our Roving Reporter tried hard to find starfish during her snorkeling expeditions off the shoreline,,,,only to randomly find one once the tide went out,,,,and she was back on dry land.

Elusive Starfish
Photo Credit to MAF using an iPhone

LF2SF Stickers appear in GUAM!!!

Look out, the stickers are appearing everywhere-  (more…)

LF2SF Roving Reporter Photos

Great pics of the sunset and shorelines of an island in the distant Pacific,,,,,where one of our roving reporters is randomly visiting:

Shoreline at Dawn
Photo Credit to MAF using an iPhone


Photo Credit to MAF using an iPhone
Photo Credit to MAF using an iPhone




Island of Broken Boats and Lost Dreams

I want to start by saying that I have written this with the utmost respect and sadness for those who lost their boats to Hurricane Irma whether in BVI, Puerto Rico or Florida.  Every boat in my pictures belonged to someone,,,meaning they were someone’s hopes and dreams. (more…)

Sad End of the Willie-T

Yep, we had to pay our respects to an old haunt… (more…)

Tough Crowd!

You guys are a tough crowd.  I went sailing and was away for a bit,,,,and my stats plummeted.  Lucky for me,,,,they didn’t have very far to plummet!

I’m back and life is about to get awesome crazy!

Keep reading and following.

Back from the BVI!

We went to the BVI for about 5 different reasons but came back with so much more…. (more…)

LF2SF checks out the Caribbean

Photo credit to the LF2SF Roving Reporter, Emy

They’ve set me loose in the BVI with my new GoPro, camera and computer,,,,plus a license to sail!  With kids in tow following my wife where she wants to go,,,,,we can’t wait to check it all out and post highlights.   We love the BVI and the Caribbean in general, mostly for the warm and generous people we meet.  Make sure you tune in all week in case I get motivated enough to post and actually learn to use my GoPro-

LF2SF- BVI Bound

Here at LF2SF, we write about sailing, cruising, adventure travel and family travel.  We don’t just write about it, we live our own adventures.  LF2SF is off to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to spend some time sailing a bareboat catamaran with family and friends.  We’re taking our 6 & 8-year-old girls on their first real out of country sailing adventure, as we prep for our own cruising trip in the future.  I will make every effort to take advantage of the promised WiFi on the boat and get pics and stories up on the blog as often as possible, but please understand if you don’t see regular posts for a week or so.  We’re off adventure traveling with our kids and several of our friends.

Looking straight toward the Beef Island Airport on Tortola, BVI.  Photo credit to the LF2SF Roving Reporter, Emy.

Stay Tuned!