Book Review: Chasing the Horizon, The Life and Times of a Modern Sea Gypsy by Fatty Goodlander

Cap’n Fatty takes you on a whirlwind tour of bohemian 70’s boatbuilding, surviving hurricanes and hanging out with the Pirate Queen in “Chasing the Horizon”.

Kids Corner: “DarkStalker” Book Review

Book Review: From the Wings of Fire Series: Darkstalker By Tui T. Sutherland If you’re one to like a tragic tale of love, power, revenge, and above all, friendship; then this is the book for you! First, there’s a dark side. Darkstalker demonstrates his enormous power to Clearsight, and this is just the tip of the […]

Book Review: “blogging for writers”

good reading book for someone who already writes but wants to work through a blog as well. I’d recommend for those newer writers who want to start putting their books out via a webpage-