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Book Review: Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

Good morning.  I haven’t done a book review in a long time and don’t have really good excuses for why not.  I have a stack of books right here beside my computer ready for book review, but just the act of sitting and writing a book review has alluded me for more than a year because of my perpetual need to stay busy.  This last week knocked me for a loop with the serious challenges that have developed with the boat, so sitting and writing may help me with a bit of perspective.

This morning I’m reviewing Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin.  The original copyright is in 1992 but it’s been updated and revised for republishing in 2018.  First, for those of you (like me) who have never heard of the FIRE movement, this is one of it’s bibles and popular lore says this book helped START the movement when originally published in 1992.  The FIRE movement has caught on with lots of young investors and folks who just want to be financially independent, but you’ve got to be smart enough in your youth to actually follow its tenants.  I wasn’t, one of the reasons I grabbed up this book and read it cover to cover,  and will pass it on to someone who might actually get some use out of it.  The forward in the book is by one of the FIRE movement’s Guru’s- Peter Adeney a.k.a. Mr. MONEY MUSTACHE.  If you’ve never heard of him or his philosophies on money and wealth building, take a close look at this book.  He’s mentioned in numerous places and the updates to this book largely focus on several of his tenants…. namely the use of Index Funds for investing vice individual stocks.  This book is laid out in nine chapters and a total of 323 pages, making it a quick read if you’re really interested in the philosophies.  In my book reviews, I don’t like to rehash the whole book, as this isn’t Cliff Notes time, but I will tell you that the book makes very good points as it guides the reader through several important exercises as part of what the author calls the 9-step program.  You’ve got to know where all your money is going, what you’re bringing in after taxes and exactly what you’re trading (for) when you’re spending that hard-earned money.  The last two chapters in the book intrigued me the most as the tenants of the FIRE movement were briefly explored (not as in-depth as possible) and brief snippets of Mr. Money Mustache’s quotes were used.  The last chapter was of the most interest to me when I read the book over a year ago, as I had no experience with Index Funds and really didn’t know what they were.  After reading this book and having a bite of the iceberg, I was able to dive into my own research to find out if we could even get into this segment of the market with the little investment capital we had.  Note: It didn’t take much to get into Index Funds and they seem to be healthier than individual stocks and much less cumbersome than Mutual Funds (a point this book also made).  I had to reread the book to make sense of several of the important points and have come out of the books with multiple dog-eared pages full of great info, specifically geared toward the situation me and my wife are in (or were in).  Since our engine seized, we’ve had to use that hard-earned stock and index fund investing to start paying for the work with no idea if things are covered by insurance, but time will tell on this one. I don’t feel bad spending the money to get the engine rebuilt, but it still stings as I sell off assets I personally spent so much time researching, buying and holding.

Having re-read the book a couple times and now spending a few hours reviewing it for my website, I would recommend this book for those looking for a bit of a financial pep talk or a glimpse into the FIRE movement.  I would not recommend this book to those who are long time institutional investors or folks who have financial risk aversion.   The book is available on Amazon and if you click on one of our links and buy the book, we get like….1/2 a percent of a percent of the sale.  Yes, that means some of our links are monetized as we attempt to pay for repairs to our engine.  But, in all the years we’ve been running the blog…. we’ve never gotten a check from Amazon yet…but we’ll keep trying. 

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Big Green Egg on a Sailboat- Ray Lampe’s Cookbook As My Inspiration

I wanted to cook on the Big Green Egg (size small) now on my sailboat…but wanted inspiration and a roadmap to cook the perfect steaks.  I found it in Mr. Ray Lampe’s cookbook; titled Big Green Egg Cookbook, published by Andrews McMeel Publishing in 2016.

The book is 147 pages long and crammed with recipes and full color pictures.  Since I was looking for inspiration anyways and wanted to heat up the Big Green Egg, this was a perfect reason to crack this book.  I found my inspiration on page 33…I was going to cook “Better than any Steak House Rib Eyes” but had not bought rib eyes, so I just used what I had.  I also didn’t have all the ingredients to make the dry rub as per the recipe; so again I used what I had.  I did follow the spirit and flow of the recipe and the cooking directions carefully.  The steaks cooked flawlessly and came out nearly as good as I’ve ever cooked them, take a look below:

Fire in the Egg

For this recipe, I would be cooking the steaks at approx 500 degrees for just a few minutes using direct heat.  It worked like a charm! Check out the finished product below:

Better than Steakhouse Steaks with Garlic Butter and a great bottle of Peachy Canyon Zin along with my cooking beer.

Not too bad, and they tasted fantastic, with just a perfect touch of smoke to them.  Next time I try this recipe I’ll be using the recommended steak (ribeye) at the recommended thickness 1 1/4 thick and I’ve already bought the spices I was missing for the dry rub.  Overall this was a great dinner and I’d recommend the book for the barbecue enthusiast.  If you click on the link I provided and decide to get the book, we’ll make some beer money!  Here’s another look at the steaks:

 Lastly, if you didn’t read my first post about the first time we cooked on the BGE, here’s the link: Pulled Pork using Big Green Egg – 1st Use of the BGE on our Sailboat.

Thanks for reading, more coming next time I fire up the Big Green Egg for Beer Can Chicken.



Book Review: Portraits of Courage

I’m reviewing a book I’ve owned for nearly two years;  but just couldn’t figure out how to write a review worthy of the book or the folks featured in the book.  This is a deeply personal subject for me as I know someone in the book and was blown away when I found him inside it.  I had to read the book, twice.   (more…)

Book Review: Sailing Log to Blog to Book- Sequitur, to Cape Horn in Comfort and Style

I’m one of those sailors who dreams of taking the information from my log and blog and eventually turning it into a print book; author Michael Walsh has done just that with his book: SEQUITUR, to Cape Horn in Comfort and Style.  Author Michael Walsh and his partner Edi have written a book here that’s right on the money for me as a future cruising sailor: they have the sailing chops to tell a true story with an authoritative voice, they are great cooks who include pics of their gourmet meals in the book along with great wine choices for those meals and there’s info in the book that’s directly out of a sailing logbook and/or was present on their SAILBLOGs Blog site, Sequitur.  Incidentally, that specific SAILBLOG site still gets tremendous daily traffic, as it’s still up and running although Mr. Walsh has moved onto another blog site for their European Canal Travels (  The site has LOTS of cruising information, just like the book does.

Sequitur, to Cape Horn in Comfort and Style is a soft cover book of 678 pages crammed full of pictures and great stories.  Published by ZonderZorg Press in 2013, it’s for sale on Amazon and through the ZonderZorg Website directly.  The book does what I want it to when I start reading it….it starts with the basic info about Mr. Walsh and his partner Edi, how they acquired the Hunter 49 (brand new), put her together and started working toward a cruising dream.  Then step by step the book starts to take us along on their journey down the West Coast and the decision-making process that takes them through the Rouring 40’s and around Cape Horn.  In no way the first Hunter to put on some serious ocean miles but this is one of the first stock Hunters on record (that I know of) to actually round Cape Horn and keep going.  Written in meticulous detail it’s obvious that much of the info in the book came from Sequitur’s written logs or their SAILBLOG entries, which I applaud.  I love the fact that they have included cooking recipes that work on a boat, great wine and food pairings and info on how to do a big trip like this in comfort and style.  After their time on Sequitur, Michael and Edi moved on to other adventures, selling Sequitur and purchasing a century old canal boat in Europe, which they chronicle in several new books as well as their ZonderZorg website.

The book is for sale on Amazon and LF2SF would be tickled pink if you followed the link we provided above to check it out and purchase it.  YES, we would get about two whole cents if you make a purchase decision and use our link.  There….we’ve given you our disclaimer.  I liked this book and it will remain a staple in Tulum 5’s library.  Have a great day and a great weekend.

If you want to read about another Hunter with some serious ocean miles, Google the S/V Follow You, Follow Me on Sailblogs and about their miles.



Quick Update to my Book Review of “Swell” by Captain Liz Clark

A quick update to a previous post from a week or so ago,,,,,my book review of “Swell” by Captain Liz Clark.  Since I wrote that story and her book came out several months ago, she’s gotten some wonderful press in top tier magazines about her story, her book and her sailboat trip.  Make sure to check these stories out in the June/July 2018 Edition of “BoatUS” and the April 2018 Edition of “SAIL” Magazines.

Here’s the book review I wrote:

Republish: “The Checklist” and “Mariners Trip Planning” by Captain Chris Couch

I’m republishing this post and another about some of the sailing aids I’ve used from Captain Chris Couch because I wrote them while still owning Tulum IV.  I still use them now that we’ve moved on to another sailboat and they still have value.   Read on… (more…)

Republish- Pre-Ocean Checks/Pre-Ocean Inspections and Captain Chris Couch

Another story I think has value but was written several years ago.  The techniques and mental cues described here are still relevant and I still use them and urge you to use them.  Nothing makes me more happy than when someone comments that they didn’t like my ideas the first time, but when they got back to their own boat and had a stressful situation; they started to understand some of my preparedness.  To me, the more I prepare, the more at ease I am in stressful situations.  Read on…. (more…)

LF2SF Book Review: Swell by Captain Liz Clark

Hotwife doesn’t usually give me the rolly eyes and the knowing “uh huh” for the books I read,,,,I usually get that for the pictures I look at,,,,come read my book review of a great contemporary sailing book-  (more…)

Sailing Reads

I was thinking over the great sailing we had over the 4th of July Holiday and realized we had done the same thing for the last several years, in different places.  WE’RE in a different place now, but we’re still working toward the dream of leaving to Blue Water Cruise.  In order to do that, I’ve done a lot of reading.  I’ve republishing the story below because I’ve read these books and they all have an important lesson to each of you that needs it.  Take a gander and don’t be afraid to come back to me with questions on any of them.

Book Review- The World’s Most Dangerous Places by Robert Young Pelton

I read an earlier addition to this book years ago, before I had been to any countries that I thought were truly dangerous and I couldn’t resist rereading it, as I’ve been to many of the places in the book.  Not sure how I ever got hold of it, but I was pretty surprised to see all the places in it that I had already been and never even had a whiff of danger, even in the most remote places.  Me and my family tend to get “off the beaten path” a bit and really don’t like to frequent tourist hangouts, so some of the book most likely applied to us.  As I got older, I started going to more countries described by the book, usually on “business trips”,,,and business was good in those days.

The World’s Most Dangerous Places by Robert Young Pelton is now in its 5th edition but mine is the 4th edition, published in 2000 with a total of 1007 pages.  It’s a pretty great value for $15.95,,,,and you can buy it from Amazon via the link above if you want some great reading on places you might go.  Keep in mind,,,,,the US is featured on page 927 and there’s some truly scary info and stats on US violence and LACK of regulations that might stop your trip to Disney,,,,if you can get into the USA .

Both me and the author are of the same mind about travel and the info in this book.  Dangerous means places where people will KILL you just for being who you are or because of your skin color.  Torture is bad and dangerous too.  The author openly says that this isn’t a travel guide and should not be used as a travel guide, it should be used as a survival guide if you HAVE to go to some of these countries.  There are places in the book I just would refuse to go to on vacation,,,,period.  It would be much different if my work sent me  and this is one of the reasons I bought this book so long ago,,,,,cause my work did send me and I wanted to know as much as possible about the area I was going to.  However, there’s also places in the book that are more benign and you should think about, cause they’re worth the trip.  Of the countries in the book, I’ve been to roughly half of them mentioned,,,,and only felt in danger in two of the countries in the book.  However, my version was written in 2000,,,,,by 2017 there’s a new world order and lots of places have been destabilized and changed since then.  Of the places accessible by boat, I would not recommend anyone go near the Horn of Africa area (pirates) or some places in Malaysia (pirates).  “I” however, would go to the US, Bosnia, Mexico, Greece, and Nicaragua,,,,,all mentioned and written about in the book.  I’ve already been to several of these countries and never felt the least bit worried or harassed but we ALWAYS avoided the tourist places and the Ugly American Syndrome.  There seems to be enough of that around,,,,please try to avoid it when traveling,,,,it’s not your country.

The author (Robert Young Pelton) has a pretty great website all about surviving in some of these countries and some of his adventures.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up in places that have need of professionals on private “business trips” and thus has gained all of his experience that way, but he certainly has interesting connections in some really cool places.  If you’re going to sail to places like Mexico, East Timor, South America, the Philippines or Malaysia,,,,you might want to pick up the 5th edition and continue your research and education before you go by boat.  Lastly, Robert Young Pelton has written a number of other books you can find on Amazon, but they might not fit in an adventure travel/sailboat blog-

While I’m certainly not as experienced as Robert Young Pelton, I’ve been to over 30 countries and have a wealth of experience with adventure travel.  I’m excited to write about it and review books like this, so please keep reading and following for MORE. You can also check out our Pinterest site, just look for Boats, Beaches, Bars and Bikini’s and you’ll find us there-