LF2SF checks out the Caribbean

Photo credit to the LF2SF Roving Reporter, Emy

They’ve set me loose in the BVI with my new GoPro, camera and computer,,,,plus a license to sail!  With kids in tow following my wife where she wants to go,,,,,we can’t wait to check it all out and post highlights.   We love the BVI and the Caribbean in general, mostly for the warm and generous people we meet.  Make sure you tune in all week in case I get motivated enough to post and actually learn to use my GoPro-


LF2SF- BVI Bound

Here at LF2SF, we write about sailing, cruising, adventure travel and family travel.  We don’t just write about it, we live our own adventures.  LF2SF is off to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to spend some time sailing a bareboat catamaran with family and friends.  We’re taking our 6 & 8-year-old girls on their first real out of country sailing adventure, as we prep for our own cruising trip in the future.  I will make every effort to take advantage of the promised WiFi on the boat and get pics and stories up on the blog as often as possible, but please understand if you don’t see regular posts for a week or so.  We’re off adventure traveling with our kids and several of our friends.

Looking straight toward the Beef Island Airport on Tortola, BVI.  Photo credit to the LF2SF Roving Reporter, Emy.

Stay Tuned!

Saturday Morning Minney’s Run

By the time you read this,,,,I will hopefully be cheerfully driving Southern California freeway’s with my salty crew in the back,,,,on the way to our annual or semi-annual visit to Minney’s Surplus in Newport Beach, Ca.  If you’ve never been there, I think it’s quite possibly a life changing experience for some sailors, especially when you realize you can actually trade your old gear in order to get credit to buy other stuff you really need,,,,or you don’t really need but want.  This is not a store for the faint of heart,,,,as you’ll be overwhelmed by Minney’s if you go in unprepared for the sheer scale of the sailing and boating junk and gear available.  Anything from original pirate anchors to used heads and a large and complex variety of sails is available here.  The staff is friendly and generally allows my children in the store at least once per year,,,,and allows pets too.  As for my purpose,,,,well,,,,I’m feeling the tug of Minney’s at this time of year and hot wife is busy Saturday morning, so I’m taking the kids and heading to Minney’s.

If you take my advice and make a pilgrimage to Minney’s in Newport, Ca,,,,tell them that LF2SF sent you and prepare to receive no discount and a blank stare!

BVI Destruction In Fine Focus

I dare you not to click on the link and check out the full destruction that Hurricane Irma wrought on one of the most popular bars in the BVI, the Soggy Dollar.  Once you see it, you’ll also be amazed at the creativity and drive to bring it all back.  Check it out: Soggy Dollar

LF2SF cares so much for the BVI that we’re heading down there in two weeks to support the cause,,,,and report back to all of you on our good deeds!

Remember that you can still buy shirts and the proceeds will go directly to helping the less fortunate still trying to dig out of Irma’s wrath.

LF2SF Bare Boat Charter Series

Photo Credit to our roving reporter, Ms. Emmy.

If you’ve ever thought of channeling your inner pirate and crewing your own bareboat in an exotic location somewhere, read on.  We’re NOT chartering experts, but we think we have experience that might help you.  We’re working through the process of doing our another charter;  the first was a bare boat charter in 2011 on a large powerboat and this next one will be a bareboat charter on a catamaran.  We have no catamaran experience but we’re really excited to get it, so we decided to go sail a bareboat for a week or so to get some on-water experience and make a vacation out of it.  For the next three posts and then some more as we approach our charter;  we’ll discuss some of the finer points of actually doing a charter.  Again, we’re not experts but we’ve done a lot of work to get these charters off the ground.  Since the first charter went fairly smoothly in terms of logistics, travel, operating the boat and preparedness; we’ll focus on those areas while also approaching a charter of our own.  Our own charter is less than a month away, so this is relevant information that we’re applying in real life, to our own family charter.  I hope these posts are worthwhile and help inform you if you’re interested in bareboat chartering.

Which boat would you choose?

Last weekend was the first of several local boat shows in Southern California;  including the Newport Boat Show, the San Diego Boat Show and last weekend’s show, the San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show (aka the Big Bay Boat Show).   I’m going to do a detailed review off the show and our impressions of it in an upcoming post I’m working on,,,,,but I wanted to put out this teaser to get you to take a close look at the photo below and make your own decisions:

Which boat would you choose?

Look Carefully
Photo Credit to Hotwife using an iPhone

Sea Junk Store

I thought I was visiting a sea-junk store (my favorite) in San Diego akin to Minneys in Newport, but was soon surprised to find how different the inside was from the outside.   The Sea-Junk Store/Maidhof Bros building in Old Town San Diego isn’t all that impressive; thus I thought it would have great sea junk browsing.  It turns out that once you step through the doors, you are transported to an upscale world of leather and brass straight off ships of a bygone age.  This isn’t a sea-junk store at all, but an upscale boutique experience where you can buy nautical antiques, photographs and an assortment of other curios that force upscale pricing.  Don’t be fooled; if you want a steamer trunk restored from the 1920’s or the binnacle from a steam ship, this would be the right place to come get it.  The folks in the store were friendly and knowledgeable about their trade, but this definitely isn’t the store to come looking for sailboat parts.  I was impressed with the stockage levels in the store (more than 1 of most hard to find items) and the amount of restoration that had obviously gone into some of the pieces.  If you’re looking for a unique collectors piece or a really cool display item, come check out the Sea Junk Store in Old Town, San Diego, Ca.

Here’s a few pictures I took as I wondered around the store: 

The Sea Junk Store in Old Town San Diego, full of high quality unique gifts, curios and display items that are often hard to find unless you know where to look.