Local Micro-Brewery Review- Modern Times Brewing

What do you do after a couple of hours at a Boat Show on a Saturday with no kids?  Especially when there’s a micro-brewery behind a strip club and across from a dinghy and engine shop? 
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Boatshow Review- San Diego Sunroad Boat Show

The San Diego Sunroad Boat Show ran from January 25-28 2018 in San Diego, Ca and although a local show, it was still a blast.  Continue reading

Which boat would you choose?

Last weekend was the first of several local boat shows in Southern California;  including the Newport Boat Show, the San Diego Boat Show and last weekend’s show, the San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show (aka the Big Bay Boat Show).   I’m going to do a detailed review off the show and our impressions of it in an upcoming post I’m working on,,,,,but I wanted to put out this teaser to get you to take a close look at the photo below and make your own decisions:

Which boat would you choose?

Look Carefully
Photo Credit to Hotwife using an iPhone

Sea Junk Store

I thought I was visiting a sea-junk store (my favorite) in San Diego akin to Minneys in Newport, but was soon surprised to find how different the inside was from the outside.   The Sea-Junk Store/Maidhof Bros building in Old Town San Diego isn’t all that impressive; thus I thought it would have great sea junk browsing.  It turns out that once you step through the doors, you are transported to an upscale world of leather and brass straight off ships of a bygone age.  This isn’t a sea-junk store at all, but an upscale boutique experience where you can buy nautical antiques, photographs and an assortment of other curios that force upscale pricing.  Don’t be fooled; if you want a steamer trunk restored from the 1920’s or the binnacle from a steam ship, this would be the right place to come get it.  The folks in the store were friendly and knowledgeable about their trade, but this definitely isn’t the store to come looking for sailboat parts.  I was impressed with the stockage levels in the store (more than 1 of most hard to find items) and the amount of restoration that had obviously gone into some of the pieces.  If you’re looking for a unique collectors piece or a really cool display item, come check out the Sea Junk Store in Old Town, San Diego, Ca.

Here’s a few pictures I took as I wondered around the store: 

The Sea Junk Store in Old Town San Diego, full of high quality unique gifts, curios and display items that are often hard to find unless you know where to look.

Christmas cheer at Liberty Station, San Diego

Following our Star Wars experience at the Lot, we wanted to experience the holiday spirit that Liberty Station in Point Loma, Ca is known for during this season.   (Several of the bloggers I follow have had pictures of San Diego on their sites lately and seem to have enjoyed the great fall weather, including Postcards from Kerry and the Hard Reality Blogs.)   So, we headed out on foot during a crisp winter evening, scooting past the pop-up Rady Children’s Hospital Ice Rink 

and headed toward the giant decorated Christmas Tree you can see throughout most of Liberty Station.  Here it is, from several blocks away:

Liberty Station is lit up with Christmas lights and special events throughout this season, choosing to be inclusive with displays for all denominations of religion that celebrate during this season, instead of just focusing on the Christmas theme.  I like that!  Wandering down the central grassy area between what used to be old barracks, we wanted to go check out Liberty Public Market, which we’d never been to before.  As we got closer to the tree, it was much larger than it looked and it’s situated inside the beer garden and wrap around koi pond featured outside of Stone Brewing Bistro and Gardens.  I’ve been there before and have no complaints.   Here’s a closer picture to this giant old tree to get some scale:

We had dinner inside the Liberty Public Marketplace,,,,,except it was pretty overwhelming for me.  The place is basically a giant food court with every kind of gourmet food, desert or ice cream you can think of.  I was very impressed and we were able to find a spot to sit down in where we were able to get great good, a great glass of chardonnay and good people watching.  While me and the girls had gourmet sandwiches, hot wife had some of the best smelling Thai curry I’ve been around in a while.  There’s also coffee, flowers, a very upscale cut to order meat market, fresh fish and a micro-brewery bar inside the place.  I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in town and want to experience some great food and people watching.  The place strongly reminds me of Pike’s Place in Seattle, same kind of energetic and fun heartbeat in the middle of Point Loma, Ca.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from LF2SF.com- 

Be Safe and Warm this Holiday Season.

San Diego’s own “Christmas Card Lane”

Tucked inside the upscale residential suburb of Rancho Penasquitos just outside of San Diego, California (US) is a hidden secret that only springs to life once a year,,,,,for just a few weeks.  Started in the early 80’s by a handful of residents in the neighborhood, Christmas Card Lane has grown into a more than 10 blocks of Christmas goodness.  Since having kids, we’ve made the trek to Christmas Card on a fairly regular basis, watching it expand and gain popularity as more and more folks come to see the Christmas light and holiday spectacular.  What started as a display of large wooden “Christmas Cards” has taken on a life of its own,,,,with entire houses covered in lights, several houses imitating the “Christmas Vacation” house and numerous other movie themed displays.   I hope this tradition is able to continue and just wonder how long it will be until the city comes in with some regulations or rules for displays.

Here’s some pics to show you the size and scale of what I’m talking about, apologize as they were mostly taken while I was trying to navigate the crowds,,,,while driving.

Can’t see it very well, but in the front yard to the right is an entire train display of large running trains, people come from miles around to see this every year.

On this Christmas Eve, I hope you and your family have a safe, warm and fun holiday season.  I’m so looking forward to 2018, which I think will be a much more fun year.

Boats and Microbrew, a good Saturday-

Today we had the pleasure of going on-board both an Aleutian 51 Ketch and a Wauquiez Amphitrite 43 then grabbed a great lunch.  Later, while Christmas shopping, we blundered into a new San Diego Micro-Brewery, Kilowatt Brewing in San Diego.

If you’re ever in San Diego, check out this little brewing company with great beer and a friendly staff.

Kilowatt Brewing Company,,,,great inside-

Kilowatt Car- a classic with a great paint job

We’ll detail our time in the Aleutian 51 and the Wauquiez 43 in upcoming posts-

A boatyard surprise from the Maritime Museum of San Diego

I like boatyards.  Every boat is there for a reason and it means someone cares enough to spend the money to get that boat fixed, repaired or upgraded.  There’s no two ways about it,,,,you never know what you might find in a boatyard.  Friday (Veterans Day) I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of hours in a great boatyard in National City, California.  This one was an actual working boatyard but you could easily look at it and also say it was a shipyard,,,,,cause it also had ships in it.  As I was wondering around,  looking for the free food that the boatyard generously offered us for lunch, I came upon a piece of wooden nautical history, out of the water and showing off her fine lines for everyone to admire.

This is an original wooden pilot-boat from the Maritime Museum of San Diego getting recaulked and renewed inside the giant hangar at the shipyard.  Five minutes after shooting this pic, I was tucked into a fresh subway sandwich that the yard had offered and we took them up on.  See the link below for some of the other ships that you can see at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. https://livefree2sailfast.com/2017/01/16/nautical-weekend-in-san-diego/

A minute in paradise- “BVI is Back” Video

I couldn’t help but share this as I cracked a huge smile watching it.  I got this from my friends at VISailing.com  These guys run a charter broker business in Florida which essentially finds you the best charters anywhere you want to go and handles all the paperwork and hassles for you.  And,,,,you don’t pay them anything, the charter companies take care of that.  Anyways, in the beginning of this winter, take the time to check out this short video from the BVI, about the BVI,,,,,they’re open for business!

And, if you get motivated or inspired to help out in some way, go to the website below and get your very own ,,,,,very cool shirt-