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Re-Post- As Seen On TV — Cannons to Cruising

And by that, I mean MY BOOK WAS ON TV!! It was featured in a holiday gift guide on the show Good Day Sacramento. Somebody pinch me! Here’s the segment: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be here on my boat. Freaking out. Love, Taylor (and my greatest supporters, Conor and W)

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*Blog Share* Live Free 2 Sail Fast #52

Our little Website and Blog was shared again by a much larger and more well-read site, called “It’s Good to be Crazy Sometimes“.  I wholeheartedly agree with this website name and philosophy….as life’s crazy here sometimes and rarely slows down.  If you want to see some great writing and blogging, give her site a read and make sure to drop her a “Like” cause she featured us on a blog share; any publicity helps.

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Reblog- Hurricane Florence — Cannons to Cruising

I almost feel guilty watching this big bitch come in on the East Coast from sunny So Cal, but there’s not much we can do from here except hope and pray.  Here’s a fellow blogger who lives on a sailboat with baby and husband and their evacuation story- They’re safe in Atlanta, hope the boat fares as well- We’re watching closely-

Currently watching Hurricane Florence circle ever closer to the North Carolina coast…from our hotel room in Atlanta. Yep, we are nowhere near this destructive storm and have evacuated to Georgia. To say the last three days were hectic would be a gross understatement. Sunday we were nervously watching the forecast and making to-do lists. Monday […]

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Re-Post- Virtual Book Tour

You might be reading a blog  belonging to the next J.K. Rowling if you’re lucky enough to keep reading this blog post and click on her link!  (more…)

My own re-blog- A story that hasn’t ended- Broken Dreams

Photo credit to the LF2SF Roving Reporter, Emy MD

I’m re-publishing this story that I wrote in summer of 2017 because of the interest the individual post has continued to generate monthly.  I’m hoping that the Coombes are happy and healthy in England with no regrets on their decisions.  But if there are regrets, perhaps they might think about giving it another go?  I’m not sure any of us could prepare for a rudder loss in the middle of the Atlantic and none of us should armchair quarterback their decisions.  Regardless, the 2017 hurricane season would have mixed up the seas in the Caribbean to the point where finding the boat (Dove II) might be impossible.  Click the links, reading the original story and subsequent stories I’ve written.   (more…)

Re-Post from Cannons to Cruising: Other Awesome People Doing Other Awesome Things — Cannons to Cruising

Good morning, hope your weekend was great- I’m re-posting this blog and post from Cannons to Cruising  because they were kind enough to mention LiveFree2SailFast in here as one of the sailing blogs they follow; which totally made my day.  I’m so stoked when this tiny blog gets any mention from anywhere.  I’m hoping you’ll read her post, follow the links to her site and consider following her site too, she’s recently finished a new book and is working on getting it published and they have a baby who is growing up on their sailboat,,,,,not a bad life.  (more…)

Re-Post- Have you joined yet? #44 — Its good to be crazy Sometimes

I don’t know why my re-blogs come out with black backgrounds or if they look this way once I hit publish,, but it annoys me too.  Take the time to look through this link as smaller bloggers who might be in here want you to read their stuff and perhaps find their blog to follow.  I know I do!  Take a look through, there’s probably a blog for everyone’s taste-  (more…)

Reblogged: Uxmal: A Window Into The Maya

A re-blogged story for sure from here on WordPress, but something I feel strongly about sharing,,,,check it out as well as the rest of my rambling: (more…)

Reblogged- WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

Have you ever slowed down to look at one of Opinionated Man’s Meet and Greet’s?  They’re great events that he’s run for several years with several thousand posts in them, lots of bloggers waiting to be discovered by you-

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Also, make sure to check out the new Instagram site; @LiveFree2SailFastBoatDog-

Sharing Options from to Facebook Are Changing — The Blog

Check this story about from WordPress, may effect your blogging and website options and publicity.   I just setup my own Facebook Business site to share my blog posts and website highlights,,,,and now the sharing options are changing!

Starting August 1, Facebook will no longer allow third-party tools to automatically post to Profiles. Here’s how it affects you.

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