Summer on the Front Range — reblogged

Brian’s Photos are too great not to share, take a look.  If you like,,,,make sure to check out his blog and consider following it-

It has been a very busy summer with little time for sitting in front of the computer trying to be creative. I really wanted to share some of these photos and hopefully I will have time in the future to write about their stories. In the meantime enjoy and I hope everyone is having a […]

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Shiny Boobs! — Postcards from Kerry

Yeah,,,, I couldn’t get past the shiny boobs part and had to reblog this after I read the story and saw the pics.  I love Mexican art and tile work and wanted to make sure I shared it-

I wonder if the artist realized that his sculpture would have well-polished boobs when people sat on the seat? It certainly stood out and probably makes more people sit on it. One of the many aspects of Mexico that I love is that art is available to all in the form of murals, architecture and […]

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Like a Giant Bowl — Exploratorius Reblog

If you’ve been through the eastern sierra’s via a road trip you may have passed Mono Lake, but probably not from this perspective.  One of my favorite trips is up the eastern sierra’s as far as Bodie (best ghost town EVER).  Check out this story-

Mono Lake — as it exists today — is in the distance. But at one time it was so big and deep that the shore would have been close to where this photo was taken, rather than the 8.5 miles away that it is today. Hundreds of feet deeper, too. So what happened? It’s a […]

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Intro to HotMamaTravel

If you travel with family on a budget,,,,this is a great site that we use and I thought I would pass it along via a reblog,,,,check it out when you have time-

Here at HotMamaTravel, our mission is to inspire families to travel more, and spend less. Our articles give family vacation ideas for any budget!

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If you take your dog on your adventures, check this out-

I checked out this blog and came away with a great reblog.  Make sure you check it out if you have a dog (Weird Guy with a Dog!!) cause there’s some great stuff on here.

Ruffwear Explored, the blog of Ruffwear, successfully blends product promotion and customer stories.

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A Blogging Conversation — HarsH ReaLiTy- A Reblog!

This is a repost/reblog from the guy who writes the “Harsh Reality” Blog and often hosts blogging meet and greets that I’ve highlighted on here.  I’m pretty impressed with this post.  This spells the reality of blogging and I like his direct language,,,,it reminds me of how I talk in real life.  Funny, cause the Hard Reality Blogger has commented to ME that I have good manners, despite my bad language sometimes.  He’s got 55,000 followers,,,,something’s working good for him.  I’m gonna keep writing my way and about things I like to write about and we’ll see where that takes us.  Read on-

“I have a few questions for you! I have around 300 followers… how do I get to my goal of a million views?” Get more followers. You probably won’t reach 1 million views with only 300 readers unless they are 300 crazy stalkers. If you get 1 million views off that few people you may […]

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From Women Who Live on Rocks- Giving an Old Island a Second Chance

I love these stories from “Women who Live on Rocks”, they’re always entertaining and take me to the islands-

We were right back where we started. Maybe it was life’s way of giving me a second chance…

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A story that hasn’t ended: Broken dreams

The Westerly Adventures crew (the Coombes) published their last post in April; perhaps thinking of it as a bookend to their adventure.  The post is a bit sad as it tells the tale of their decision to give up the dream of buying another boat,,,,and return to England.  I’d like to put a bit more positive spin on this.  I don’t think it’s a bookend, and I hope that James Coombes reads this post and holds his head higher for keeping his family and marriage intact after living through most sailor’s nightmare scenario (loss of rudder in the middle of the Atlantic),,,,then trying to move on through it.  And I caution Mrs. Coombes not to be too sorry for the decision to return to England.  I think this might be a great decision for a family that very possibly has some sort of PTSD from their ordeal at sea and a return to normality may be just the thing the family needs.  A family reset in some cases is exactly what’s needed,,,,they may look outside at the gray and cold English weather and remember surfing on the beaches and diving in crystal clear water to want to go back,,,,,and suddenly it might become an adventure instead of a nightmare?   Or not, I don’t know.

What I do know is that their tale is pretty cool because the family has stayed together and the marriage remained intact.  The second my wife says she’s done,,,I’m following her off the boat and back into land.   I hope this last post from the Westerly Adventures Crew isn’t a bookend, but a beginning of something great for the family,,,,no matter what that might be.

Don’t forget that sometimes there’s actual ADVENTURE in Adventure Travel!

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From Opinionated Man- WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

Opinionated Man Website and Blog started this Meet and Greet and it’s gotten HUGE, with over 2000 Bloggers leaving their websites and other info.  It’s a great tool and I encourage you to check it out,,,,,reblog this post which will help you and me or go to the site and leave your own info.

It’s been a long week,,,,we did the Undefeated Warrior 5K on Monday, then worked all week and did another timed 5K this morning with a 0430 wakeup for that.  BUT, very excited to be moving Tulum to her home in a swanky new marina and getting out to get some sailing time,,,hopefully the weather cooperates-

More this weekend after the move, I’m starting to learn about “plug-ins” for my site,,,watch out!

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