Reblog: Weekend Share #122 — Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Folks who shine a spotlight on smaller blogs are awesome….as they usually run larger blogs and allow smaller bloggers to get noticed.

ReBlog: Weekend Share #117

Wanna explore some other unique sites and perhaps read a few things outside your comfort zone? check out these bloggers, including LF2SF-

LF2SF Makes Top 25 List From “The Adventure Junkies”

LF2SF has been named one of the Top 25 Sailing Blogs of 2019 by the adventure and travel Site…The Adventure Junkies.  The site does have impressive hiking, travel and adventure content as well as great high resolution color photos I love.  What an honor to be on the same list as some of these other […]

ReBlog: Weekend Share #111 — Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Hi, have you ever wondered what other blog or website are out there that might catch your interest?  A great way to find out is to participate in a weekend share or blog party like the website “It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes” sponsors every weekend of the year.  This is also a great way […]

Re-Post: Sometimes Video Says More

This is a re-post of camping in the Maine Woods.  JDR runs a site called: “Weird Guy With a Dog“…and he’s a long-haul trucker.  More importantly, he takes some of the best nature pictures I’ve seen in a very long time, of Maine but also from his cross country travels by truck.  I’ve been camping […]

Re-Post: Its the Catch Up Weekend Share #99 — Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Part of Blogging is working to get folks outside your niche interested in what you’re writing about…no matter what your medium is.  However, I know plenty of folks who don’t identify as bloggers but they have a travelogue, blog, website, video links ect.  These mediums are fun and cool,,,so I’m re-posting this link from “It’s […]