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Its getting very exciting now, they are nearly ready to take off and I am so looking forward to their adventures Home

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Check Out Some Outdoor TV on “Beyond Rubicon”

Hard to believe, but I actually know people who do things besides sailing, traveling and cruising!  An old friend of mine stars in, and is part of the team that runs the “Beyond Rubicon” website and Big Game TV Show of the same name, Beyond Rubicon.  While I’m obviously not a big game hunter or even a hunter myself, I LOVE the outdoors and used to do a lot of mountain sports, so outdoor TV is pretty cool in my book.  From a unique calling in his past life to starting his own production and guiding company focusing on free-range/fair-chase hunting to creating his own film festival, my friend is pretty motivated and creative in all he does.  No matter what your stance is on hunting….the outdoor nature of these films is second to none and I’m stoked that my friend is doing so well.  Go by his website and check it out if you choose-

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To all of our friends,

It’s hard to imagine that our New Mexico based hunting television show, Beyond Rubicon, is back on the air for the third season.  We are showcasing stories from throughout the region hunting Deer, Elk, Turkey, and Ibex which means we have lots of great things in store.  After being awarded the coveted Golden Moose for “Best Big Game Series” we knew we’d better keep it interesting.

See us on Instagram or Facebook because we’ll have prizes and giveaways throughout the year.  You can also watch me being interviewed LIVE by none other than Tim Endsley from Badlands Packs Weds, July 3. Tim promised to put me on the spot and make sure he leaves no stone unturned.




PS: No animals were harmed in this blog post.



Re-Blog: Catalina with the LiveFree 2 SailFast crew — brianb29

On Saturday I wrote about our trip to Catalina Island from San Diego but was remiss in not mentioning that we had crew on board; and they’re great friends and a fellow blogger.  Brian and Christina were our neighbors for a few years while they listened to all our wild sailboat dreams; till they decided to sell their own house and buy a sailboat on the east coast.  He had been talking about doing it…then they actually bought the boat and sold their house.  Then last year these guys decided to come experience bare boating and shared a 45′ bare boat catamaran with us, the kids and another couple in the BVI for 7 days of sailing; all of us getting our catamaran experience checked off.  Since they’ve since moved back to Southern California and we’ve moved onto the boat I knew Brian and Christina might jump at the chance to come visit Catalina with us….the slow way.

Here’s my original post from Saturday: San Diego to Catalina Island by Sailboat (And Back)

Brian’s got his own blog about his boat and boating life you can check out and perhaps follow if you choose at (more…)

ReBlog: Shipyard Vid: Install of Our New Composting Head — Have Wind Will Travel

I’ve been working on projects non-stop in anticipation of some down time while we’re visiting my brother and his family and attending the Pacific Sail and Powerboat Show (soon).  I also know we’ll be heading to Catalina Island over spring break for a bit of a shakedown cruise, gotta knock out a few things first.  So this morning I’m adding more detail to the “Boat” page on LF2SF.  I’m also super excited to have one more of my milestones knocked out for cruising, which is adding composting toilets to Tulum and getting rid of the electric, freshwater toilets we have currently.  I’m halfway there, one toilet installed and one to go.  I’ll bring you more about the install on Wednesday.  In the meantime, you gotta go look at the “Have Wind Will Travel” website with photos and video of their own install.  Make sure to check out the site and consider following them.   


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I couldn’t help reblogging this from “Dream Big, Dream Often”.  Give it a read and soak in some integral truth !

An observation of the world around me intended to provoke thought in you.

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The website DreamBig, Dream Often hosts regular changes to get your own site reblogged or highlighted by simply leaving links, stories or info and then paying it forward by reblogging their site.  I see only benefit to this plan, so I want to give you a chance to look at some of the writings on his blog and give it a chance if you want to give it a read.

An observation of the world around me intended to provoke thought in you.

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Reblog: For Sale: 2011 Beneteau 43.3, $119,000 — The Cruises of Marlinspike

Here’s a great pair of sailors who’ve lived their plan and are now putting their boat up for sale in the Caribbean.  Having already sold one sailboat, I’m aware of the challenges of boat sale and am especially empathetic to the challenge of selling a boat from far away….like if your boat was in the Caribbean and you had to come back to the US.  These folks have kept the boat in immaculate shape and worked hard to improve her while sailing the Caribbean, so the boat should be a steal for someone who wants to really sail the Caribbean.  Plus….LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION- you can pick up a great newer boat for a great price that’s already in one of the world’s premier cruising grounds…..nice!  If you’re interested, check out their website and tell em that LF2SF sent you-

All good things must come to an end. This was the third year of our planned three- to five-year Caribbean cruise, and having sailed the boat throughout the Eastern Caribbean, from Grenada to St. Thomas, we agreed that it is time to bid farewell to our beloved Marlinspike. This was the perfect boat for us: […]

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If this is where you want to be, solid finances will help, ALOT.

When I came across this post from the Aroused Blog post, I knew I had to reblog it.  This post feeds directly into another I’m working on in conjunction with an article I’ve read from the November 2018 issue of Kiplingers magazine.   Ever heard of the FIRE movement?  This is unique group of highly motivated individuals who save their money in large amounts with the express desire to retire early.  I wanted to retire early and have achieved this in my mid-40’s, but I had never even heard of this movement when I started toward retirement.  Read the interesting article below by the Aroused Blog and consider checking that blog out, then keep an eye out for my Weds or Fri post as I discuss the idea of retiring early in conjunction with going on an extended cruising trip.

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Wanna join the 2019 Baja HaHa and cut the docklines this year?   Signups start in early May!


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