LF2SF Roving Reporter Photos

Ummm, great photos from our roving reporter-

Tough Crowd!

People, be nice, I’m a sailing and travel blogger,,,,I gotta be away from my computer to do this!

Back from the BVI!

I went to the BVI with 5 rough goals in mind, but came back with so much more!

LF2SF checks out the Caribbean

They’ve set me loose in the BVI with my new GoPro, camera and computer,,,,plus a license to sail!  With kids in tow following my wife where she wants to go,,,,,we can’t wait to check it all out and post highlights.   We love the BVI and the Caribbean in general, mostly for the warm and […]

BVI Destruction In Fine Focus

I dare you NOT to look at the destruction in the BVI in these pics. Check out this website to clearly see it for yourself and consider buying a shirt to donate to the reconstruction of the BVI.