Driving Mexico- 10 Tips To Make Driving Safe And Fun

If you haven’t been past the Mexican border area in awhile and wanna road trip further, here’s 10 Tips For Safe Road-Tripping in Mexico

Swimming With Giants: Whale Sharks At Breakfast

WHALE SHARK!  Prior to having kids me and Michelle had been to La Paz to snorkel at Los Islotes with the Sea Lions and had done a very quick swim with Whale Sharks.  But at that time there was no regulations nor was there any visibility in the late afternoon, so we were disappointed by […]

The Sea of Cortez is Majestic

Tulum Anchored between islands at Partida. Somewhere in the Sea of Cortez:  It’s December and I’m still running around in a bikini and washing up by jumping off the back of the boat – what’s not to love?!  We have yet to hit a marina and I must say, I love being at anchor with […]

Getting Our “Outside” On

For the last month or so, we’ve done pretty well in getting off the slip to get our “outside” on.  We’re back from another adventure and I’m loving getting back to the website for updates.  It’s been busy.  We conducted test # 1 of our Solar Panels with the Grandparents in Glorietta Bay just before […]

Elusive StarFish

Ever tried hard to find a starfish,,,,only to randomly find it once the tide went out? Our Roving Reporter shares your frustration.