Kids Corner: Creating Your Own Tribe, Part-2

A new species of dragon from the mind of Karalaral (aka a boat kid who reads a lot).

Kids Corner: StormWings

Hello kiddies, I’m back! 😀 since today is an especial day, (last day of the year; Dec 31st; New Year’s Eve; special blah blah blahh) I have a special post for you guys out there! Actually, If you don’t read Wings of Fire (Book fifteen coming out next year tomorrow, great series about DRAGONSSSSSS u […]

Kids Corner: Journey Through BoTW, In Her Own Words

Another Friday, another post! Today, I’m here to address a subject that has been very much ignored in these posts, a game so awesome I play it almost every day, one that has installed nostalgia in me for a very long time… I’m of course talking about Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (SPOILER […]

Kids Corner: Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Game Review

Heloo, everyone! Sorry for the long intervals in between posts, but its just the same old same old: NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT. And yes, yes, there are SOME things I could write about, but I don’t wanna be too gregarious and bore you on how horribly the engine work is going, or how hot it […]

Kids Corner: Back For A Visit

Another road trip up Baja by car knocked out…kids back in the land of plenty. Here’s a quick Kids Corner take on it all-