Kids Corner: “Let’s Talk: Vikings”, A Miniature History Story

A short Viking fact based story from a kid perspective, enriched by her experience on a cruising sailboat.

Kids Corner: “A Day In Iceland”, A Short Story

But just as Stefán grabbed it the wind seemed to know that they were trying to put the snowstorm out and directed a cold wind at the boy and almost blew the flame out. He quickly ran over to his sister saying, “I hope you know what you’re doing, because I don’t!”

Kids Corner: “Viking At Sea” An Original Short Story

It was at this point that Bjorn had reached Sorka, and then grabbed her hand and tried at trying to pull her away from Dagaz’s direction, in which case he failed, and she whipped her hand out of his, pulling closer to Dagaz.

Kids Corner: Let’s Talk Succulents!

An article on succulents by the kid writers of LF2SF. Last friday there was another succulent article but the editor lost the article just after it was published, so here’s a re-do.

Kids Corner: StormWings

Hello kiddies, I’m back! 😀 since today is an especial day, (last day of the year; Dec 31st; New Year’s Eve; special blah blah blahh) I have a special post for you guys out there! Actually, If you don’t read Wings of Fire (Book fifteen coming out next year tomorrow, great series about DRAGONSSSSSS u […]