Kids Corner: Kids Update On Puerto Escondido

Kids update on Puerto Escondido


Kids Corner: Guacamole Recipe from an 8-Year Old!

This Guacamole Recipe is bitchin and I eat it all the time…. give it a shot…you’ll love it: From our 8-year old….her favorite Guacamole Recipe: I honestly love guacamole because it’s one of the delights here in Mexico, and IT’S JUST YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I know, I know. ‘’Get off the yumminess Kellyn. So let’s go […]

Kids Corner: “DarkStalker” Book Review

Book Review: From the Wings of Fire Series: Darkstalker By Tui T. Sutherland If you’re one to like a tragic tale of love, power, revenge, and above all, friendship; then this is the book for you! First, there’s a dark side. Darkstalker demonstrates his enormous power to Clearsight, and this is just the tip of the […]

Kids Corner: Entertainment For Living On A Boat (Or Quarantine)

All of our Friday posts are written by one of our two kids (who live on our boat full time).  The concept behind allowing one of them to write and post every Friday is to give them a voice on the blog and a forum for reaching out to kids around the world no matter […]

Kids Corner: Cabin Fever…A Minecraft Solution

Hey guys!! I know that some of you may have cabin fever, so I’ll try to make it interesting. Did you guys like the Minecraft game interview thingy? Well, if you did or not, I’m gonna tell you some more about it. So, remember when I told you about mods (I didn’t. I had to […]