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Kids Corner for 190329

From Teagan, writing on board Tulum 5:

H-E-L-L-O. WHATS THAT SPELL? HELLLOOOOOO! Okay, sooooooo, today, I’m gonna tell ya why I have not been posting. So it was allll dads fault. He wanted to make the boat more FANCY, so he got our boat taken OUT of the water. Apparently, there’s no internet connection. I NEED internet connection, or else ALAS I cannot post. Anyway, on saint patties day, WE WENT was soooo exiting! We have not been sailing for AGES, so of course the boat REALLY needed to stretch anyways, I gotta go. Bye. TEAGAN UP AND OUT!!!!!  

The post above was lightly edited by me for readability but 99.9% of all that is Teagan’s words.  We’re working on her writing more and she’s started to converse with a pen-pal on another boat by email.


Kids Corner for 190308

HELLOOOOO!!!!!  Guess what? I’M BACK!!! PS something you should know about me: I have read the WHOLE series of Harry Potter.  Awesome, right?  Now that I realize it, I don’t really have a lot to talk about but dad would get really mad at me if I just leave most of this-what is it called? I’m gonna go with typing paper-typing paper blank, so I’m gonna keep typing.  At school, we’ve{me and my classmates} been told we’re going to start working on this biography on any famous person we want.   Anyone.   Alive or dead.   I of course chose {AHEM} LEONARDO DA VINCI!!!!-AKA to be THE most famous inventor alive! That is if he was alive. When my teacher said we could do as many reports as we want to, at that moment I was seriously FREAKING OUT!!! My next biography will be about {AHEM, again} MOTHER TERESA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AKA, she helped out the poor a motherload! After that, I’ll do {AHEM- for the second time} SALLY RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was the first women in space {GO WOMEN!} After that I’ll be doing A-B-R-A-H-A-M LINCOLN.  YAWN. Well, I gotta go. See y’all later! TEAGAN UP AND OUT!!!

(From the actual author….remember when you read this that it’s written by a 9-year old.  Her enthusiasm comes through huh?  CALLING ALL PEN PALS- if your kids have questions about boat life, I’ll make sure Teagan answers them in her writings, but you’ve got to send them to me in comments-)

Kids Corner for 190301

HELLO everybody!!!!  I’m back!  P.S, I know that all of those EXCLAMATION marks are kind of not needed, BUT, in my family, if someone said that to me I would TOTALLY F-R-E-A-K OUT!!!! Seriously. ANYWAY, I didn’t exactly go into the details about myself so I know that if you’re at home reading this, then you’re probably about to say “O.M.G. there’s more to know about this girl”?! And then you’re probably about to scream because you loved my so much. Right?  My name is Teagan, I’m 9 years old, and I live on a sailboat!  Anyways, I have recently gone to a bird store where I thought I would get a parrot, but apparently not.  There we looked at the smallest cages that the bird would be comfortable enough in and then the guy showing us around took this very beautiful bird out of one of the cages.  It was green all around its body, but its tail and the underside of its wings were red. The guy said it was a male Eclectus parrot, and that it was the best bird to go on a boat. Unlike a lot of parrots, if you gave it enough toys, it won’t chew on the wood of the boat (as much as some of the others).  The best part though was that it could talk! It was a very beautiful bird and I totally recommend one.  If you live in San Diego, then you can visit the place, called “Our Feathered Friends”. I gotta go, so see ya all next post. Teagan, UP AND OUT!

This post was conceived and written by my 9-year old daughter Teagan…lightly edited for grammar and spelling by me.   If you like kids corner and your kids would like to pen pal with Teagan (9) or Kellyn (7); their comments and questions would be most welcomed and the girls will respond to each-


Kids Corner- Living on a Boat When You’re a Kid

As parents we’re working to get our kids involved with boat and cruising life (little by little) even as we sit on the dock.  The kids go to school M-F here on the dock and don’t have lots of free time during the school week, but on weekends have more time.  I told them I would start a place for them to post their own thoughts and writings on the blog as a way to get them involved with discussing the world around them; both here and out cruising.  So here goes, the first combined blog post by both of my girls, Kellyn age 7 and Teagan age 9.  Teagan or Kellyn or both will be posting at least once per week, trying for Sunday from now on.  (more…)