Hang in there, Blue Ayes-

Our good friend’s sailboat is going to be inside the hurricane when it comes ashore tomorrow sometime.  He knows people in his marina who may not evacuate and we’re praying for their safety and the safety of his own sailboat.  This isn’t much to say or do from someone disconnected from the storm, sitting on the West Coast typing.  There are others that I know who have evacuated from their boats inland…..with lots of people worried about losing their boats and homes.  More important are lives.  Please keep the folks who evacuating and possibly will lose their homes and personal property in your thoughts and prayers-


Car Carrier at Sunset

As I watched this massive car carrier steam past the boat I was on, I was struck by questions that would never be answered, but swirl in my head now still as I look at the picture Continue reading

Endless Windlass Work

I’ve been a bit distant with my posts because my never ending Windlass work is still ongoing and I’ve gotten a 30 Day Extension to hopefully finish my PMP work.  I only have till next tuesday to finish the whole windlass project and install both of my VHF radios, as that’s when the electrician comes next.  At his prices, I need to have everything ready for him so the installs can go quickly.  I’ll be writing a monster windlass install post with pics and such when I finish, as I’ve been documenting the process.  The original windlass was mounted below before I took it off, that was 3-weeks ago.

Projects and PMP

Ever tried to cram for something you really wanted (PMP, a college class or a certification) while working on a boat and doing everything required as a house-husband?   Well that’s what’s been going on here but luckily I’m retired but busier than when I was when working full-time.  I love it, but it’s keeping me busy and my writing keeps me grounded.  I’m here, but staying busy-

Here’s what I’m working on-  Completed projects, ongoing windless project, teaching Quincy to SUP and custom shelves for our interior.  Stay with us, more to come-

Better content and more time to write

I’m working on better and more complex content with sharper pictures and video eventually, starting this coming week.  My kids will soon end their well deserved summer break and I’ll have more time on my hands; but this means I start longer and more complex boat projects and longer writing projects.  I’ve always had 10-11 draft posts that were much longer and more complex “travel with kids” projects, but didn’t have time to finish them.  These were in the hopper with great photos and hardcopy info collecting dust in a folder I’ve drug with me, but have not gotten around to doing it.  Starting next week, I’m going to dedicate myself to a schedule of writing one long story a week, working on the boat and start my weekly running mileage back up again.

It’s been an interesting week already: Quincy the Great Dane got her own Instagram account, I’ve continued to work on the boat’s windless, learned to start using my photo editing software and found out that my boat has blowers for both the generator and the engine,,,and I fixed and ran them both.  The fridge and freezer were worked on,,,,and we now have a working freezer…another improvement.

Stick with us, more to come-

Saturday Morning Boat Musings

It’s early Saturday morning and I have the boat to myself for the most part.  Of course,,,,the 6-year old has been awake for hours and I had to get up at the usual time to feed the dog and take her on her short deck-walk,,,as there’s really no getting out of it with a Great Dane nuzzling you,,,(as she stands taller than your bed).  But it’s still the quiet of the morning at the marina and there’s June gloom here at the end of the July, normal weather for us.  It will burn off by mid-morning.  Wednesday we took the crew to look at drones in stores around my area.  Then yesterday I was struck by both retirement and my complete lack of technological know-how as I researched drones online.  I had already reached out to a fellow blogger and friend at JDR: Into the Mystic and I did some hunting around on the uber-popular S/V Delos website, looking for advice and folks with experience to narrow down my drone search.  I came away a bit more overwhelmed,,,,cause now I’m gonna need to learn to edit, work on sound, find music that won’t get me sued and perhaps get a gimbaling camera mount.  WOW.  And now that I actually have a bit more time in retirement, I’m finding all the stuff that I should already know about,,,like the photo editing power of my MacBook Pro.   Yep, should have been doing this all along but just now have to refine those skills.  I’m feeling old and antiquated not knowing all these things existed.  My photos and skills pale in comparison to other bloggers and photographers out there that I follow,,,,,go take a look at some of JDR’s photos taken camping or from his truck and you’ll see mastery of techniques that I’m working hard to get right eventually.

As I look around at the true older retirees on boats around us,,,,I’m not in the same place as them.  I’m truly not a good dock sailor and although the boat is currently our beachfront condo, it’s never been our plan to stay on the docks forever or ride the docks throughout our time cruising.  I want to anchor out and find self-sufficiency, learn to put out higher quality posts, photos and eventually video logs (vlogs).  I’ll also be hitting my stride on boat repair, improvement and maintenance as soon as the kids go back to school and I don’t have to full-time parent,,,,ie: I’ll have the time to get some work done.

We are LF2SF, stick with us and tell your friends to follow us!!!

The Dri-Dek Test and Project

Following the story I read from the Cannons to Cruising Website and Blog about a product called dri-dek, I was interested and did some of my own research online about the product, finding multiple ways I could use it on a sailboat.  So I decided to follow the Cannons to Cruising advice and test the product under one of our sailboat’s mattresses (mine), just to see how things would hold up and whether we noticed any difference.  Dri-Dek is available from a variety of online and actual stores, like Amazon or West Marine.  If you want to check it out on Amazon, here’s the direct link: Dri-Dek at Amazon.  But, on this day I wasn’t that patient, so I took myself and the minions to West Marine here in town and priced the Dri-Dek, which was just a little bit more expensive than Amazon,,,,and I could have it on the same day.  Patience is NOT one of my strengths.  Here’s what it looked like the other day, piled on the deck:

Another project, waiting to happen.

So after the electrician left and my motivation returned, I enlisted some help from each of the kids to keep the mattress rolled up, while I experimented with the Dry-Dek.  YES, it’s really simple and it really goes together pretty quickly.  I did do some simple cuts of the product with table scissors and it cut really well, really fast.  There was no problems sticking the pieces together either, they snapped right into place.  If an idiot like me to knock it out in less than 20 minutes with little help,,,you can do it too.  Aside from putting it under mattresses, I recommend the product for flat surfaces where you need traction or inside wet lockers and such.  It seems to be an easy product to use, but I’ll report back on it in several months after we get through August on the boat and see if there’s any relief from the heat with these tiles below the mattress.

Here was the first part of the project, with 8-year old advising me:

Second part of the project, with 6-year old advising me:

Make sure to check out the original story from Cannons to Cruising, here’s the link:  https://livefree2sailfast.com/2018/07/21/re-post-pinterest-worthy-from-cannons-to-cruising/

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Yep, I retired and had to come into the here and now by opening a Facebook business account.  Wow,,,,most folks who know me well will possibly GASP that I’ve opened a real Facebook business account, but with the help of my friend from EMI-MD; I’ve come into the here and now!!!  LF2SF needs to come into the modern blogging world, so I’ve taken the plunge and now I need your help.  If you’ve got a facebook account, look up LiveFree2SailFast and LIKE us please- Here’s our link,,,,when it starts working:


Great Idea in a Small Package

You’ve gotta take a look at this one, ever seen it?  What a great idea, one book at a time, making some kind of difference in the world.  Then,,,when I got inside our friend’s house and heard all the other creative things this homeowner does,,,I wasn’t surprised this was outside her house.

If you get a chance, check out Little Free Library.org to see how you can make a difference.

If you write; will they read it?

Something I still ask myself and I think some new bloggers often ask others,,,,”if I write on my blog and website,,,,,will anyone read it”?  The answer is hopefully,,,,yes.  But I think the exercise is actually more important than the result,,,,the writing is as important or more important than the result of anyone reading the blog or website.  I was reading an article by Mr. Fatty Goodlander about how he got into writing his books and magazine articles,,and he said he just started banging out ideas on a typewriter,,,,and mailing them.  Eventually, someone actually came back and asked him to write something specific,,,,and he was off and running.  I also read new blog posts by Mr. Charles French’s students.  He does a lot of horror that I have to skip based on my own fears; but his students do a lot of writing online in the form of blogs that they have to start.  What a fantastic way to get into blogging and writing,,,,,that your teacher makes you start writing short stories (which are blogs) online to learn the craft of it.

LF2SF is working to grow as a blog/website and I’m excited that I’ll have more time to spend working on the blog starting mid-july.  We’ve reached out to a number of sponsors already but that end of things is a slow go,,,,,but the blog is growing as we speak.  We’re gonna continue to do things on here the way we’ve always done them,,,,our own way.  There’s a bit of bad language, misspellings, occasional micro-brewery recommendations and of course you can see our style if you check out our pinterest page,,,,but we’re going to continue before, during and after our cruising adventures,,,,cause adventures happen on and off the water.