Quiet Time to Prep for Sea

This morning after I walked the dog, the great fire-ball in the sky eased its way past the light clouds still burning a shade red from the smoke of the California fires.  Despite the chill in the air and the 6am wake up to get the dog out for her morning walk, I knew this was my time to putz around our boat and slowly prep her for sea.  Usually there’s a bit of lunacy in the rush to get her ready for sea, but on this morning I had the boat to myself as the crew slumbered its way to a relaxing wakeup.  After deciding to leave my SURFFUR on and grabbing my Yerba Mate, I slowly put the boat together to get her ready to sail.  There’s something calming yet alive (for me) about putting the boat together to get her off the docks, as if she’s ready.  As I started to get her covers off, lines straightened up and other assorted tasks done, she seemed to come alive to me; she knew we were going to sea.  The Great Dane followed me around the boat, trying to figure out what the heck I was going to the boat at 6:30 in the morning, catching my mood too.  Even working on this beast every day, I still found things this morning that needed to be fixed and worked but were quickly knocked out.  Getting off the dock again gives Admiral Hotwife another valuable chance to practice getting this 50+ foot boat into and out of the dock and we’re planning to get out of San Diego bay for a change to get her into open water.

I’ll probably have some great photos and some kind of update to this post later, hope you come back this afternoon to check us out and stay with us as we continue our march toward October of 2019.

Cruising Milestones In Focus, we slowed down to speed back up

Last week was a long week and my body reminded me this weekend that it was time to slow down.  After getting the sleep my body needed, I’m still in a contemplative mood, thinking it funny that the boat and family are providing more great website and posting content that I’ve ever had before.  I’ve been trying hard to stay on my M/W/F/S posting schedule, aware that I missed Friday, but back on track.   Continue reading

Echoing “Opinionated Man’s” Thoughts

I’m echoing comments made by the “Opinionated Man” Blog about being a bad blogger due to things life/working on the boat non-stop.  Sometimes I’m a crappy blogger.  I’ve made a pre-New Year’s resolution to be a better blogger from now on….starting today.  My stats are not like his.  My stats have always been low as I’m kind of a blogger who doesn’t really care if you read this or not and I’ve never had that “discovered post” that went viral or anything.  However, I’ve come to realize I’m never really at a loss for material to write about, I just need to sit down and take the time to properly organize my material and edit my photos better.  The nice thing is that I’ve got a great set of followers who read or look at my stuff and a few who give me feedback.

Worked on the boat all week.  Great debate in my little head about varnish or Cetol.  Going to give my teak deck a light sanding and put a layer of teak sealer/protectant down this week.  Going to also do some of the upkeep on the engine she’s been demanding.  My bathrooms stink on the boat and I’m heavily contemplating putting in at least one Airhead.  YES, I could change out all the old lines from the head to the holding tank and that would most likely fix the problem, but it’s a challenge to know I’m literally sleeping on top of a large holding tank.  Windlass and associated woodwork around it is finally done (lots of lessons learned from that one, which I’ll write about).  Stick with us….more to come-

Hang in there, Blue Ayes-

Our good friend’s sailboat is going to be inside the hurricane when it comes ashore tomorrow sometime.  He knows people in his marina who may not evacuate and we’re praying for their safety and the safety of his own sailboat.  This isn’t much to say or do from someone disconnected from the storm, sitting on the West Coast typing.  There are others that I know who have evacuated from their boats inland…..with lots of people worried about losing their boats and homes.  More important are lives.  Please keep the folks who evacuating and possibly will lose their homes and personal property in your thoughts and prayers-

Endless Windlass Work

I’ve been a bit distant with my posts because my never ending Windlass work is still ongoing and I’ve gotten a 30 Day Extension to hopefully finish my PMP work.  I only have till next tuesday to finish the whole windlass project and install both of my VHF radios, as that’s when the electrician comes next.  At his prices, I need to have everything ready for him so the installs can go quickly.  I’ll be writing a monster windlass install post with pics and such when I finish, as I’ve been documenting the process.  The original windlass was mounted below before I took it off, that was 3-weeks ago.

Projects and PMP

Ever tried to cram for something you really wanted (PMP, a college class or a certification) while working on a boat and doing everything required as a house-husband?   Well that’s what’s been going on here but luckily I’m retired but busier than when I was when working full-time.  I love it, but it’s keeping me busy and my writing keeps me grounded.  I’m here, but staying busy-

Here’s what I’m working on-  Completed projects, ongoing windless project, teaching Quincy to SUP and custom shelves for our interior.  Stay with us, more to come-

Better content and more time to write

I’m working on better and more complex content with sharper pictures and video eventually, starting this coming week.  My kids will soon end their well deserved summer break and I’ll have more time on my hands; but this means I start longer and more complex boat projects and longer writing projects.  I’ve always had 10-11 draft posts that were much longer and more complex “travel with kids” projects, but didn’t have time to finish them.  These were in the hopper with great photos and hardcopy info collecting dust in a folder I’ve drug with me, but have not gotten around to doing it.  Starting next week, I’m going to dedicate myself to a schedule of writing one long story a week, working on the boat and start my weekly running mileage back up again.

It’s been an interesting week already: Quincy the Great Dane got her own Instagram account, I’ve continued to work on the boat’s windless, learned to start using my photo editing software and found out that my boat has blowers for both the generator and the engine,,,and I fixed and ran them both.  The fridge and freezer were worked on,,,,and we now have a working freezer…another improvement.

Stick with us, more to come-