The Anchoring Game

Hmmm, the Anchoring Game finally explained in writing by someone!

Engine Frustrations

Blogist Note:  If my frustrations shine through in my writing…I was frustrated at the time I wrote this.  The writing may seem a bit disjointed but I’m not going to change much cause I want the tone to come through.  I was sitting in a blowing anchorage with torrential downpours of rain hitting us as […]

LF2SF Has A New Weds Voice- First Post

Somewhere In the Baja (Due to a lack of Wi-FI, we’re playing catch up – posting from 17 November below with real time posts to follow!) 13 days into our new lifestyle as a cruising family and only roughly 630 NM south of San Diego waiting out weather in Man O’ War Cove, Mag Bay, […]

Will We Make the Ha-Ha?

LF2SF isn’t sure they’ll make the Ha-Ha as they wrestle with the rebuild of their sailboat engine-