Seahawk 34 (Westerly) Sailboat Plans

Looking for Seahawk 34 plans…anyone know where to find them?


Engine Frustrations

Blogist Note:  If my frustrations shine through in my writing…I was frustrated at the time I wrote this.  The writing may seem a bit disjointed but I’m not going to change much cause I want the tone to come through.  I was sitting in a blowing anchorage with torrential downpours of rain hitting us as […]

LF2SF Has A New Weds Voice- First Post

Somewhere In the Baja (Due to a lack of Wi-FI, we’re playing catch up – posting from 17 November below with real time posts to follow!) 13 days into our new lifestyle as a cruising family and only roughly 630 NM south of San Diego waiting out weather in Man O’ War Cove, Mag Bay, […]

Will We Make the Ha-Ha?

LF2SF isn’t sure they’ll make the Ha-Ha as they wrestle with the rebuild of their sailboat engine-

Equipment and Personal Milestones- A Very Long week!

This was a great big fun week.  Sometimes the milestones to accomplish the end goal are thrown at you all at once, like they were this past week. First, my wife retired after working for the same organization for 22 years.  She may decide to eventually go back to work, but we know we’re gonna […]