The Last Bottle, The First Cart

As soon as the mechanics finally arrived, things started getting real for the family. Once our engine started getting fixed and when running, we need to be moved off the boat. So, no better time to start than now. This is the first story of that new adventure.

Quincy Dane & Sailing Kitty: Adjusting To Changes

Quincy the Great Dane and Sailing Kitty took a last long look at the boat, before they had to go separate ways…off the boat. Quincy Dane has gone to her luxury spa kennel in Panama City and Sailing Kitty has gone with us. We took the animals off the boat to speed up the engine […]

The Game: Waiting On Parts

With a patient buyer waiting on Tulum and different adventures dangling ever so tantalizingly in front of us….we’re ready for Tulum’s big diesel heart to roar to life again.

A Tale Of Three Snubbers

What the heck is a “Snubber” and why would a cruising and travel website be writing an entire story about such a funny word?

Brightwork: Making The Boat Worth Seeing

In the beginning, our toe rails and windows were flaking, the brightwork worn away by three years under the sun and marinated in salt and surf. It took good quality strippin, a bit of sanding and 12 layers of vanish to bring it all back to life. Wanna learn how…check out this post-

Anchor Chain Maintenance: Cold Galvanizing Tulum’s Anchor Chain

Some boaters just ignore anchor chain or worry about it when that chain is completely ruined. We just can’t do it that way, as we depend on our chain daily with all the anchoring we like to do.
Eventually if you drop an anchor and use chain rode enough times, anchor chain will need some maintenance or you will be forced to buy new chain. Finding Hot Galvanizing for anchor chain in larger industrialized countries isn’t hard, but what to do in smaller countries or if you just happen to be far away from somewhere that can hot galvanize large amounts of chain? When Tulum was hauled in July, we had to do some research and make decisions on our own chain maintenance.

Quincy Dane Speaks: Buying A Boat In A Foreign Country Can Save You Money

So you wanna buy a boat and have potentially found a boat you LOVE…but it’s in Panama.  What to do?
But you can potentially save money by buying a boat in Panama instead of the US.  And, remember that Panama is below the hurricane belt, so there’s less chance of buying a “hurricane honey” in Panama than in other places.