Contemplation On This Summer In The Sea of Cortez

The sailboat vacation of bars, bikinis and beaches isn’t always that, sometimes the cruising lifestyle gets in the way and you have to make decisions, do some work and watch the weather.

Improvements As We Go

Continual improvement and upkeep/updates are needed when you’re cruising on an older boat. Here’s what we did in June to update and improve Tulum 5.

Welcome Aboard…A Primer For Guests:

Tulum-5 looks forward to welcoming vaccinated guests onboard as we stay close to the US in the Sea of Cortez one more summer. Here’s a primer full of information for potential guests.

Stage-1.5, Tulum’s Refit- Side Projects

In addition to haul-out, chainplates and new standing rigging….we did LOTS of side projects. Here’s four of the side projects that fit into the “work smarter, not harder” category.