Multiple Projects While Waiting On Our Engine Install

Just like the other times we had to stay for extended periods of time in marinas, we’re using this time to improve, modernize and update our beloved sailboat, Tulum-5. Here’s some of our concurrent projects, happening right now.

Extended Maintenance and Major Repairs: The Continuing Price For An Experienced Sailboat

I’m of the opinion that delaying or ignoring major repairs could lead to cascade failure that we may not be able to handle, especially with my limited mechanical knowledge.  So, we try very hard to do major repairs before they go from urgent to emergent and often welcome professional + experienced opinions to add to our own experience….but we always put it on ourselves to make final repair decisions.

Strip It To Get The Best Protection For Your Wood

Stripping is hard work! For those of you who know what I’m talking about, you know that stripping is hard and not all fun and games. NOW I know why people pay a great stripper, cause it’s long hours in the heat and I would pay a professional if I could afford it. Come read my post to learn all about how to strip the right way!

Fixing Tulum’s Voltage Drop From Start Battery To Engine

Voltage drop from a boat start battery to the engine really does effect starting. Why? Because a cold engine takes less voltage to start than a hot engine. Now, imagine sailing along but NEEDING to start the engine…but you can’t. Here’s my story about how we’ve finally taken the time to fix this problem.

YouTube Videos And Social Media By LF2SF

I want to give you answers from our point of view….family cruisers on an older (experienced) sailboat actively cruising in Central America without solid internet.