Sunday Thoughts by Quincy

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Quincy the Boat Great Dane gets 5-Minutes of Fame

We were out shopping for screws and epoxy at one of the boat stores when Hotwife got bored and started perusing “the Log” newspaper; only to discover Quincy the Boat Great Dane on Page 16 with a caption and a shout-out with our Blog Name.   If you’re in Southern California, grab the Oct 5th issue of “the Log” newspaper and take a look at Quincy the Great Dane.  Here’s the picture in the paper, one of the first ones I took of her standing on the bow, her first day on Tulum 5.

First Day, First Meal on the Boat-

More coming out this week as we’ve been out adventuring as a family.  When that happens, I usually either don’t have internet or don’t have time to write.  We’re watching Hurricane Michael closely and all of our friends who are near the panhandle area or have connections there are in our thoughts and prayers-

Here’s your parting shot:  

Quincy the Boat Dog and her Photos

I thought putting Quincy the Great Dane on Instagram in all of her moods on the boat would be a neat thing that would attract followers and generate good publicity.  It worked.  I attracted a few followers and generated publicity, but it also distracted me from what I want to put my time into….my blog.  So I’ve permanently erased the Instagram account…hoping people can get their daily or weekly Great Dane fix by just reading or looking at the blog.  So click on…you’ll get some great moods of Quincy-  Continue reading