From The HelmsMistress: Great Dane on a boat- How does that work?

So there’s a few readers who do wonder how the heck we have a Great Dane on a boat, so the HelmsMistress wanted to address that topic in today’s post.

Quincy’s Corner: Back To MY Boat…And My Hurty Foot

Quincy’s the Great Dane’s story of her triumphant return to the boat and the drama of her dramatic and death defying injury…in her own words!! (Warning:  This post may have at least one picture that might gross you out….I warned you!)

Quincy’s Corner: Quincy’s Kennel Friends

Quincy Dane has been hanging with her friends for the last couple weeks while we worked hard on the boat, giving her a doggy break and giving us time to get important things done that will make Tulum safer and stronger.  When Quincy comes back, it will be like a whole new boat to her; […]