Great Dane On A Boat: Longer Passages

Quincy the Great Dane isn’t always happy with longer passages…so we’re trying to ease into them again.  We just knocked out a 3 day passage that was a longer for us since we prefer to coastal hop….but Quincy did really well and we’re trying to benchmark that success so we can recreate it on some […]

Great Dane On A Sailboat: ¡Feliz Navidog!

Feliz Navidog from Zihuatanejo!  Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season.  Christmas means extra treats from Santa, savory handouts from the galley, and water taxis with flashing Christmas lights coming to see me – ‘tis the season! Getting here was BRUTAL and some days I feel like I’m still at sea with the […]

Great Dane On A Sailboat: Moving, My Multiple Mattresses And Meeting Mini Me

It’s been a while, but I had to leave my friends and long walks on the terra firma because the feeders decided that it was time to get moving again…I’ll never understand them.  At first the fresh salt air and new smells were wonderful, but once my doghouse started moving side to side, I was […]

Taking A Break From Pets: A Cruisers Dilemma

You live on a sailboat full time, you leave your home country and now you’re out cruising with pets….what happens when you need to leave the boat or get home….take the pets with you or kennel them?