Great Dane On A Boat: Exploring Islands

Quincy Dane isn’t able to put out must of a story today as she’s out exploring a unique set of islands where there’s little wifi or cell coverage and just can’t publish.  But we know you understand, as the things happen as we continue to cruise and explore. 

Great Dane On A Sailboat: Costa Rica Kennel

We find wonderful people in places we go who take such great care of our Quincy Dane. It’s very comforting to us to have her well cared for, allowing us to travel and see places off the boat in the countries we visit.

Great Dane On A Boat: Dane On Vacay

Quincy Dane is on vacay from the boat while we have visitors. Not sure where we’ll be next sun so Quincy will be back with more stories as soon as we get more wifi- Thank you for reading our website as we continue to write about traveling with kids on our cruising sailboat…with a Great […]

The Evolution Of A Sailing Kitty

We had our kitty, Oreo for only 2 weeks before we set sail on a 2 day crossing of the dreaded Gulf of Tehuantepec.  Then we let her lick her wounds, gave her some kitty vacay time onshore, and set off again on a 3 day trek to the Gulf of Fonseca, encountering the beginnings […]

Great Dane On A Sailboat: Hide And Seek

Quincy Dane the Great Dane and the sailing kitty Oreo live on our cruising sailboat full time as we slowly cruise south as a family, enduring such inconviences as the weather and various anchorages might throw at them.  

Quincy & Oreo, Taking a Sabbatical

Quincy the Great Dane and Oreo the Kitty have taken a sabbatical to reevaluate certain contractual obligations.  IE…they took time off to decide if they are getting enough kibble and treats.  They’ll be back next week!

Great Dane On A Sailboat: Joys of the Dane

Who in their right mind would take off on a long-term cruising trip with a full grown, pure bred Great Dane on the boat?  And then adopt a very baby kitty just to add to the fun?  Well…we would and we did.