Great Dane And Kitty On A Sailboat: Hiding From The Rain

Quincy and Kitty hide from the rain the best they can.

Great Dane And Kitty On A Sailboat: Welcome Home Quincy

Quincy the Great Dane got a lot more than she bargained for when we brought her back to the boat 4-5 days ago…as it rains every day here, sometimes for hours and there’s little room for her to lay down…as there’s an engine in the middle of her salon. Life’s rough for a Great Dane on a boat.

The Canal From A Cat’s Perspective

Oreo, despite her disrupted schedule, was happy to reach the Caribbean…at least we think she was.   Meanwhile, Quincy remains clueless to the fact that when she returns it will be to a whole new ocean.   Think she’ll know the difference? 

Quincy And Kitty Speak

We know we’ve been out of touch for nearly a month….but we’ve been out cruising. No excuses….it’s just what we do.

Great Dane On A Boat: Exploring Islands

Quincy Dane isn’t able to put out must of a story today as she’s out exploring a unique set of islands where there’s little wifi or cell coverage and just can’t publish.  But we know you understand, as the things happen as we continue to cruise and explore.