Live Free 2 Sail Fast

Great Dane On A Boat: Quincy’s Alter-Ego

Wow, I’ve been waiting for Quincy’s Word of the Day all day, thinking I missed it.  But really, it’s just late.  Read on: (more…)

Many Faces of a Boat Dog

I’m scraping, sanding, cleaning and varnishing….alot.  Michelle retires in July and we’ll have family and friends here, so I’m working hard on the aesthetics neglected while I’ve worked on sewer systems, engine bits and other things you just don’t see unless you know what you’re looking at.  So in that vain, I’m giving you the many faces of Quincy the Sailboat Dog today since I’m not able to spend time on some of the other blog projects I have going but not finished. Enjoy: (more…)

Great Dane on a Boat: Guest Appearance on the Boat?

We decided to bring on a guest blogger as part of Quincy’s Sunday advice series:

“Quincy the Great Dane thinks she’s the only sailing dog that can gain international fame on this website, so I decided to come with my feeder and walker to see if I could steal some of that spotlight!  See, a Great Dane is large and overbearing and smelly….not too smart,,,but us puppies are really better.  Seriously, I LIKE the water, I smell better, I’m cuddly and my feeder person doesn’t EVER leave me alone….cause I may chew something up.  On this boat thing, I was in my element.  I mean….why can’t I do this permanently?  I loved the fact that there were lots and lots of tuggy ropes everywhere to play with…and I completely overcame and scared that Egret bird on the dock who was nearly three times my size…I think.  Getting the hint yet?  That Great Dane chick doesn’t have nothing on me!  You all need to tell the writer guy that I need to come on the boat more often!  Till then,,I’m off to look for more food”   

Here’s puppy Hunter in the cockpit:

Over the last two weeks, we took off for Catalina for the holiday but came back Sunday, meaning we had Monday free before we took off again for another adventure.   With a day between adventures, we invited the in-laws for dinner and along came their puppy, Hunter.  I was surprised at how well he did on the boat- climbing, exploring and generally doing better than anyone expected.  I was happy to barbecue some marinated chicken and a great piece of fish hand caught by the Surf-Fur Crew.  Need something wind and water proof that fits perfect and softens over time?  Check out the Surf-Fur website and make sure to tell em that LF2SF sent you….they’ll get a kick out of it.  This week we received our new autopilot, shopped for a new life raft and today I started prep to varnish the toe rails (they need it) before I would be forced to strip all the vanish completely.  We’re staying busy.  

For those who read the website on a regular basis or everyone who’s just stopping by…thanks for checking us out.  Remember we have a fledgling You Tube site and we’re live and running on Patreon if you want to support our adventures.  Have a great weekend! 

Great Dane on a Boat: Baja Ha-Ha XXVI

First, Happy Mothers Day to all Mom’s.  My mom has cruised on two different sailboats and spent 18 years circumnavigating.  My wife lives has lived on a sailboat now for over two years and rarely complains.  And she’s game to go cruising, as we’ve just committed to Baja Ha-Ha XXVI.   


Here’s Weekly Wisdom and Thoughts from a Great Dane who lives on a Sailboat, read on: (more…)

Great Dane on a Boat: Great Danes Can Get Your Attention Quick

Quincy’s Wisdom for this Sunday, told in story format: “As a Great Dane, I know there’s ways to get attention quickly.  So the other night when they talked in the cockpit, I decided to make myself comfy.  This got Mom’s attention REAL quick when she came back in the dark and sat on the bed, only to find something moving.  Needless to say, I got their attention.  I also pretended to be sorry, but their bed was really, really comfy”.

Might be funny and cute to have a Great Dane on your bed the first time, but after they take over, YOU have to find a place to sleep. No Great Danes allowed on our bed (and she knows it). 


A Happy Ramadan and Cinco de Mayo to anyone reading who celebrates these holy days and holidays.  Me and Michelle have been in the Middle East and Mexico during these holy days and holidays and experienced those cultural ties.

Great Dane on a Boat: The Picture Tells All

To me, it’s a peculiar feeling when a photo really describes the mood and tone of your life, right in the single second it was taken.  I don’t ascribe much to that aspect of photography, but the photo in this post is nearly perfect for us in the moment it was taken.


Great Dane on a Boat- My people ANCHORED me?

First, Happy Easter.  We’re aware of the ugly overnight violence in Sri Lanka and those who are effected are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Now, let’s move onto living with a Great Dane on a sailboat.  There are challenges, as Quincy will explain on the next page.

Great Dane on a Boat- First YouTube Appearance

Good morning, it’s been another long week (and without Jinxing us), we may have finally crossed the line into spring here, thankfully.  With better weather more work on the boat starts and we’re able to get back out to dog beach on Coronado Island.  Quincy has been working on her stress level since her long kennel stay (while we had the boat out of the water) and had a restful afternoon yesterday on the boat, take a look: (more…)

Great Dane on a Boat- Happy to Be Home

After Tulum being on the hard (hauled out) for 11 days and Quincy being in the kennel for those days, she was glad to be home and I had missed her.

Let’s just say Quincy was happy to be home and back in her favorite spot.


Great Dane on a Sailboat- Quincy’s Corner for 190303

Quincy the Great Dane on a Sailboat has had a rough week:  She’s had to go back and forth to her daycare kennel multiple days this week and this weekend there’s rain and clouds; so she’s gotta hang out in the cockpit more than usual.  I’m not sure what the typical life is for a Great Dane on a sailboat, but I think this is pretty much it.  She’s anxious to share her weekly advice with you: (more…)