100 Ton Captain’s Course

Second week at the Maritime Institute in San Diego,,,,getting my butt kicked with all the studying. Sitting in class working toward my USCG Captain’s License/OUPV isn’t really what I expected,,,,,it’s HARD!  I mean, like worse than college hard, because I’ve been sitting on my butt in class for these 8 hour days, plus extra classes […]

Trying to make it real!

I’ve been off the site for a couple of days because I was prepping to start my USCG Captain’s License Course (100 Ton Master).  I figure if I’m going to put my family on a small sailboat and take off for ports unknown eventually, I probably ought to have some sort of formal education at […]

Captain’s Licensing Course in January

Good morning, we’re out traveling and I’ve got lots of great info to pass along about this trip, but first an update on my quest to qualify for my Captain’s License- I’m in the course and officially taking it in January.  I’ve waded through the extensive Coast Guard Paperwork and figured out it’s not as […]

Working toward a Captain’s License

Getting a Captain’s License in the Maritime world can be a bit daunting unless you do your research and know what you want.  Most folks simply want to operate a boat safety and have the option of taking more that 6 passengers at a time on their boat,,,,and possibly get paid for it.  This might […]