Sailing Down Baja: A Thousand Miles Of Savings?

A common sense look at expenses in the first three months of cruising.

LF2SF Makes Top 25 List From “The Adventure Junkies”

LF2SF has been named one of the Top 25 Sailing Blogs of 2019 by the adventure and travel Site…The Adventure Junkies.  The site does have impressive hiking, travel and adventure content as well as great high resolution color photos I love.  What an honor to be on the same list as some of these other […]

LF2SF Has A New Weds Voice- First Post

Somewhere In the Baja (Due to a lack of Wi-FI, we’re playing catch up – posting from 17 November below with real time posts to follow!) 13 days into our new lifestyle as a cruising family and only roughly 630 NM south of San Diego waiting out weather in Man O’ War Cove, Mag Bay, […]

Tulum’s Out! Baja HaHa Today

Engine Fixed, Sails on…we made the decision to go for it despite nearly NO time to test our engine. Will we regret it?

Less Than 30 Days

We’re at less than 30 days till Baja Ha-Ha and still want to go. Great news is that our new sails came in yesterday. They’re not on yet, but they’re here. Now, we need our engine back in our boat so we can test it, get the valves readjusted and done and motor out with […]

Provisioning Has Started

We’re not smuggling anything, but we’ve found some unique storage space for our coir bricks.