Considerations For Cruising Right Now

Things we should have thought through before taking off to go cruising.

Equipment for Self Sufficiency

*Prologue:  Sitting in the cockpit during this still morning in the Sea of Cortez, Tulum is once more at anchor in a quiet bay.  This is the Sea of Cortez I remember from living on a boat as a kid….here…in this same bay more than 40 years ago.  I think Tulum is happiest sitting at […]

Tulum’s Out! Baja HaHa Today

Engine Fixed, Sails on…we made the decision to go for it despite nearly NO time to test our engine. Will we regret it?

Provisioning Has Started

We’re not smuggling anything, but we’ve found some unique storage space for our coir bricks.

Sailing Better Takes Practice

Yes, it does. This doesn’t always mean just cruising, sometimes it means learning by muscle memory and working on particular skills.