Taking Tulum Off The Market

This week, after having Tulum on the market for four months, we made the decision to keep our beloved sailboat and continue our nomadic lifestyle….south.

Tulum V Is For Sale

TulumV is for sale, but we’re NOT swallowing the anchor. Read on to find out more.

A Silver Lining:  Money For Cruising

I write these blog posts about investing while living on a cruising sailboat at nearly 6 month intervals, taking the time to look forward by several months to spot emerging trends and political changes that might lead to changes in the stock markets that will bear the fruits of opportunity. I think we’re at that cusp once again, which is why I’m writing about several trends I see emerging: The Green Rush and Post-Consumer Spending. I’m not the first to write about any of these trends, but I think it’s relevant to put it out there anyway.

LF2SF- One of the best 25 Sailing Blogs in the World?

The Adventure Junkies just voted for LF2SF as one of 2020’s 25 BEST Sailing Blogs in the world.  We’re pretty humble but sure appreciate the recognition.  Wanna Buy us a beer in celebration…check out our Patreon Page.     

Have We Really Changed That Much? Reflections On Our First Year Of Cruising

A year ago yesterday, we left San Diego and civilization as we knew it.  We had downsized to living aboard the boat at the time, but had all the modern day conveniences that in hind sight, we took for granted: power, WIFI, endless options for food and clothing, water, trash disposal, being able to communicate […]