Holy Extra Wires!

Wow, check out all these extra wires that my electrician took out of the small space that used to house a bunch of radio’s, but the former owner of our boat claimed them as personal property and took them off the boat.  No worries, cause we’ve got some ideas about radio’s and electronics of our own.

This is one day’s worth of work clearing out the radio area,,,,,the picture below is pretty dark, but you’ll get the idea:

Yep, all those wires used to be in this radio cabinet, what a mess.  Glad it’s out!


Saturday Morning Minney’s Run

By the time you read this,,,,I will hopefully be cheerfully driving Southern California freeway’s with my salty crew in the back,,,,on the way to our annual or semi-annual visit to Minney’s Surplus in Newport Beach, Ca.  If you’ve never been there, I think it’s quite possibly a life changing experience for some sailors, especially when you realize you can actually trade your old gear in order to get credit to buy other stuff you really need,,,,or you don’t really need but want.  This is not a store for the faint of heart,,,,as you’ll be overwhelmed by Minney’s if you go in unprepared for the sheer scale of the sailing and boating junk and gear available.  Anything from original pirate anchors to used heads and a large and complex variety of sails is available here.  The staff is friendly and generally allows my children in the store at least once per year,,,,and allows pets too.  As for my purpose,,,,well,,,,I’m feeling the tug of Minney’s at this time of year and hot wife is busy Saturday morning, so I’m taking the kids and heading to Minney’s.

If you take my advice and make a pilgrimage to Minney’s in Newport, Ca,,,,tell them that LF2SF sent you and prepare to receive no discount and a blank stare!

Quincy’s Dogbed Blues: The official start to our downsizing

The “blob” as it officially became known around our house was in fact a giant red beanbag,  designed to be a comfy piece of furniture that would support multiple people for tv watching and started life officially known as a Zeppelin Couch.   Continue reading

LF2SF Bare Boat Charter Series

Photo Credit to our roving reporter, Ms. Emmy.

If you’ve ever thought of channeling your inner pirate and crewing your own bareboat in an exotic location somewhere, read on.  We’re NOT chartering experts, but we think we have experience that might help you.  We’re working through the process of doing our another charter;  the first was a bare boat charter in 2011 on a large powerboat and this next one will be a bareboat charter on a catamaran.  We have no catamaran experience but we’re really excited to get it, so we decided to go sail a bareboat for a week or so to get some on-water experience and make a vacation out of it.  For the next three posts and then some more as we approach our charter;  we’ll discuss some of the finer points of actually doing a charter.  Again, we’re not experts but we’ve done a lot of work to get these charters off the ground.  Since the first charter went fairly smoothly in terms of logistics, travel, operating the boat and preparedness; we’ll focus on those areas while also approaching a charter of our own.  Our own charter is less than a month away, so this is relevant information that we’re applying in real life, to our own family charter.  I hope these posts are worthwhile and help inform you if you’re interested in bareboat chartering.

Downsizing Blues

Jody Ambrose and Mistakes and Adventures,,,,,welcome, love the follows-

We’re continuing to work toward our eventual goal of casting off the docklines and heading the bow south.  But first,,,,,we’re downsizing.  Wanna see what a Great Dane looks like when she knows her bed is leaving,,,,stay tuned to tomorrow’s post.

PMP & Boat Management

This week I’m sitting in the beginning stages of a class to get my Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Certifications with the hope that they help me find a real job after I retire and grow up a bit.  Not sure about the growing up part, but I am retiring in July.  At the same time this week, Tulum V (Integrity) our new to us 51′ Aleutian Ketch is starting to undergo some of the very much-needed TLC.  To the hardcore folks who read this, I apologize.  Some of the work is getting done by professionals because I just don’t have time this week or next to get it all done before she leaves her slip at the boatyard and gets moved to a less convenient marina.  I say this because it’s convenient to have the boat at a boatyard already that’s surrounded by the actual experts who can help with most boat repairs,,,,as opposed to making them drive to another boatyard.  This week I have a refrigeration mechanic looking at our fridges and freezers,  someone is cleaning the oil and grease water out of the bilges and polishing the fuel,  the electrician will work this weekend and next on the various electrical challenges, a fuels mechanic will come look at the overly complex fuel tank return valves and fill valves to tell me if we can simplify the system and I will get recommendations from a mechanic about whether the generator can ever work again or if we should just rip it out.  I’m considering just ripping out the existing generator, capping the fuel lines and turning to a portable generator and simpler watermaker.  So in the end, I’m practicing project management on my own boat project, but kicking myself for not being able to be there to actually work through things as they come up or do that work myself.  It would take me weeks to do this work myself and I’d make a much larger mess, so I often have to weigh how much my time is worth vice the price of hiring experts to get the work correctly and quickly.  Getting things done right is often high on my list,,,,as I’m the first to admit I’m still learning most everything and seem to learn new boat stuff everyday.

Stay with us,,,I’ll be putting my projects on my blog as we go along.