Tightening up the Boat (Tulum IV)

Good morning.  For the last couple weekends I’ve been here and sometimes while my wife’s been here, we’ve been working on various projects to completely tighten up the boat.  “What do I mean why this”?   I mean,,,we’ve been doing the little things here and there that are left to do,,,,as the boat is still for sale.  We want to sell her for the simple reason that we think we need more space.  We’re living with what we have for now, but a bit more space for our growing family would be a Godsend.  All of the projects we’re doing will help sell the boat, and with my own “thing” with constant improvement, I have to continually make the boat better, healthier and in better shape as we continue to keep her up for sale.   Here’s where we were two weeks ago as I cleaned bilges, traced various pipes and checked the hot water heater in detail:

And here’s how she looks normally, all put together again:

I’m not sure a used boat is ever going to be perfect.  But as long as you give a crap about your boat and constantly work to make her a better boat and a better place to live, you’re GOING to make the boat better.  It doesn’t take much money and it doesn’t take a lot of skill (if I can do it,,,,so can you), but it does take some “give a crap”.

We’re LiveFree2SailFast.com,,,,,and we’re  still planning to leave for extended blue water cruising in the next few years,,,,in the meantime we’ll continue to adventure travel with family in the meantime.


LF 2 SF- What the hell does this mean?

Good Morning, I hope your Sunday is going great-

What’s LF 2 SF ?

So,,,what does LF 2 SF mean?  It’s the acronym for this website, LiveFree2SailFast,,,,and it’s now immortalized on my license place because I’m genuinely proud of being able to come out of my shell enough to publish a blog.  I’m a bit of a private person, so writing and publishing a blog and getting the help needed to set up a website was a huge step for me.  I’m also a humble person, so this new license plate isn’t something I’m doing to be a show-off,  it’s just all about the website.  Speaking of the website, I’m eternally grateful to the talented couple who helped me set this website up, couldn’t have even gotten remotely close to this point without them.  If you ever need any kind of media or advertising support, they operate Benchmark Studio’s and can be contacted through their website-

BTW, I’ve done some updating to my permanent links about both the Family and the Boat and will be doing more today.

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Look beyond toward the milestone

Sure, with my wife moved out things have gotten a bit hectic, but it’s called parenting.  I’m ok with all that.

We’re slowly ticking off actions that must be accomplished in order to move toward the milestone of cruising as a family, here’s what I think some of them are:

Milestone: Cruising as a Family on our own Sailboat-

Actions to Reach Milestone:

  1. We will wait until my wife retires to leave to go cruising and we’ll follow her until then (no matter how long it is). 
  2. Approx 4-6 months before I retire, we’ll put the house up for sale and sell. 
  3. I’ll retire. 
  4. Once moved out of the house, the family will live on the boat. 
  5. Once the wife retires, we’ll leave to play pirates. 

Ok, I have no real idea if this whole perfect sequence will work or not, but I know we’re not going anywhere unless my wife is with us,,, and we’re flexible enough as a family to be able to make big bold decisions on our next move.

We’re going to hit the San Diego International Boat Show this weekend for Father’s Day.   I’ll do a good post all about it with pics of shiny new toys for boats.


Step 2 toward BlueWater Cruising

We’re still working toward our goal of Bluewater cruising.  Last August we made the decision that my wife would take a new job that’s three (3) hours away,,,and I would stay put till I retired with the kids and the dog,,,in the current house.  This creates some logistical and parenting challenges, but it’s doable.  As you might also remember, last September we decided it would be an opportune time to move the boat, put it up for sale and try to find another sailboat that met more of our criteria for a larger cruising vessel.  So, we did all that.  But despite having Tulum IV up for sale since October, she hasn’t sold yet but there’s been lots of interest.  We knew my wife would start living on the boat when she took her new job, so last weekend we moved the boat from the brokers slip to a new Marina that allow’s liveaboards.  Now,,,we’ll soon start the next step…..mommy living on the boat and me “parenting” the kids for the next year till I retire.   Whether you do it sooner or later, moving onto the boat has to be one of your steps toward blue water cruising, and there’s LOTS of advantage to my wife moving onto the boat ahead of the family.  The main advantage I see (and she admits) is that she will be forced to learn the systems and start to understand the various methods of keeping the boat floating and healthy.  She will also be able to get a good read (on her own) of how much room she has for clothes and shoes and figure out what features she might want in another boat,,,,without my light touch to guide her.  Whether it’s this boat or another one, we gotta move on her eventually.  This is our Step 2 toward BlueWater Cruising.  (Step 1 was actually buying a boat!)

We just got back from a few days in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles on a vacation before my wife moves,,,,great area to travel in,,,,even with two small kids.  We are LiveFree 2 Sail Fast,,,if you like us, please follow us-

MileStones- In the right direction

I’ve read and re-read this story several times and was determined to find a right way to put it out.  For me, this is an important post to read carefully and heed the warning within it.  The author makes a great point about really assessing what you want to do and start building milestones toward it, so read the story and see what you can take from it.  Within the blog, I’ve started a new Category, labeled Steps Forward.  I’ll use it to keep you updated on things we’ve doing or milestones achieved and covered as we walk toward our goal of blue-water cruising.  Have a great read-

I hesitated to post this today, but… exactly two years ago today I had a heart attack. The following Monday (19 May 2015), I would be in cardiac surgery for open heart, aortic valve replacement “procedure”. (Edited – I thought today was the day I had the surgery. My wife reminded me it was Wednesday […]

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