“Honey…Wanna Go Right Or Left”?

Our buddy boat talked us into a quandry…”Why couldn’t we go south to Costa Rica”? Here’s that story-

LF2SF- One of the best 25 Sailing Blogs in the World?

The Adventure Junkies just voted for LF2SF as one of 2020’s 25 BEST Sailing Blogs in the world.  We’re pretty humble but sure appreciate the recognition.  Wanna Buy us a beer in celebration…check out our Patreon Page.     

Have We Really Changed That Much? Reflections On Our First Year Of Cruising

A year ago yesterday, we left San Diego and civilization as we knew it.  We had downsized to living aboard the boat at the time, but had all the modern day conveniences that in hind sight, we took for granted: power, WIFI, endless options for food and clothing, water, trash disposal, being able to communicate […]

Something to Smile About:  International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yaar, this most auspicious and fun international holiday is upon us once again and it sort of snuck up on me this year…but not the HelmsMistress, she’s ready and remembered it for me.  Wow, I’m so stoked to actually be out on a cruising sailboat for this holiday, which we plan on celebrating in fine […]

I Might Be The Last Person Who Should Give You Financial Advice-

I’m wading back into saving and making money while being out here cruising. We live on a cruising sailboat with our dog and kids in the Sea of Cortez and we worked our asses off to get to this point.  Prior to leaving to go cruising, we had a bit of money stockpiled from the sale […]