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Yep, I retired and had to come into the here and now by opening a Facebook business account.  Wow,,,,most folks who know me well will possibly GASP that I’ve opened a real Facebook business account, but with the help of my friend from EMI-MD; I’ve come into the here and now!!!  LF2SF needs to come into the modern blogging world, so I’ve taken the plunge and now I need your help.  If you’ve got a facebook account, look up LiveFree2SailFast and LIKE us please- Here’s our link,,,,when it starts working:



Females everywhere on Tulum V-

In the old days of wooden sailing ships and the hard men who drove them,,,,there was only one female allowed who wasn’t considered bad luck…… Continue reading

Sunday Morning Freshwater Blues

After having guests on the boat Saturday night, this morning was supposed to be a nice, relaxed morning prepping for a day sail on the boat with just us family.  However, for several late afternoons in a row we had spotty A/C power, so we called the electrician to come take a look Sunday morning,,,,cause we didn’t have A/C power and things seemed a bit wonky.  When he showed up and took a look into the engine room, he let us know that there was quite a bit of water,,,,and the float switches on the bilge pumps had malfunctioned,,,,,meaning there was quite a bit of water in the bilges.  See, I want to use this as a learning experience for you,,,,so you DON’T do the SAME THING.  Our fresh water tanks ran out Saturday night, so I was put up to filling them with the hose from the dock,,,,which I did.  Since I didn’t want an air bubble or vapor lock in the tanks, I usually fill them quite slowly and am used to the tanks overflowing when they’re full (like on the other boat).  DON’T make this bad and false assumption like I did.  Know your boat and ask questions,,,,,cause my boat’s fresh water tanks don’t overflow on deck,,,,,they have a relief line that overflows into the stern bilge,,,,right under the engine.  That’s what happened Saturday night and the water we found Sunday morning was a result of this overflow.  So, needless to say, we didn’t get out on our daysail and instead I worked with the electrician to get a few things done and I permanently and safely secured the new anchor to the boat,,,,making me feel better about moving her (never want to move a boat without a way to stop her in case the engine dies).

Downsizing for real, moving out of our beloved house

For some, a house becomes a home, partner, safety blanket and protector; a safe space that’s a man’s castle and a women’s nest.  A week ago on Friday the 11th I watched the last truck leave my house with our furniture and most of our permanent stuff, leaving us what I could load in my truck.  We’ve moved into the rental but the kids are missing the old house.  My youngest has spent most of the years she can remember in that house and the girls had their own bathroom in that house.   But now we’ve moved into our small rental house.  It’s a nice place where we share a bathroom but it has a nice small backyard for Quincy and will suffice until we fully move into the boat.  The house (our old house) has not closed as planned and is now late to close.  Can’t figure out why they couldn’t have gotten it all done before closing.   So, we’re in the rental house, waiting on the old house to close, waiting on me to get retired and then move onto the boat full-time with kids and Great Dane.  And my wife has left on an overseas business trip and I’ve had several complications with my ears,,,so things are pretty lively around here.

Here’s a few pics of our last few days in the old house:

Formal dining room getting packed out.

Packing out, looking through formal living room into formal dining room.

Same space, packed out.

TV room looking into the kitchen, packed out.

My parents are calling this the end of an era, but I think it’s just a natural progression as we move forward in life.  We knew we wouldn’t be staying in our desert abode forever  but we loved out home while we lived there and we had a love/hate relationship with the desert depending on the weather.  Now we move forward:  permanent house- sold (Monday), move into rental house- done, move onto boat and prep it for cruising- upcoming.

We’ll miss our old house, but we look forward to what the future holds.

Living what I write about!

Yesterday’s post showed you what I’ve been doing this whole week, which is packing up our house so we can downsize to a smaller house till I retire then move onto the boat.  I’m doing it while parenting two small kids as a single dad, as my wife’s job is 3 hours away,,,,so she moved closer to the job in order to continue to work.  I support her in doing this, but it’s not easy or clean or perfect.  We are not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other.  For the last 3 years, I’ve written about sailboats, cruising and whatever else I wanted to,,,,,but this blog has always had an eye on moving the family to a sailboat and eventually taking off to parts unknown.  Finally, we’re putting our money where our mouth is,,,,and doing just that,,,slowly.  First, we had to sell the house (we’re working on that-soon), then move out (we’re doing that now), then I needed to retire and move the family onto the boat.  My wife is living on the boat now,,,,and I’m hopeful that when we all move down there, she’s not smothered by the chaos that we bring.  Think about it,,,,she’s living on the boat now,,,,but when we move down there,,,,we bring me and two kids + the Great Dane!!! Despite the kids and dog,,,,she then has to start dealing with me full time again,,,,and Lord knows I’m not easy to deal with all the time.  I think after I retire I’ll turn over a new leaf and become less focused and direct,,,,,huh,,,,really???? Internal monologue says that’s dumb and will never happen, but good try!!!

In the last week, this blog has had lots of new readers and lots of new followers.  THANKS, tell your friends to follow,,,just to figure out if we can actually get a Great Dane to actually live on a sailboat or not?

Downsizing Decisions Get Real

In my old age, I’ve LOVING the decisions that are going along with our ongoing downsizing, simplification and upcoming move onto our cruising sailboat.  We’re going from 3200 square feet to a rental of 1100 square feet to our boat; in the span of three months.  Don’t take my tone the wrong way, it’s not whining,,,,it’s totally purposeful.  Yesterday, I was able to start calling the water company, Direct TV, our internet provider, the alarm company and others to start cancelling these services in the near future,,,,like after the house closes.  How AWESOME is this!  And what a pain.  It’s so great for my mental reserves to deal with folks on the other end of the phone line who can’t understand the difference between the words “move my service” and “cancel my service”.   Seriously, it’s freakin hard to get them to understand that you want to cancel your account and service completely and not allow THEIR company to move your services,,,,,cause I don’t want that BILL or service at all, anymore.  With at least one of these folks, I had to tell them I wasn’t going ANYWHERE in the US and was leaving the country,,,,that’s why I didn’t want their service anymore.  Most of you reading this in the US will probably not have to experience this for yourselves,,,but for me it’s very therapeutic in a warped way,,,,I like canceling these services as they are trappings of adulthood and very literally link you to specific financial obligations, salaries and zip codes.  Think about how things like water, cable tv, internet, trash, alarm, power and other bills and services literally TIE you to an area, job or certain income level so you can continue to provide them to your family or yourself.  Remember when you didn’t have all these bills?  Do you remember (like me) when you vowed you would never own more than you could get into your car or truck (like me).  When did that all change?  When you got married, when you were pregnant or had kids coming along?  I’m NOT saying there’s anything wrong with all this.  These services are necessary and nice to have for the most part!  But can you live without some of these things or have you dreamed of cutting these ties.  A friend of mine who retired several years ago connected me by internet.  To my surprise,,,,he’s not living his nice cushy life in Las Vegas anymore,,,,he’s sold it all and ticking off bucket list items RIGHT NOW in his mid-40’s,,,,,currently 1/2 way through the Appalachian Trail and getting ready to do the PCH next.  After that, he wants to do a full Ironman and then sail around the world.  I think it’s great and he deserves to do all of this, as he’s lucky to be alive and it doing it while he’s healthy enough to still have a great time doing it.

My family and I are trying to cut the ties to some of these bills but will still use some of these services,,,,and pay for them.  Trash, power and water are included in our slip fees for the boat and we can live without cable TV for a while.  Internet will be provided by our Verizon Hot Spot on the Boat so I can continue to blog while we’re still in the US and we’ll figure out the rest while underway.  Power and water while underway will come from Mother Earth and our trusty watermaker/generator.  For now, I’m happy to be packing, simplifying and downsizing.  Try it,,,,you might like it too!