Tulum V

Aleutian 51 MotorSailor

We closed on the Aleutian 51 motorsailor on Friday.  Finally.  I’ll write about this exhausting purchase process in future posts but needless to say I’m relieved.  It’s been a bit of a struggle to remember the positive points that attracted us to her in the first place; but we’ve finally closed and started work on her this morning.  This boat just needs some TLC and of course being a “77”;  she’ll need some TLC + cash put into her at the right time as needed.  But we know she’s got good bones and she has lots of features we like, so we continued to believe in those qualities even when we were worn down by the lengthy process of discovery.  The process wasn’t helped by me blowing out both my eardrums or the fact that we didn’t have an easy time of the sales process, but that’s for other posts.  Right now, I’m totally relieved to do all of the work we did today because I’m back to a production sailboat that’s right for my family and has the ability to become our home on the dock and cross any ocean imaginable if we choose that route.  We’re still selling our own house in the next five months and moving onto this boat in July, to live on her until we change our minds or leave on our own cruising trip.  I love the interaction with all of you and the fact that some of you actually read this blog thing with all these storie, keep it up-

Tomorrow, photo essay of today’s adventure with trash and cleanup,,,,trying to show you what NOT to do when you finally sell your boat and walk off it.  We didn’t do this when we sold Tulum IV and I don’t want you to do it when you sell your own boat.  Stay with us, that story tomorrow.


We’re moving toward Tulum 5

We’re still in the deal for a 1977 51′ Aleutian sailboat and moving forward.  The boat needs a lot of work and TLC, but I think she has good bones.  We’ve had almost every survey possible done to her and know the condition of some of what we’re getting into,,,,I think.  Either a diamond in the rough or a rough diamond?   We will  chronicle this buying experience in a future post series, but need to wait until we close to start working on that series.  This time around,,,,we’re not going into a boat backwards.  Last time we christened her, moved stuff on her and moved her,,,,before ever thinking of closely inspecting and cleaning her.  When we put her up for sale in October of 2016,,,,we started detail cleaning her and figured out we should have done that first and all along.  Who knew that oiling the teak would have such an effect on a boat’s morale, looks and overall smell?  The teak just soaked it up and overnight she took on a healthy glow.  These are the little things we need to take the time to do on a new (to us) boat.  I also need to catalog in writing where every through-hull is and make sure to get to know all the systems.  This needs to happen early, before we start putting anything on the boat.

Stay with us,,,,we’re moving toward a boat that needs TLC but may prove to be a great cruising boat.

Final Stages of Boat Purchase & Negotiation

Aleutian 51 MotorSailor

We’re in the home stretch with negotiations in this boat purchase.  I think this week will tell us whether we buy her or start looking for another one.  I can’t really give you all the details and lessons learned yet,,,,,cause we’re not done.  When we’re done, I’ll be distilling those nuggets so you all learn from our lessons.  She’s either a diamond in the rough,,,,,,or a rough diamond.

Love the fact we have folks following this little blog every day almost.  Thanks and keep reading.


Eardrums and Elbows

My eardrums have closed back up, but I still have approx 33% total hearing loss with little improvement so far.  Although laid up in bed for more than 3 days straight, I’ve been up to my elbows in help from family.  Thankfully the eardrums closed, some of the pain has subsided and I’ve gotten in to see the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists to start working on the various challenges with my ears.  Till it kills me, I’ve moving on with life because there’s too much not to get done.

Biggest news is yet to come, as we’re still contemplating adding another member to our family in the way of a home for Michelle and a boat for all of us.  More to come on that front!

Aleutian 51 MotorSailor

Lastly, to those who’ve followed us in the last few days,,,thanks.  Keep it up!

Ironman Santa Rosa,,,,really?

Seriously, are you kidding me?  Ironman Santa Rosa on top of everything else we have going on,,,,who the hell thought of doing that just 10 days after they retire?   Duh,,,,that was me,,,,the idiot who writes these blogs and just signed me and my wife up for a 1/2 Ironman,,,,in July,,,,in Santa Rosa, Ca, USA!

Yes, honey,,,,let’s buy another large cruising sailboat, get you to move back onto it as your house, sell our actual house, put most of our stuff in storage, teach the Great Dane to live on the boat, move the family onto the boat, retire,,,,,,and then go do a 1/2 Ironman just 10 days AFTER all of these things are accomplished.  Holy Hell, should be a fun next (7) months.  Wow, I’m getting hives just thinking about it all.  Time to start training!

2018 LF2SF Roadmap

Welcome to 2018.  I’m happy we’re here together.   I’m probably also a bit hungover,,,,so speak slowly-

I might come on here and say there will be grand sweeping changes for the blog in 2018 and we’re going to make it a goal to shoot to 50,000 followers and all that,,,,but I’m not.

This blog is about adventure travel, family travel, production sailboats and cruising/sailing.  We’re going to continue down this same path in 2018, but we as a family will have a lot going on.  I’ve re-applied for my USCG 100GT License, will be working on a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate, continue to live with my two tiny kids and dog two hours away from my wife because of her work (NOT a divorce) and already know other things that 2018 will throw at us.  This year we’ll buy another bluewater cruising sailboat, our house will sell,  I’ll retire and we’ll all move onto the boat as a family.  These will be fun and refreshing changes for us as a family, but will probably be a lot more fun for you to follow as we have ups and downs.  Ever seen a very large Great Dane on a cruising sailboat? (I have).  Stay with us as Hotwife moves back onboard our cruising sailboat and we introduce Quincy the Great Dane to her new home on a sailboat.

Really wants to help,,,,a lot.

Should be challenging, fun, funny and downright stressful at times, but that’s where we’re headed.

A Happy New Year’s Wish for 2018

Photo Credit to HotWife using an iPhone

From our humble desert paradise to wherever you might be in the world during this last day of the western calendar, I want to reach out and wish you a safe and happy New Year.

I’m glad 2017 is over and I’m looking forward to 2018.  For us here at LF2SF, 2018 will bring some significant changes that I’m totally looking forward to.  We’ll be buying a another bluewater cruising sailboat, selling our house, retiring and moving as a family to start a new chapter in our lives.  I’ve re-applied for my 100GT/OUPV USCG Captain’s License and we’re continuing to travel on land as family.  That’s ALOT of change in one year,  but I think both me and my wife have thought it through enough that we’ll make it work and flourish.

If you’re one of our awesome followers or new to this website, stick with us and experience the adventure as we go.

Happy New Year! 

A starting point- thoughts on buying a sailboat

I was thinking (when we still owned Tulum IV) about how easy, fun and stress-free buying another sailboat would be (when we sold Tulum).  I’m not sure about you,,,but I’ve now realized that it’s not going to be all fun and games buying this second boat,,,,,cause we have to be able to afford it and we need to be able to get most of what we want,,,,or be prepared to keep looking.  There are factors at work that are often out of your hands when buying a boat or buying another boat: the boat’s current owner (mindset), the boat’s quality and current gear (some or all of which will need to be upgraded), your financial position (most of the time you need to have 10% of the OFFER in cash just to make a viable offer), the time of year (on the east coast), your knowledge and availability to look at boats in your local area or in areas where the boats might be (we’re not going to look at a boat in Ventura right now) and many, many other factors.  In the last year, me and/or hotwife have probably looked at more than 25 different boats, often finding the “one” only to find out it’s got a deal on it, it’s been built in the backyard 30 years ago or that it still has black iron tanks and needs a complete tank job.  As I know, there is no perfect boat unless you have one custom-built with each and everything built perfect and you don’t have to worry about money.  For the rest of us, most production boats won’t be perfect but need to be as near to perfect as possible for what you’re going to use it for.

And that last line of the last paragraph is what you need to focus on when buying a sailboat- what are you going to use it for and what are you looking for from it?  In our case,,,,,we’re doing everything but can’t buy a boat that’s built to do everything, so we’re gonna do the best we can.  We know that after I retire the whole family will move  on the boat for several years at a dock in the US,,and it will serve as our floating home/condo.  We’re hoping that after several more years, we take off into the wild blue and coastal cruise for several years in warm places.  And, I know that I want a boat that has the ability to safely transport us across oceans,,,because we might get the yin or yang to head over to Greece and Croatia for a season.   We’ve also discussed heading home to the West Coast of the US the easy way (vice bashing back up the entire coast of Mexico), which is a very long and involved sail through the South Pacific, to Hawaii and finally back to Cali.  Luckily for us, we’re flexible so our plans can change and we’ll bend with our plans.  We’re headed out to look at the Aleutian 51 this morning.  She might be suitable, she might not be, but we know some of the things we’re looking for so we have a bit of an advantage in that.  I’ll put my thoughts into words this evening along with some pics.

Remember why you sail,,,why you voyage,,,,why you travel?