Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Photo Credit to Admiral Hotwife

Arrrrhhhh…..Sept 19th is like an International Holiday for http://www.LiveFree2SailFast.com.Seriously, it’s akin to National Margarita Day and other sorts of fun holidays.  SEPTEMBER 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!  The guys who invented this wonderful holiday even have a great website where you can learn to talk like a pirate, learn to pick up chicks/dudes with keeewl pirate lingo and make sure you’re wearing the right duds.  Make sure to check out the Talk Like a Pirate Website–  WHAT?  You’re not into channeling your inner pirate?  Bah….Humbug…you’re missing out on the fun.  WE (the LiveFree2SailFast crew) will be celebrating and perhaps have a libation in your honor.  

HMS Surprise Movie Set from Master and Commander, Photo Credit to Admiral Hotwife

Most important; if you’ve evacuated from anywhere because of the hurricane you are in our thoughts and pirate toasts.  If you have been dislodged from your boat, I will raise a special toast, as I personally know of two bloggers whose boats were in the direct path of the hurricane, one is ok, not sure about the other one but we’re holding our breath.

Photo credit to Hot Wife

From us, have a great International Talk Like a Pirate Day today!




My science of better attitude by project completion

I’m not a scientist nor do I have any degrees nearly close to science, mental health, healing or anything close.  When I write about things dealing with attitude, it’s only from my own internal observations and NO ONE should think I’m a professional.  But I’m gonna drop some knowledge about myself and my projects, so keep reading…. Continue reading

Sailboat PMCS and more projects-

Sitting here in the cockpit after last night’s full moon on this quiet morning, I started to reflect on posts I’ve written on this blog about improving one boat or the other and how much work me and hotwife have actually put into doing just that- constant improvements on the boat.  These are our boats after all, but this is now our home.  Continue reading

“Like” LF2SF on our new Facebook Business Account

Yep, I retired and had to come into the here and now by opening a Facebook business account.  Wow,,,,most folks who know me well will possibly GASP that I’ve opened a real Facebook business account, but with the help of my friend from EMI-MD; I’ve come into the here and now!!!  LF2SF needs to come into the modern blogging world, so I’ve taken the plunge and now I need your help.  If you’ve got a facebook account, look up LiveFree2SailFast and LIKE us please- Here’s our link,,,,when it starts working:


Sunday Morning Freshwater Blues

After having guests on the boat Saturday night, this morning was supposed to be a nice, relaxed morning prepping for a day sail on the boat with just us family.  However, for several late afternoons in a row we had spotty A/C power, so we called the electrician to come take a look Sunday morning,,,,cause we didn’t have A/C power and things seemed a bit wonky.  When he showed up and took a look into the engine room, he let us know that there was quite a bit of water,,,,and the float switches on the bilge pumps had malfunctioned,,,,,meaning there was quite a bit of water in the bilges.  See, I want to use this as a learning experience for you,,,,so you DON’T do the SAME THING.  Our fresh water tanks ran out Saturday night, so I was put up to filling them with the hose from the dock,,,,which I did.  Since I didn’t want an air bubble or vapor lock in the tanks, I usually fill them quite slowly and am used to the tanks overflowing when they’re full (like on the other boat).  DON’T make this bad and false assumption like I did.  Know your boat and ask questions,,,,,cause my boat’s fresh water tanks don’t overflow on deck,,,,,they have a relief line that overflows into the stern bilge,,,,right under the engine.  That’s what happened Saturday night and the water we found Sunday morning was a result of this overflow.  So, needless to say, we didn’t get out on our daysail and instead I worked with the electrician to get a few things done and I permanently and safely secured the new anchor to the boat,,,,making me feel better about moving her (never want to move a boat without a way to stop her in case the engine dies).