Tulum Rollin To The Caribbean, Via the Panama Canal

Yep, by the time you read this post, Tulum-5 and the LF2SF Crew will be rollin through the Panama Canal, heading toward the Atlantic Ocean (Caribbean Sea) and the Spanish Main!  

Best Website Views Ever, Thanks Noonsite.com

LiveFree2SailFast.com and Tulum are the featured cruisers in this months newsletter and the editor had very generously linked back to our site, allowing all of their readers to check out our website….Thank you Sue!

Central America and the Caribbean North to South (West to East) by Sailboat:  Fast or Slow, What’s Your Speed?

“Fast or Slow” cruising means this to me: Fast means traveling past Mexico through Central America to get through the Panama Canal by April or May.  Then it means a pretty quick turnaround to get our butts through the western Caribbean and around to a hurricane safe port in Florida or Georgia by the end of June (hurricane season starts in June and runs through early November).  The Slow cruising that we’re talking about is slowing waaaay down and going through Central America more slowly, needing to stay in Panama until November, as both Costa Rica and Panama are out of the hurricane belt.

South At Our Own Pace

If this post doesn’t have the same timber or voice as a HelmsMistress post…it’s because I’m writing on her day in order to get a short post out before I lose internet again.

Taking Tulum Off The Market

This week, after having Tulum on the market for four months, we made the decision to keep our beloved sailboat and continue our nomadic lifestyle….south.

Tulum V Is For Sale

TulumV is for sale, but we’re NOT swallowing the anchor. Read on to find out more.