Live Free 2 Sail Fast

180917-CrossFit for real

After finishing four days of Cross Fit OnRamp and then taking a week off to allow my old creaky joints to stop hurting, I couldn’t find any more excuses not to get to work.  So  today was my first official Cross Fit workout.  I’m already hurting with delayed onset muscle syndrome (Doms) but moving on.  I love the fact that Cross Fit incorporates a warm-up and cool down as part of the mandatory workout…whether all the class studs want to do it or not.  Yep, there’s some class studs for sure, but then there’s folks like me.  I’m nothing to look at, a bit round and gray around the edges but I’m there.  And I’ll be there again on Weds- (more…)

180831/Rest of Last Week

I went back for more pain, but hung in there-

This whole week: I took all of last week off because of my joint pains and heavy work on the boat.   I’ll start actual CrossFit workouts this coming Monday!!


Last day of CrossFit OnRamp.  I “graduated” which means I can now go to CrossFit Class. Yeah.  Tonight I was really de-motivated by my all day in the sun Windlass work, but picked up steam in the workout and Coach Sadistic took it a bit easier on me I think.

180904- CrossFit OnRamp

Another day off CrossFit OnRamp done!  Friday I showed up and learned the Snatch (properly).  Tuesday I showed up and we learned more power moves and routines.

Important for me to learn proper form and function as I go through this as I’ve never learned it,,,,have you?


After the Coach/Instructor tried to break me on Monday afternoon (that’s my own thinking, she really just put me through the Day-1 OnRamp),,I’m not sure if she thought I would actually come back on Friday afternoon like I said I would.  To my own surprise,  I actually looked forward to it and showed back up on Friday afternoon, ready for another ass-kicker of an OnRamp intro.  I was not disappointed.  I’m really liking the OnRamp Class and CrossFit in general because they take their exercise form seriously and that contributes to safer exercises; done correctly and with more weight.  Three more days of OnRamp and I’ll be released onto the CrossFit world,,,,taking classes three days per week.  I’m looking forward to it.


After nearly two months of not working out (but not getting toooo fat), I was determined to try something new,,,,,and walked into my first CrossFit “Box” this afternoon.   Since I’m a house-husband working on the boat during the day, I want to take daytime classes but need to take the “on ramp” classes.  This particular box requires the on ramp and I’m glad I’ve started.  There was lots I didn’t know,,,,and it’s a humbling experience to walk into a place with 50 other people and be one of the oldest, fattest people there.  I’m the FNG again.  Just today’s on ramp was one of the hardest workouts I’ve done in years,,,,and it was an instructional period.  I have to attend 5 more of those sessions before they’ll even let me into a real class.  My body’s pretty sore and I’m humbled, but determined to go back.

What have you done for your physical shell lately?


Yep, I’m trying to get back into it and took the body out again today to remind it what running feels like.  Except,,,,it’s more like jogging a lot and very slowly.  God I hope none of the youngling’s I work with ever read this,,,,,cause it’s running so slow it’s embarrassing; knowing what I’ve done in the past!  Went out again today and did 2.30 miles with a total time of 31.11.  But,,,,this involved walking at least 1/2 a mile and trail running in sand.  No excuses,,,,,it is what it is!


I’ve been a bit sidelined since January when both my eardrums burst and I’ve had several visits with ENT to sort out what went wrong.  March brought about the fact that my hearing was not getting better, and I’ve lost about 33% of my original hearing,,,,which was already 19% you do the math.  I got my hearing aids two weeks ago and am still not happy about it.

Got out in the fresh air today to remind my body that I was once a runner again.  Although I did walk to warm up, I ran too.  I did a whole 1.64 miles in 22 minutes.  I’m starting to feel better and knocking this out one step at a time,,,,not really beating myself up too much because I’m starting to run again and getting back into the gym, feeling better overall.  If I can do it,,,you can do it!

First Focused Training Ride in 7 years-

Me and HotWife haven’t done much riding in the last 7 years,,,,especially laser focused riding in preparation for a 1/2 Ironman.  What a great feeling it was to get back on the back for specific training on Saturday, both of us knowing we needed to get some miles under us.  Although it was a short ride, we chose a technically challenging flatter course with lots of curves and turns to tune our bike handling skills back up.  Add dogs, people walking and running, other bikes and scooters,,,and you’ve got enough difficulty to keep us alert.  We aced the ride,,,,,feeling refreshed and renewed and knowing that the conditioning rides are coming up,,,long and longer in order to get into riding shape again.  If you’re in the same boat,,,,take it slow and don’t worry about what others might think.  I don’t. I know I don’t want to get injured and I want to start ramping back into it slowly,,,,,so we’re starting to run, ride and swim again smartly.  I have detailed conditioning and training schedules from the days when I used to have a coach; and I’ll start using them in the middle of this month.  But until then, I want to keep enjoying myself.

Don’t tell my wife I’ve made her office into a PAIN CAVE!

I made my wife’s office into my new pain cave.  How can I get away with this,,,and what the hell’s a pain cave? (more…)