After skipping Monday CrossFit because of Veterans Day, I got back into the swing of things today and I’m glad I did.  There were only three others at the workout today but that didn’t limit anything.  With a full leg workout and a tough timed workout, it was all I could do the keep up, but I did.

Have you ever tried a workout or exercise outside of your comfort zone?  Think you’re too old to hit a CrossFit Box and flourish?  You’re NOT! Give it a go, you might like it-



Once again, I missed the Monday and Wednesday portions of my workout week at Crossfit due to pain in one of my elbows and the weekend bout of food poisoning or something.  I basically took it easy this week but went back to Crossfit again Friday.  It was all about the Chest and the bench press upon returning, making certain I would feel more soreness and pain.  I have accepted it as part of working out at Crossfit.  These workouts I’m doing in Crossfit are nothing like my former Triathlon training or 20+ years of working out on my own….cause there’s a coach and a room full of fitness studs keeping me accountable.  More than them, I feel a need to keep myself accountable and I am.  I don’t really care much about missing workouts except that I’m also missing the lessons in technique and the chance to pull inspiration from the very high level Crossfit athletes who attend the workouts without fail.  I’ll continue to grouse along in the class with the goal of building more finesse than pure brute strength, as that’s what it’s all about to me.

181102- Clean and Jerk Friday

Friday rolled around and I had not been to CrossFit in a week and a half.  Completely my fault and I was feeling it.  I walked into a full workout with a heavy lift day scheduled, doing just the Clean portion of Clean and Jerk’s.  This was good, I needed to work on my technique anyways.  Loved it.

But I paid for taking all that time off from Crossfit with a soreness that left me nearly not walking by nightfall.  This was Delayed Onset Muscle Syndrome (DOMS) at it’s worst.  That’s ok, I deserved it!

What are you doing for yourself?  I treat my body like a tent,,,,do you treat yours like a temple?

181019- Gotta Rock the Front Squat!

Today was all about the Front Squat.  Ever done it….. correctly?    I’m still not doing it correctly.  See, my mobility isn’t where it needs to be and I can’t get my hands far enough back to get the bar onto my chest/front shoulders, so the instructor let me “cheat” today and do the front arms crossed method.  I’m not sure if my “testing” weight counts if I wasn’t doing it like everyone else, but I front squated more weight today in a one-rep max than I’ve ever done before (like in my life).  And my back is telling me I probably did a deplorable job with my form, as it’s a big sore.  But to put this in true perspective lest you think I’m bragging or I don’t know my place…my one-rep max was what most of the other folks in the class started with to work up to their own one-rep max.  I’m good with that, I’ve still there.   I’ll go back Monday for more!


I think it’s getting easier to actually go to CrossFit, knowing the punishment that’s about to occur.  But I gotta be honest, I feel like a bit of a troll still because I haven’t worked up to the full weight or reps that most of the other guys are doing.  Worrying about it is kind of silly as I just joined, but it’s still a concern.  I’ve drank the coolaid though and I’m sticking with it.  An hour of my time for 3 days per week is something I can handle, as I’m giving myself rest days.  I’m still sore, but working into it.

What kind of things are YOU doing to make yourself better?

181010- Back to CrossFit

I took a week and a half off from CrossFit after I visited the chiropractor and realized how OFF my back and neck really were; plus I got sick at the same time (which I expected).  After several sessions with the chiropractor and a great deep tissue massage, things started to click again.  I missed Friday due to getting the boat ready for a weekend of anchoring out and then I missed Monday.  But my old ass showed up again today, much to the surprise (I’m sure) of the staff.  But they’re really awesome and I integrated right back in.  I think I was about 90% today…..but I used less weight than the  “normal” mens workout and I’m still trying to learn to keep my back straight when prescribed.  But I feel SOOO much better mentally for going back and I’ve made a commitment to keep at it-

If I can go start knocking out CrossFit with my old and broken down body….you can too.

180917-CrossFit for real

After finishing four days of Cross Fit OnRamp and then taking a week off to allow my old creaky joints to stop hurting, I couldn’t find any more excuses not to get to work.  So  today was my first official Cross Fit workout.  I’m already hurting with delayed onset muscle syndrome (Doms) but moving on.  I love the fact that Cross Fit incorporates a warm-up and cool down as part of the mandatory workout…whether all the class studs want to do it or not.  Yep, there’s some class studs for sure, but then there’s folks like me.  I’m nothing to look at, a bit round and gray around the edges but I’m there.  And I’ll be there again on Weds- Continue reading