Yep, I’m trying to get back into it and took the body out again today to remind it what running feels like.  Except,,,,it’s more like jogging a lot and very slowly.  God I hope none of the youngling’s I work with ever read this,,,,,cause it’s running so slow it’s embarrassing; knowing what I’ve done in the past!  Went out again today and did 2.30 miles with a total time of 31.11.  But,,,,this involved walking at least 1/2 a mile and trail running in sand.  No excuses,,,,,it is what it is!



I’ve been a bit sidelined since January when both my eardrums burst and I’ve had several visits with ENT to sort out what went wrong.  March brought about the fact that my hearing was not getting better, and I’ve lost about 33% of my original hearing,,,,which was already 19% degraded..so you do the math.  I got my hearing aids two weeks ago and am still not happy about it.

Got out in the fresh air today to remind my body that I was once a runner again.  Although I did walk to warm up, I ran too.  I did a whole 1.64 miles in 22 minutes.  I’m starting to feel better and knocking this out one step at a time,,,,not really beating myself up too much because I’m starting to run again and getting back into the gym, feeling better overall.  If I can do it,,,you can do it!

First Focused Training Ride in 7 years-

Me and HotWife haven’t done much riding in the last 7 years,,,,especially laser focused riding in preparation for a 1/2 Ironman.  What a great feeling it was to get back on the back for specific training on Saturday, both of us knowing we needed to get some miles under us.  Although it was a short ride, we chose a technically challenging flatter course with lots of curves and turns to tune our bike handling skills back up.  Add dogs, people walking and running, other bikes and scooters,,,and you’ve got enough difficulty to keep us alert.  We aced the ride,,,,,feeling refreshed and renewed and knowing that the conditioning rides are coming up,,,long and longer in order to get into riding shape again.  If you’re in the same boat,,,,take it slow and don’t worry about what others might think.  I don’t. I know I don’t want to get injured and I want to start ramping back into it slowly,,,,,so we’re starting to run, ride and swim again smartly.  I have detailed conditioning and training schedules from the days when I used to have a coach; and I’ll start using them in the middle of this month.  But until then, I want to keep enjoying myself.

What’s a Pain Cave?

Coming tomorrow (Weds) we’ll explore the meaning of a pain cave and I’ll show you my new pain cave in progress.  Nope, there’s no S&M to it,,,,,it’s all about triathlon training time!

Since starting to get better from my ear infections and burst ear drums, I’ve been wanting to start working out again, but was only released to do this by my doctor on Friday.  So, yesterday I ran for the first time in 2018,,,,,a slow, slow 3 miles that has really helped my perspective.  I’m back in the game and both me and hot wife have started to realize we were dumb enough to sign up for a 1/2 Ironman,,,,now it’s time to get our butts in gear to get ready for it.


Hi, good evening:

Lots going on so short post tonight.  Still trying to tell my body that I’m working out.  Got out of a quick (SLOW) 2.71 mile run that turned out a lot hotter than expected with a tailwind coming back,,,which sucked.  Then came home and started the second coat of paint on the pool deck as we continue to clean like crazy to prep the house for pictures this Friday.  The Fitbit says I did 18,033 steps today for a total of 8 miles exactly.  Sounds good to me, I’m gonna try to keep up this momentum.

busy weekend and week

Yep, this was a busy weekend and the upcoming week will be busier.

We continue to work toward getting our house on the market; which is driving the work.  But,,,,being who we are, we play hard too.  Busy weekend: Got to get off the dock and get out sailing (FAST IS FUN); was invited to a 7-course wine and food pairing (dinner party)  where I felt a bit like the “hick from the sticks” and came home to have my new paint gun “explode” a bit (connection to the hose wasn’t tightened like it should have been”.  So,,,white paint is pretty much everywhere.

After I got the broken Fitbit cleaned up again, it says I did 16,145 steps today for a total of 6.88 miles.  Not bad for a day with no scheduled physical training.  I’ll enlighten you with all these stories as well as pics of the work we’re doing on the house this week.  It goes on sale about November 7th.  If it doesn’t sell by mid-December, we’ll take it off the market, put it back on the market in the spring.  This is a HUGE step in our journey toward starting to get ready for cruising,,,,,as it means no more house payments, home and flood insurance payments or property taxes,,,,and we can start to downsize our stuff (we’re doing that now,,,slowly).  I love all this,,,,,cause I like to simplify whenever possible and realize this is a good means toward our end (cruising).  So, with white paint on my hands still and all over my Fitbit,,,,I’m signing off, but will be back this week with pics and stories from this weekend and this week.


I didn’t workout today but got a lot of work done,,,,which reflected on my Fitbit.

I prepped the house for some touch up painting today, worked on getting the pool deck ready for paint and tried to clear up lots of miscellaneous projects I should have done 5 years ago to make the house better, but just getting around to it as we get ready to sell it.

So, the Fitbit says 16,671 steps with a total mileage of 7.09.  Not bad for a day with no running, just climbing ladders and working on miscellaneous projects.

Yes, we’re really doing it.  Our house goes on sale on 07 November.  Probably won’t sell this season so we’ll put it on sale again in late March for the spring season.  Gotta sell it so we can move on with our non-formalized plan, which entails retirement, moving to the boat and starting to get ready for our trip with a known timeline.  Can’t really do all that with a house payment while trying to be retired and take care of my girls,,,,so we’re putting it up for sale.

171013 & 171014

171013- I’m a huge proponent of a rest day and took one on Friday.  I did sit in the dry sauna for 20 minutes and read and relax.  I also did a neck workout, but nothing else.

171014- Today is Saturday.  My wife has been gone to Canada all week and was supposed to be back today, but the flights got all gooned up.  I spent all morning getting prepped for painting the back fences, the trim on the back of the house and the pool deck.  Painting tomorrow.


Hi,,,,after cutting down trees over the weekend, hitting the rowing machines Tuesday for the first time and then reminding my body that I can actually run/jog on Weds, I was back in the gym today.  The air quality up here sucked today.  The smoke from the fire in Orange County was blowing directly up here and I decided I had no desire to run in all that haze and smoke.  I was also feeling a bit peckish and like a bit of a fraud because the kids have been wearing me out more than my workouts,,,,so I hit the gym again.  Right off the bat, I hit the rowing machine for another go at it.  Resistance is always turned all the way up for my workouts (10) and I am working toward the 5000 Meter Goal. Last time I did 2000 meters in 9 minutes.  Today I pushed hard and did 2500 meters in approx 13 minutes, which I’m ok with.  I guess that was my only workout, but I knew I needed Fitbit mileage, tried to walk.  Ended up with 13,190 steps and 5.65 miles on the Fitbit total.  Hoping the smoke clears tomorrow so I can knock out a long, slow run, hopefully 5 miles.  This will be one of my last weekends to work on our house to get it ready for sale; it goes on sale on 07 November, but I don’t expect it to sell until the spring time when more people are in the area in buying moods.   And,,,I have not been able to go to the boat for several weeks and am feeling very caged in,,,,but that’s part of this life.  I retire in July of 2018 and won’t worry about all this after that.