How to go Charter a Boat-

Photo credit to Pexels

Ever thought of heading off to charter a sailboat or powerboat in some exotic location,,,,,except you had no idea where to start or how to do it?  Read on-  Continue reading


Skinny and Single Share-

This story struck enough of a cord I had to share it- if you like it, take a look at the Skinny and Single Website and Blog,,,,she’s got more poignant insights!

Simply put: there are actual professional bloggers. Since they make so much money, their blog is polished, affiliate link ridden, perfection. Their grammar is exceptional, their posts are worthy of every boring writer award you can find. Those bloggers have to be perfect, all the time, every time. I don’t. I’m a blogger who makes […]

via Why Grammar Fanatics Make Blogging A Drag — Skinny and Single

Occasional Blog Silence

In case you’re wondering why this blog is occasionally silent then a flurry of posts come out sometimes during the week,,,,,there’s a simple explanation or two:  Either I’m so damn tired I fall asleep during the week before I can eat or post anything,,,,,or  we’re out actually doing the things we write about and can’t get to the computer to post anything on the blog.

This is the case with this weekend.  We’ve been out adventuring and haven’t had a lot of time to post or reply to all of YOUR creative writing.  But I’m back,,,,,,so this coming week we’re have a lot more to write about-