Piercing’s and Tattoo’s,,,,Tis the Season

Local Piercing and Tattoo Shop Recommendations-

My daughter recently turned 8, so we took her to get her first earrings and piercing.  Great experience at a pro shop.  Knowing that the 18-year old with the piercing gun at the local mall shop wasn’t my favorite choice, we went to a local shop in San Diego that does lots of piercing and tattooing,,,,and were not disappointed.  Professional, clean and friendly, I’d go back.  SD Tattoo in San Diego,,,,check them out for yourself and if you need to be pierced, see Doctor Kev!

Now like most of you, there’s more to me than meets the eye.  I recently added more ink; but went with a recommendation I received awhile back from a friend and decided to have an artist who specialized in black and white help me with my new ink.  I was glad I did, as it turned out really good.  Nick from Black Filigree Tattoo in San Marcos did excellent work at a good price.  This place has a great website,,but you realize all the hype ends at the door, cause you better come to be tattooed,,,as that’s what they do!  The shop was clean, smelled good and Nick is good at what he does.  The linework on my new ink is crisp and clean (I like that) and it’s simple black.  I don’t have too much ink but I’m a decent judge of it,,,,and this shop rocked.  I would go back for another tattoo here.

We’re working on selling our house and upgrading the living conditions on the boat,,,,more about that coming up. Stick with us-


171016 / 171017 / 171018


After a long day of working on the house Sunday, I was worn out.  Took the day off from working out on this Monday.


Feeling guilty for NOT working out Monday, I hit the gym hard Tuesday.

Started with 3 sets on the neck machine.  Did 3 sets of 15 regular squats and did 3 sets of front squats (very hurty).  Finished off the workout with 3 sets of light shoulder shrugs, done perfectly.


Since we’re working to get the house sold, I had to come home during my lunch break from work for a contractor to come fix the pool fence.  The Mastiff ate part of the pool fence several years ago and we’ve never fixed it.  The contractor arrived one hour late and instead of taking 20 minutes to fix the pool fence, he took over an hour.  Needless to say, I didn’t get in a workout at lunch.  Came home after work and continued repainting the pool deck.

Oil spill in Trinidad – we are floating in a horrible ‘national disaster’ — Becoming a Sailor

This re-post just in from “Becoming a Sailor” about an oil spill in Trinidad,,,,bet you won’t hear about this on US National News- Give this a read to realize there’s things going on in the world you may not always hear about,,,but on this blog we look for things like this that effect sailors all over-


There’s been an oil spill in Trinidad. One group is referring to it as a national disaster because of the impact on livelihoods and fish stocks. The oil spill may have started last night as the smell of fuel overpowered us in our beds. We are moored in Chagauramas, Trinidad. The entire harbour has been […]

via Oil spill in Trinidad – we are floating in a horrible ‘national disaster’ — Becoming a Sailor


I didn’t workout today but got a lot of work done,,,,which reflected on my Fitbit.

I prepped the house for some touch up painting today, worked on getting the pool deck ready for paint and tried to clear up lots of miscellaneous projects I should have done 5 years ago to make the house better, but just getting around to it as we get ready to sell it.

So, the Fitbit says 16,671 steps with a total mileage of 7.09.  Not bad for a day with no running, just climbing ladders and working on miscellaneous projects.

Yes, we’re really doing it.  Our house goes on sale on 07 November.  Probably won’t sell this season so we’ll put it on sale again in late March for the spring season.  Gotta sell it so we can move on with our non-formalized plan, which entails retirement, moving to the boat and starting to get ready for our trip with a known timeline.  Can’t really do all that with a house payment while trying to be retired and take care of my girls,,,,so we’re putting it up for sale.

171013 & 171014

171013- I’m a huge proponent of a rest day and took one on Friday.  I did sit in the dry sauna for 20 minutes and read and relax.  I also did a neck workout, but nothing else.

171014- Today is Saturday.  My wife has been gone to Canada all week and was supposed to be back today, but the flights got all gooned up.  I spent all morning getting prepped for painting the back fences, the trim on the back of the house and the pool deck.  Painting tomorrow.

What we’re doing now; to prep for cruising then

I’ve read a lot of cruising blogs.  Most of them start as folks are leaving for their trips and end when the trip is over.  Who wants to read about live back on the hard and how much those folks miss their boat and adventure lifestyle?

We’re not doing that kind of blog.  I started this blog three years ago with the idea to build a group of friends and followers now,,,like when me and my wife are still working full-time, have very young children, just bought a sailboat and have not germinated that be all do all cruising plan yet,,,,,cause we’re not there yet.  I’m not yet retired, my wife isn’t yet retired and my kids are still very young and very in school.  We’re literally still working toward our goals.   The blog will continue  in an effort to take you through our loooong preparation phase, our actual trip and probably continue after we get home,,,,simply because it’s a fun outlet to bring you info and advice on travel and sailing.

So what are we doing now, to prep for cruising then:

I read a lot of blogs and books on cruising, sailing, adventure travel etc.  They all have advice (like my blog does) about how to get started, keep going and how to reintegrate. I’ve taken it to heart and both me and my wife know we need to do some things now to get ready to go,,,,,but we’re also not the types off the deep end,,,like we don’t always have singular focus.   We like a bit of moderation so we can still have options?  Does that make sense?   So,,,what have we done already and what are we doing right now,,,at least two or three years from sailing away:

1.   We bought a boat,,,,three years ago.  We decided to put her up for sale a year ago,,,,she’s still for sale.

2.  Taking a promotion in her job,,,,my wife moved onto our boat, which is 3 hours away from where we live.  I stayed here with the house, dog and kids to give them a stable lifestyle (for now) and until I retire.

3.  Like most of the blogs and the books say,,,,,we’re trying to eliminate or reduce our debt load,,,,,quickly.  We’re paid off my wife’s car, we paid off all of our credit cards and reduced our credit card usage from 3 cards to 1.  And,,,,we’ve decided to only use the one card that gives us airline miles, to start saving those miles up for when we need them.

4.  In the vein of reducing our debt load,,,we’re putting our house up for sale 9 months before I retire to force ourselves to get it up to par for sale,,,,and because the area we live in is kind of remote and we have a better chance of selling if we can get it on the market during the right seasons.

5.  We’ve started looking at the boat for things to make it more livable,,,,like a new canvas dodger that doesn’t leak, new mattresses and clean water tanks.  It’s nice to have clean water that tastes good.

6. Lastly, I put a lot of effort into looking for high quality, inexpensive stocks that pay monthly or quarterly.  If we can keep buying them consistently and roll those dividends back into the purchase of more stock while we’re in the US and working, the snowball effect works.  I also look carefully at penny stocks in developing sectors that I can buy very cheaply,,,,then hold them until they go up.  There are several great developing areas in the US and Canada right now that are actually starting to pay dividends, go up quickly in value and may offer a great opportunity for someone like me to make more money.  But we’ll see.  I use 80% of my small amount of investment money for the dividend stocks that pay monthly or quarterly and the other 20% for developing industries.  I’ve also found that Peer to Peer Lending (like on Prosper) has potential for higher interest rates on earnings and you have monthly payments.  But,,,,like most people, I don’t have enough invested anywhere to actually live off,,,that’s a bit of a pipe dream right now.

I got bored with our current stickers and shirts and have redone them to become a bit more up to date and simpler, looking forward to getting those in soon.  Also get to get back onto the boat next weekend and see the new mattresses and see how the canvas project is going.  We’re getting new matching sunbrella dodger and updated cockpit cushions.  Boy,,,,,do we need them.  I’m convinced the cockpit cushions and dodger are originals to the boat,,,which means stuff is 17 years old.  I know the mattresses are original, cause they are the same spec as came from the Hunter Factory.  Time to update! Can’t Wait.


Hi,,,,after cutting down trees over the weekend, hitting the rowing machines Tuesday for the first time and then reminding my body that I can actually run/jog on Weds, I was back in the gym today.  The air quality up here sucked today.  The smoke from the fire in Orange County was blowing directly up here and I decided I had no desire to run in all that haze and smoke.  I was also feeling a bit peckish and like a bit of a fraud because the kids have been wearing me out more than my workouts,,,,so I hit the gym again.  Right off the bat, I hit the rowing machine for another go at it.  Resistance is always turned all the way up for my workouts (10) and I am working toward the 5000 Meter Goal. Last time I did 2000 meters in 9 minutes.  Today I pushed hard and did 2500 meters in approx 13 minutes, which I’m ok with.  I guess that was my only workout, but I knew I needed Fitbit mileage, tried to walk.  Ended up with 13,190 steps and 5.65 miles on the Fitbit total.  Hoping the smoke clears tomorrow so I can knock out a long, slow run, hopefully 5 miles.  This will be one of my last weekends to work on our house to get it ready for sale; it goes on sale on 07 November, but I don’t expect it to sell until the spring time when more people are in the area in buying moods.   And,,,I have not been able to go to the boat for several weeks and am feeling very caged in,,,,but that’s part of this life.  I retire in July of 2018 and won’t worry about all this after that.



Long weekend of cutting trees and metal got me a bit sore, but have to keep up the motivation.

I hit the gym, working on a rowing machine for the first time.  Goal is 5000 meters in 21 minutes.  I made it through 2000 meters in 9 minutes today before I pussied out and took a break.  Worked on the neck for 3 sets,,,,then hit the sauna to read about sailboats. (sorry, I try to be tame but it’s hard)

Fitbit is officially cracked, but still running.  It says I did 10, 195 steps and 4.34 miles today.