I’m befuddled by all the political crap and am starting to be taken back to my dad’s time growing up in the 50’s and 60’s with all the race and political stuff from that era.  The stuff that’s going now is simply not acceptable, in any society.

We’re going to stay focused on adventure travel and sailing and continue to be as steadily a-political as we’re always been.

More in the next couple days, this has been another long week.


LF2SF- From Sea to Shining Sea (Alaska to Arizona)

Friends of the family and LiveFree2SailFast came through town about three months ago and visited, taking some stickers and shirts with them as they continued their travels.  They’ve made it up the Alaskan-Canadian Highway (the Alcan) to visit family of their own up there.  Here’s a quick note we got from them:

You will have seen that we have now arrived in Anchorage & are enjoying time with the family.  About a week ago, as we crossed the Yukon-Alaska border, we noticed that folks had stuck stickers on the back of the border sign.  So, having a stack of 29 Palms YC  stickers that XXX gave us, we posted one amongst the many other stickers.  I’m attaching a couple of photos that maybe you could pass on. – so he knows it’s out there, miles from southern California, for others to see.  And please say hello to him & wife.  We have 3 weeks here in Anchorage before heading back to NZ, arriving early in September.

So,,,how cool is this,,,that this cool couple from New Zealand took a couple of stickers and are now proceeding to throw them up in the 50th state.  Cool, here’s what it looks like:

You’ll also remember my post about how some pirate mysteriously decided to decorate a certain buoy on the Colorado River with the same sticker, as seen below:

Some pirate put our sticker on that buoy!!!

I’m also told on good authority that a LF2SF sticker may also be stuck somewhere in the Breakwater Brewing Company and the possibly somewhere in Little Miss Brewing in Miramar.

Thanks for following us, keep following us and if you’re NOT following,,,,,,perhaps you might want to?

100th Follower

Yesterday the blog hit a new milestone with our 100th follower; quickly followed by 101 and 102.  Thanks.

Followers are important whether bloggers admit it or not,,,,but so are views, likes or another other metrics important to you as a writer and blogger.  Important to me?  What’s important to me is quality content that tells a story or provides good info and the fact that folks are looking at it.  I don’t have any political, national or economic agenda’s except to grow the blog in anticipation of our own Bluewater cruising trip on our own boat with our kids (it should be a circus).  Yes,,,,the blog is monetized for traffic that may come through eventually but so far I seem to be missing those days when 500-5000 people come through the blog and WordPress throws money at me.   And,,,,that’s OK.  I’m stoked that anyone out there actually takes the time to read the things I write and put out then they may or may not choose to interact with me.  The interaction is cool.  I like it, but I want to keep publishing relevant material whether I have followers, views ect.  I’ve read several different viewpoints about content following viewer trends to keep a blog relevant and then I read stuff from the Opinionated Man blog that says he writes what he wants,,,,and his blog is large and seems to be growing.  On the blog side, I like the info that Jason from Opinionated Man writes about blogging (its common sense) and on the content side I like what I put out.  We don’t always have adventures on Mt. Everest, down the Mariana’s Trench or riding our motorcycles down Baja in life,,,,,sometimes life is the adventure you make it wherever you go,,,,,so that’s what I write about in general.  I’ve had those kind of rip-roaring adventures and many people who I know have also had them (like the guy who helped me design this blog and many of my followers); but I don’t always want to showcase those things,,,,,cause I’m not doing them full-time.  Full time,,,,I work,,,,,cause I need to eat and pay for a sailboat and a house and two small children who eat lots of snackies.  However, I also get to go do LOTS of cool stuff that is pretty neat to be able to share via this blog,,,,,and you should tell ALL your friends to come follow it so I can hit another milestone very soon,,,,,,,my 1000 follower would be very cool.

Also, we have some very, very talented people who follow this blog.  It might be a great way to tap into some expert knowledge sometime if you need it, pretty cool for me to see all of the eclectic people and careers that have gravitated or somehow found this blog,,,,,keep it up.

A steady Cruiser

Good Morning:

Me, the wife and the kids were down on the docks a few weeks ago at Shelter Island boatyard looking at another boat when I saw this Peterson 44.   She’s a boat I’ve been on before when she was listed with another broker and have written a post about already.  She’s a steady cruiser at a great price that would be a great boat for someone who wanted to do some Bluewater cruising.  No offense to anyone, but keep in mind she’s not a classic Kelly Peterson 44 (cause she wasn’t built at Qween Long Marine) but aside from that she looks pretty close.

When I saw this stern profile again from the docks, I was taken back to Tulum III.  My parents circumnavigated a Kelly Peterson 44 around the world in approx. 18 years and they swear these are the best Bluewater boats on the planet, and they’re sometimes hard to find on the West Coast.

If you want to read more about her or see the rest of my pics from inside her, take look at this post I’ve already written:  or hit the link above to see the pics from the broker.

(I even called it a Kelly Peterson, but I don’t think it is).

Million Dollar Boat- and they let me on it!

This is a nearly $1 million dollar boat,,,,,and they let me on it!  They may have known that I write for one of the top 40 Sailing Blogs on the internet or they saw how ridiculous handsome I am,,,,,(except neither of these things are really true),,,,so I was simply another potential customer.

So, this is a 2017 Aquila 44 Powerboat,,,,and she’s sweet.  MarineMax is actually a publicly traded company that has “stores” (brokerages) all over the US and sells boats and provides rentals and bareboat in places,,,like the BVI.  I like this, pretty cool.  But, on this boat Saturday afternoon after I had been in the bilges all day,,,,it was sweet to have a free cold Margarita put in my hand and have the nice sales lady give me a full tour.  When hot wife showed up, we got a better tour and were able to discuss the bareboat opportunities in the BVI.  Of course,,,,,all of this was in the name of blog research (that got me another free drink) and I had a fun time doing it.

Here’s a few more pics of this good-looking boat:

Salon, looking toward the FULL beam Master Suite and private head.

This isn’t the Master. This is one of the two queen sized guest suites. It’s larger than the Master on my sailboat!

Umm, that’s not a real fish but that is a real barbeque up on the fly bridge of this boat.

Great Control Spaces up on the flybridge

So cool, you can get to the bow down the flybridge ladder well and it gives you great visibility.

There were three powerboats,,,,so we went on this one too, a 40 footer for less than the powercat,,,,this one was only in the $700’s.

Overall, I was impressed with how the sales folks treated us poor sailboaters and I liked the powercat.  And,,,,they take trade-in’s and say they have in-house financing.  Almost sounds interesting,,,,,,naaaaah.   Back to my bilge!

National Veterans Summer Sports Clinics

This week I was invited to help the Warrior Sailing Program as they put on the sailing portion of the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic in San Diego.  These clinics are run by the VA but specific organizations like Warrior Sailing come in to help.  How stoked am I not only to get the invitation, but to be able to find baby-sitting and have the boat in San Diego that I can stay on to help with the clinic the entire week.

The clinics in San Diego go from 17 – 21 September, don’t care if I do have to take vacation days from work,,,,,I’ll be happy to be on the water helping with what I can to give something back to those who’ve been injured in the line of duty,,,,,or their families.

If you’re ever interested in helping with something like this and want to get into it,,,,email the coordinator at the Warrior Sailing Program and tell them that sent you!!!

PS: I used a week of vacation time today to lock in this unique opportunity and can’t wait to help in any way I can-

Let’s talk boat batteries-

Hmm,,,,let’s talk boat batteries real quick.  They’re not that hard but I’ve personally screwed up my boat batteries once and don’t want to do it again,,,,,so if this post could possibly help you, that’s what it’s for.  If you’re fairly poor like me,,,,,you probably have regular lead acid boat batteries and you might have the giant cell ones like me that take water to keep running,,,,,so they don’t dry out, overcharge and de-gass while you’re underway and you don’t lose ALL electrical power completely.  We did,,,,and it sucks.

First, if you don’t have the 2 quarter Lubrimatic automatic battery filler in the picture below,,,SPEND $16 dollars and get it,,,,it’s frickin magic.

You can get this at West Marine or on this link from Amazon.  (Full Disclosure- if you buy from the link I’ve provided, I make 1 cent)

Now look at the hole in my battery closely.  If you know your batteries, you’ll know you should be able to see water coming all the way up into camera view,,,but in this picture there isn’t any,,,,,cause it’s a bit low.  Using the automatic filler and some good old fashioned DISTILLED water, I promptly refilled it.  Don’t be a dumbass who uses regular water in your boat batteries, you’ll pay the price!

I’ve been a bit irregular with posts this last week but have snapped out of it and am back.  I’m excited to show you a $million dollar boat they let me on and what happens when you have to rip out all the floorboards of your boat to trace problems.  Stay with us!!

Dear Viagra Spammers

Dear Viagra Spammers:

Thanks very much for adding LOTS of spam comments to my blog.  I think that folks who have to spam out Viagra emails to small time bloggers like me are pretty worthless,,,,but you DO serve a purpose.  Thank you for your spam mail to this blog,,,,cause you remind me how much I don’t need Viagra yet!!

Hot as Balls-

I had a longer, more in-depth post planned and written, but it’s hot as balls where I live. In fact, it’s so hot that at 939 pm as I write this, with full A/C on in my house,,,it’s still hot as balls and my computer and internet are barely hanging on in the heat.  No one really believes in “monsoon” season in the desert, but it’s here.  With clouds and high winds, you can’t run the “Swamp Coolers” because of the high humidity and are forced to run the A/C on a regular basis.  So,,,,,,climate change isn’t real and this extreme heat and sucky long ass monsoon season is just a thing,,,,I guess.  Or so the politicians tell us!

I took a week or so off from the blog because of literally not having time to write, but am working on my time management skills.  It’s hot, more once I find the motivation.  Stay with us,,,,we’re working on the blue water cruising dream still.