Live Free 2 Sail Fast

Who Are We?

We’re real people.  We have a dog, children and we’re not wealthy.


If someone reading this could take nothing else off my website, please know that I believe there’s a boat or sailboat within most ANYONE’s reach.  If we could buy a decent boat with nothing down and not a lot of money for upgrades, most anyone else can do it.  Follow us to continue to read our story or ask me questions if you need advice.  I’m no expert at much of anything, but we managed to buy a sailboat and keep her afloat this long, we’re going to continue to muddle through it as we roll along.

Me, the Author…a real person trying to do unreal things.

As a kid, I spent 5 years with family on a Taiwan CT-41 cruising sailboat throughout Central America, doing what most kids can’t or won’t imagine.  This fueled my imagination, jump starting creativity and giving me experiences I can’t ever replicate.  Fast forward through the boring stuff,,,(I started working after college) and never stepped back onto a sailboat for nearly 25 years.  But adventure always seemed to follow me  (it’s a mindset) and I found that climbing, mountaineering and adventure travel fit.  After some intense experiences on various business trips and eventually visiting more than 32 countries;  something inside me knew that cruising and a cruising sailboat with my family was going to happen.  After three years of research and negotiation, we bought a boat (2014)!  and in November of 2017 we sold that boat (see the our boat page to learn about it).  In February of 2018 we bought another sailboat.  In April of 2018 we sold our home and moved most of our stuff into permanent storage.  In July of 2018 I retired and we moved onto the sailboat permanently.  YES, we live on the dock till November of 2019.  Don’t be surprised when you see posts about me sewing, cooking and taking care of our kids.  This is life and I’m not too apologetic.  I’m not a totally evolved househusband, but I love doing what I do to prep the boat for cruising.

The Family:

My family is important to me; I would not have advocated buying a cruising sailboat or prepping her to go blue water sailing without my wife’s “buy-in” and we won’t be heading off into the sunset for a cruising adventure without her or the kids.

My wife is a strong, smart professional and somehow still finds time to be a wife and mom.  We’ve survived multiple extended business trips between the two of us and I’m having a blast being married.  In 2017, my wife decided to take on a new challenge and took a job three hours away from our home.  This required her to move.  She moved onto our cruising sailboat and lived there permanently while me, the dog and the two kids stayed in the house until I was ready to retire.  This was a significant challenge for the family, but something we got through as we worked toward blue water cruising.

The oldest daughter is 9.  She’s strong, adventurous, outspoken and will turn into a rugged young woman. There’s few things we do together than she won’t try. She’s currently looking forward to getting her own guinea pig (might be a long ways off) and swims like a fish. In her words she likes to “read, do art and especially likes exotic animals.  She really wants to be a traveling journalist when she grows up.  She says she’s really excited about traveling the world on a sailboat”.   What she didn’t say also is that she also really, really loves the electronics that we allow her to use on a very limited basis.

The youngest daughter is a spitfire at 7.  She’s louder than her sister and is known as the early riser.  When the sky’s awake, the 7-year old is awake.  In her own words, “she’s getting a lizard (someday)”.  Interview over as she left in a huff, cause I said,,,,”no lizard right now”.

Quincy the Dog is our five year-old, 130 pound Great Dane who has a perchant for eating expensive couches, children’s toys, pool fences and barking loudly at most anything that comes near her boat.   She’s pretty good at stepping on feet and knocking over small children.  She moved onto our sailboat in July of 2018 and we’re breaking her into dock life, other dogs and boat life.

Quincy’s first time at anchor:


I’ll admit it, I hardly do email, much less anything on social media, so this blog/website is a step forward for me.  This blog isn’t for recognition or instant financial gain.  The writing is for you and me.  If I can pass on something that helps you, it’s a win.   If I can write and feel like I’ve said something worthwhile, funny, practical or educational, it’s a win.  This blog is my art, since I’m all practical, most of the time.  And, it should be a two-way conversation, with my voice as the writer talking with you and perhaps you talking back when you want.

I was down working on the boat and thinking of all the other production boat folks who have either contacted me, follow the blog or I follow their blogs.  As I took off floorboards, worked to clean my bilges and get my batteries filled properly; I determined I would use the blog to help others if they wanted to learn from my mistakes and experiences with our production boat.  Even if I screw things up or don’t do them the way you might,,,,perhaps you could learn from what I’ve doing.

The blog will focus on doing things on the practical side when possible, prepping and cruising on production sailboats (since that’s what we’re taking to sea).

If you’ve gotten this far,,,,,please FOLLOW US and consider checking out our Patreon Account, Quincy’s always hungry.