Me, the Family and this Blog

Me, the Author…a real person trying to do real things.

As a kid, I spent 5 years with family on a Taiwan CT 41 cruising sailboat throughout Central America, doing what most kids can’t or won’t imagine.  This fueled my imagination, jumpstarting creativity and giving me experiences I can’t ever replicate.

CT41 – (Image from Yachtworld)

Fast forward through the boring stuff,,,(and I started working after college) and never stepping back onto a sailboat for nearly 25 years.  But adventure always seemed to follow me  (it’s a mindset) and I found that climbing, mountaineering and adventure travel seemed to fit, but never had many thoughts about cruising or sailboats for many years.

After some intense experiences on various business trips and eventually visiting more than 32 different countries;  something inside me knew that cruising and a cruising sailboat with my family was going to happen.  After three years of research and negotiation, we bought a boat (2014)!

Me and my wife are pretty normal folks, both with full time jobs and two small children.    If someone reading this could take nothing else off my website, please know that I believe there’s a boat or sailboat within most ANYONE’s reach.  If we could buy a decent boat with nothing down and not a lot of money for upgrades, most anyone can do it.  Follow us to continue to read our story or ask me questions if you need advice.  I’m no expert at much of anything, but we managed to buy a sailboat and keep her afloat this long, we’re going to continue to muddle through it as we roll along.

The Family:

My family is important to me; I would not have advocated buying a cruising sailboat without my wife’s “buy-in” and we won’t be heading off into the sunset for a cruising adventure without her or the kids.

My wife is a strong, smart professional who works a full time job, does the lions share of the work with the kids on a daily basis and somehow still finds time to be a wife and best friend. I met my wife at a time when I had given up on dating and we became friends prior to dating. She was also the one who passed the Yosemite test with flying colors (try taking girlfriends tent camping in Yosemite during December and see how long things last). Since then, we’ve survived multiple extended business trips between the two of us and I’m having a blast being married.  In 2017, my wife decided to take on a new challenge and has taken a job three (3) hours away from our home.  This has required her to move.  She moved onto our cruising sailboat and lives there permanently while me, the dog and the two kids are staying here in the house until I retire.  This is a significant challenge for the family, but something we’ll get through as we work toward blue water cruising.

The oldest daughter is 7.  She’s strong, adventurous, outspoken and will turn into a rugged young women. There’s few things we do together than she won’t try. She’s currently looking forward to getting her own fish, swims like a fish and can scream very, very loudly about almost everything.

The youngest daughter is still in testing mode at 5.  She’s a bit more of a Princess but not afraid of much except bugs. She’s also looking forward to her first fish and can now swim nearly as well as her sister.

Quincy the Dog is a three year-old, 130 pound Great Dane who has a perchant for eating expensive couches, children’s toys, pool fences and barking loudly at most anything that comes into her backyard kingdom. She’s pretty good at stepping on feet, knocking over small children and attacking any sort of running vacuum cleaner or leaf blower.   Aside from this, she’s also untested on the sailboat and may or may not become part of the crew, we’ll be doing the beta-testing in 2017 and will probably have plenty of information about Great Danes on Sailboats to share on the blog then.


I’ll admit it, I hardly do email, much less anything on social media, so this blog/website is a step forward for me.  This blog isn’t for recognition or instant financial gain.  The writing is for both you and me.  If I can pass on something that helps you, it’s a win.   If I can write and feel like I’ve said something worthwhile, funny, practical or educational, it’s a win.  This blog is my art, since I’m all practical, most of the time.  And, it should be a two-way conversation, with my voice as the writer talking with you and perhaps you talking back then you want.

This weekend (July 2017) I was down working on the boat and thinking of all the other production boat folks who have either contacted me, follow the blog and I follow their blogs.  As I took off floorboards, worked to clean my bilges and get my batteries filled properly; I determined I would use the blog to help others if they wanted to learn my own mistakes and experiences with our production boat.  Even if I screw things up or don’t do them the way you might,,,,perhaps you could learn from what I’ve doing.

The blog will focus on doing things on the practical side when possible, prepping and cruising on production sailboats (since that’s what we’re taking to sea) and Sailing as a potential method of treatment for PTSD.

130 Pounds of Great Dane,,,,secret weapon


34 thoughts on “Me, the Family and this Blog

  1. Chad & Michelle. You guys I Love this. takes me back about 40 years now I can live vicarioursly keeping track of you guys. Meeting you and your family and dog, in 1978 has become one of those friendships that last a lifetime. Hoping
    to seeing the boat when next in 29 Palms. You are a funny guy, keep writing.
    Looking forward to the further adventures from the 29Palms YC.
    Your old friend, Dennis

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    • Kerry, deep water is safer than shallow water for most boats that can handle it. The feeling of being drawn to the sea is as old as mankind, as the sea seems to awaken something in some of us that’s old and powerful. Although I was on a boat as a kid like my page says, I never went back to the sea until a few years ago, when I could understand it better. How cool it was to take basic classes with my wife and understand that despite what life was throwing at us, there was more out there than just the daily humdrum. Thank you for following the blog, please ask your friends and anyone else to follow, as I am working hard to build this thing. I know next to nothing on the tech side and I know a little about boats. If you’re ever in So Cal, we would LOVE to take you out on the boat for a day sail with the calm captain and quiet children- Get 25 folks to follow, get a FREE kewl T-Shirt that I will ship for free! and you’ll be a member of the 29 Palms Yacht Club!

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    • Dave:

      Hi, thanks for the reply- I got the new engine panel from the Hunter Parts Webdsite:

      They were pretty awesome as they drop shipped it to me, turns out the distributor is here in Cali and I got it in two days but their website says a minimum of 5 days. I was pretty impressed. Hit me back with anything else you need, it’s a work in progress.

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      • Thanks, I saw that they had one, just seeing if there was another source. If you don’t mind me asking, What brand/size/model are you using for an inverter/charger. I assume stock Xantrax 1000 gave up a long time ago.

        Are you in Marina Del Rey?



        (818) 521-7155

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  2. Thanks, I saw that they had one, just seeing if there was another source. If you don’t mind me asking, What brand/size/model are you using for an inverter/charger. I assume stock Xantrax 1000 gave up a long time ago.

    Are you in Marina Del Rey?

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    • Dave: No, I think the stock Xantraz 1000 is still in the boat but may not be doing as well as I’d like. I’m working on several electrical challenges now and a house battery just died. I’m not in MDR, I was in Oceanside but we just moved the boat to San Diego this weekend. She’s getting a little work done. Thanks for the reply-

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    • Ellen, what a thrill it is to hear from you, I am just a new blogger but your’s is very established and huge, thanks for the response. Yea, the Yos Test was real but unrealized at the time as I just love the outdoors and didn’t care who was with me till I met my wife. She’s now bought into the boat and cruising and we’re looking for another boat soon. Thanks for following, please stay with us-

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  3. Hi Folks Just found your blog (as you’ve just found ours!), and look forward to learning about you and your journey.
    Nicki and I also prepped for never three years, and just departed for our first extended cruise in August. Leaving from Maine, we’re currently in Hampton, VA, where I (Keith) am recovering from a surprise retinal detachment and the necessary surgery before we continue south on the ICW for a planned winter in Florida and the Keys.
    Hope we can cross paths with you somewhere as our cruising adventures unfold!
    Best, Keith & Nicki, s/v Sionna

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    • Hi, thanks so much for following our fledging blog. We’re here o the west coast but planning on retiring in 2018 and moving on to the cruising life. We’re in boating flux as we look to change out boats based on job changes but that’s ok, we’re always going to have a sailboat and we will continue the blog through our adventures. Thanks for following, hope the eye feels better-

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  4. Good Luck! More importantly, have fun!

    I lived aboard from 60 to 63. We had a blast. I was 10-13 years. Cruising in those days was more minimalist than what today’s minimalist could imagine. I had great friends. It is a feeling I’d like to recapture, minimalism and all.

    Norm on Cape Cod

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    • Norm:

      Hi, thanks for reading and commenting. I lived on board also as a kid younger than you in the 70’s and loved it, but left it for many years. Cape Cod is where the real sailors are, I hope it’s not too cold out there. If you like us, would be great to have you follow us, thank you for reading.

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  5. Hey: Today was cold, below freezing. We went down to the yard and unstopped the mast with the help of our yacht mechanic son who works at the yard. It was a fun project. We have some repairs to make on the spar and now is as good a time as any. details at our site. Yes, I am following you. Norm

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  6. Saw an ad that a 2000 Hunter 46′ Sailboat was for sale (Owner has orders)? I will be in San Diego this week looking at boats and would like to see yours. Please tell where, who I should contact and your asking price.

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    • Anthony, would be thrilled for u to come look at Tulum. Please contact Clark Hardy at yachtfinders at 619-224-2349 or 619 573-3566

      Most of the info on the boat can be found on the yachtfinders/windseakers website under yachts for sale, then 46 hunter 460 and theres lots of pictures of her on this blog

      Thanks for reaching out, great to hear u want to see the boat, she’s in good shape and Clark can give u great info on her

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  7. Anthony, just following up again, I hope you saw my reply and were able to get hold of Clark Hardy at Yachtfinders. If you need any other info you can find lots in this blog or you can make more comments and I’ll answer them- Chad

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  8. Im trying to get a hold of a man who came in my business in Santee , CA requesting t-shirts to be screen printed,
    he did not leave name or business card. I gave him an estimate and just trying to follow up with him.

    This is anthony with Elite Wear 619-250-7962

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