Some folks think running isn’t hard or complicated.  Just go out there and do it.  I think you have to go out and start smartly to build a base of mileage and add speed – especially if you are overweight, have current or pre-existing injuries, have not run in a very long time or maybe you want to come into running from another sport.

I’m there- I have not run in a long time, a bit too much weight, stress- a combination that has forced me to look at running again and acknowledge that I might want to give it another try…but this time for the joy of it.

Last week, feeling ambitious, I allowed the HelmsMistress to take me on one of her favorite runs in the local area- to and from a place called Diablo Beach, which she said was about three miles.  This was the longest run I had done in five years so I knew it was going to hurt but I knew I could do it if I stayed in a lower heart rate zone and took it easy.  I also took water with me and made the deal with myself that I didn’t care how fast she ran, I was going into this for fun so my pace would reflect.

The run didn’t disappoint.  Down a long straight and flat perfectly paved road through heavy jungle, there was high heat and humidity and no cars…but a few bikers finishing a longer ride.  We saw an agotee (large rat like animal that can grow quite large) and made it down to the pretty little swatch of beach they called Diablo Beach, then turned around and came back.  It was a longer run for me but worth it, making me sore but not hurty sore.

My new Fitbit says we did 3.56 miles, but I think it activated a bit early, not sure it was actually that long.

Since this run, we’ve been run/walking on a regular basis, when the weather (rain) allows it.

I’m starting to run again from scratch after having not run for 5 years straight.  That’s it, that’s what this part of my website will be about.

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