Alrighty, hello, my peeps! About a week or so ago, we started our journey back to the states (US). No, we’re not leaving the marina and bringing the boat north yet, but we are flying via airline back home.  The animals (Quincy and Oreo, dog and cat respectively) will be going to kennels while we’re gone. For Quincy, our 130 pound 8-year old Great Dane, we’ve found a large kennel with a huge open yard, a ball pit, a pool, and, most importantly, other dogs for her to run around, play, and be a pack with. We’ve actually used this kennel before, when we went through the canal. We obviously couldn’t have a huge dog running up and down the decks and barking at the line handlers, so it was a large relief to find this kennel. As for Oreo, our year-old kitten, we found the perfect kennel in Panama City: a hidden gem that took us some time to find (no, literally: we had to call them because we could not find the place).  Dad brought her up in her cage, and then came back and said, “You need to see this”. Curious, we followed him up several flights of stairs to a small door that was gated off. We open the gate and then the door, and enter the building. Inside, there’s a soft yellow light bathing the room. Cat trees tower towards the ceiling, and food and water bowls are everywhere. Litter boxes are in the corners, and cat shelters and teepees line the walls. Oh, and did I mention the cats? At least five in the room itself. Some of them hide but one huge, friendly Bengal cat comes right up to me and starts purring. I put my hand down to let her sniff and she rubs her cheek on my hand.  After I pull myself from belly rubs with the Bengal, I move down a hall of offices to the main lobby, where more cat trees sit in the corners next to the huge glass windows, broadcasting the dreary looking rain drizzling outside. Lounging on one of the cat towers is the largest cat I’ve ever seen, although I’m pretty sure no house would hold him; he has the look of a roaming cat.  His stripes mark him as Bengal, and I’m guessing that he’s related to the large female Bengal cat in the other room. Just like her, he rubs his face against my hand, then rolls over when I pet his back. After meeting many more kitties, I go back to the cat tower room with all the other cats and there was Oreo, hiding in a cat teepee. She looked very small, but the expression on her face told us how displeased she was.  (A week later, we get a video from the kennel keeper. The lady is holding and petting Oreo, and another friendly looking orange cat comes near to investigate. Oreo then proceeds to hiss at said cat. We have raised her well).

At about 7:00 in the morning the next day,  we drive from the marina with all our bags to a hotel near the airport, then fly out the next morning at around 6:00. For the next several hours, we fly, fly, and fly some more, switching airplanes once and landing in the Houston Airport for an hour or two for lunch, then flying to our final destination. From there we drive to our grandparents house, where I type from now.  We’ve been in the states for about a week or two, and in that time,  we’ve gotten some books from Barnes and Noble, raided the sock section of Target, got my ears pierced (again), and celebrated my birthday!  Coming up, we have Disneyland, more Target, annnnnnnnnnd lots of other things.  After that, back to the boat once more!  We’ll fly back soon, pick up the animals, and then settle back in for months of cruising the Caribbean(if the boat doesn’t sell).

The author is a boat kid who has lived onboard our Aleutian-51 Ketch for the last four years, being homeschooled with her sister and hanging with her Great Dane and Kitty.  We try to publish Kids Corner every Friday, stories written by kids for kids everywhere.  Got questions or comments for her about boat life or kids stuff in general?  We love it when you reach out via comments. 










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