Even on far flung shores in a cultural melting pot of cruisers, we remember where we come from and we remember 9/11/2001.

No matter where we are in the world, we slow down as a family on 9/11 to remember.

But we don’t remember this day out of hate or a need for vengeance.

We remember this day out of love and a debt of gratitude for those who perished, and those who would continue to perish from the after-effects.  We remember this day because we felt vulnerable and violated after having to bear witness to the utter violence of the day.  We remember because it seemed that the veil of innocence and security that our generation had taken for granted was suddenly torn asunder.  

I was up early this morning as yet another strong rain cell passed over, complete with thunder and lightening.  I had to get my butt up on deck to take power down on the boat and turn us off on the dock, but then sat up and looked over news.  I was disappointed that there wasn’t much about today’s memorial service in New York or other places, but there was an article about the most famous pictures taken that day.  This was interesting and held my attention, as it detailed where and why the photos were taken and the emotional experiences surrounding them.  Even in this marina with the most diverse selection of cruisers we’ve been around, we know where we come from and we remember 9/11/2001.  Never forget….”Let’s Roll”

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