A quick look at Tulum's 5-year maintenance cycle

Last Saturday I wrote about the major boat projects we’ve done every summer since 2019, but this summer reminds me that we have not slowed down for an extended amount of time to focus on the boat since we left the US.  In the US, I used the summers of 2018 and 2019 to focus solely on improving life on the boat for extended cruising.  Now I’ve given myself August through November of this year to do some of the same work, focusing on renewal of systems and cosmetics around the boat during this extended work period on the boat.  For us the corrosion control, maintenance management, major engine and powerplant upgrades, brightwork projects and constant minor upgrades are part of the harmony of sailboat life.  Tulum’s spirit as a sailboat must be in keeping with her systems continually being upgraded and improved, which is what we continue do as we slow down for this period of extended maintenance and major upgrades.  These are things that we expected and take in stride, working to continue improving our boat.  What we do out here would be hard and stressful if we called it a constant vacation, but as a lifestyle choice, some of this has to be taken in stride and just worked through, coming out the other side with a stronger appreciation for our own boat.  Seriously, Tulum is a freaking long haul blue water cruising sail boat overbuilt with all the systems we need to stay off the grid as long as we have energy, food and fuel.  

So what’s our with our 5-year improvement and upgrade cycle?

We’ve hauled Tulum out and gotten her bottom paintedDONE

We took out all of our anchor chain (rode) and cold galvanized it so that it would last longer.  While the chain was out, we cleaned and decluttered the forward chain lockerDONE

– Our engine was taken out and is currently in our salon.  Before we’re done, every part of it will be checked and we’ll put in a new oil pan gasket, new head gasket and new seals.

–  We’ve putting new bearings and new bearing strong points in below the engine, so the shaft is bomber.  And we’ll clean and repaint the bilge while the engine is out. 

– I’m working on all of the teak brightwork (concurrent project) now.  All of the teak on the outside of the boat will get 12 coats of varnish and two coats of hardened clear coat.  It will look rad when I’m done. 

– We’ll renew some of the running rigging before we’re done. 

– Numerous other projects I can’t quite remember right now but I have a very long list in my phone of projects I want to get done while I’m here, all to improve and upgrade the boat. 

New and improved and upgraded galley countertopsDONE

Here’s last weeks post about our major projects over the last four years:  Extended Maintenance and Major Repairs: The Continuing Price For An Experienced Sailboat 

Have a great weekend.

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