So one acts like an older dog and one acts like a kitty...they're slowly adjusting to each other.  

Over the last month, our Great Dane and new baby kitty have started to gel.  We have not tried to force partnership and mutual understanding; it’s a small boat with mutual spaces that force the animals to cross path’s on a regular basis.  Like….kitty loves to drink Quincy’s water, clean up the decks after Quincy eats (ie: she eats leftover dog food); Quincy will come below and go right to kitty’s food…eating every bite of her food then promptly going back upstairs again.  Interaction between species is thus forced by the nature of the boat but also by some level of curiosity.  We see that kitty is playful by nature and sometimes just wants to play with Quincy…it’s just that the play is often at the wrong time, kitty has energy to play and Quincy just wants to sleep.  So one acts like an older dog and one acts like a kitty…they’re slowly adjusting to each other.

We live on a cruising sailboat with our two kids, a Great Dane and a new kitty.  We’re going south, making the decision to take the trip slowly so we can soak in the experience.  We’ll be in Costa Rica and Panama for rainy season, but we will take it as it comes like we always do.  Keep reading, we love our readers.

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