It’s been a while, but I had to leave my friends and long walks on the terra firma because the feeders decided that it was time to get moving again…I’ll never understand them.  At first the fresh salt air and new smells were wonderful, but once my doghouse started moving side to side, I was not very happy.  I eventually remembered that I just needed to settle in and dream of the next great dinghy ride into shore for a run on the beach and I’d get through.

A good day at sea – it’s not so bad out here
Hiding from the sun and claiming any cushion I can get my paws on
Holding on for dear life – Make it stop!

I don’t mind the day hops but when we continue overnight I get really confused….How long will this continue?  I mean do you know what it’s like to do your business on a rocking boat in the dark of night?  Then let’s add in green glowing things in the waves all around you– I swear some of them were dolphins but mom wouldn’t let me get a closer look.

Eventually, we return to the familiar grounds of Banderas Bay.  I’ve traded in my cows and burros of Baja for iguanas, chickens, and…a crocodile?!  There’s always a menagerie wherever we go.  Then, you’ll never guess where I got to vacation while my feeders worked on the boat – THE VET!  I know, I know, we all usually hate the vet, but Dr. Dunia is the best and her house is right next to the office with the best tiles to lay on and cool my belly.  The best part is – I got to hang with my mini-me!  I don’t understand how you can wear a sweater in weather like this bro, but whatever!

(photo credit Dr. Dunia, La Cruz, MX)

Well folks, that’s about it.  By the time this posts I’ll probably be holding on for dear life again in the cockpit, but maybe, just maybe I’ll find some good beaches to run on soon enough.

I’m posting this late on this Sunday because I had to get into town and provision freshies before we get moving tomorrow off the grid again…on a southerly course to Zihua.  Excited to get in there because I have not been there since I was a kid on Tulum II.  Wanna read more like this or more about our trip….FOLLOW US-

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