The Boat Kids comment on the GAME Subnautica and give you background lore and their take on the game.

Alright kiddies u wants some more game reviews like legend of Zelda? WELL, LISTEN UP BECAUSE I HAVE ANOTHER AWESOME GAME REVIEW . Unfortunately, you will have to imagine what it looks like because we don’t have WIFI so I can’t transfer the photos (*sad noises*), but anywho WHO CARES ABOUT PHOTOS???? IM FEELING REALLY CRAZY RIGHT NOW BECAUSE ITS EARLY IN THE MORNING AND I HAVENT HAD ANYTHING TO WAKE ME UP BUT WHO CARES?!?!?!? LET’S GO!

Ok so, my game that I’m talking about today is called… Subnautica! (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!) yes yes, children, restrain your terror. Oh? You don’t know what Subnautica is? YOU WILL. Do you have a fear of the ocean? No? YOU WILL. 

So basically Subnautica is an underwater survival game (TREMBLE IN TERROR!!!) and it is seriously the best (and also scariest) underwater survival game ever. The lore (or backstory for noobs) is set in a space theme, set in the future. You are on a charter ship working for this space company called Alterra, a company and Trans-government who spans space-wide, and you are on the ship working to make space portals. On the way to where the space portals are, you pass planet 4546B, a category 3 ocean planet (translation: it is completely covered in ocean), where a spaceship called the Degasi crash landed for unknown reasons. On it were some passengers considered valuable to the Mongolian Independent States (long story); the ship disappeared about a decade ago, but it would be valuable to Alterra in negotiations with the MIS (Mongolian Independent States) to know what happened to the Degasi crew. So, the ship you are working on makes its way into the atmosphere of the planet 4546B, but as it starts to make its way down into the lower atmosphere, something shoots it down, and it begins to crash land in an uncontrolled descent towards the planet’s surface. You make it into one of the life-pods before the ship crashes, and from there, the life-pod lands on the surface of the water. That’s when the game starts. Throughout it, you find the other life-pods, and realize you, for some reason, were the only person the make it out of your life-pod alive, as through various means, the passengers who were able to make it out of the ship and into their life-pods died. You are the only survivor. As the story progresses, you find out what happened to the Degasi crew, you build yourself a base under the water, you solve a mystery that includes leviathans and aliens, save the entire galaxy from a bacteria that could wipe out the entire universe, and eventually, escape and save yourself… that is with this particular character that you play as. You do realize that there’s a sequal, right? . What makes this game particularly interesting is, some of it is based off real world science… and so, that means: one day, a satellite could be drifting through space, searching for new planets, and could stumble upon a large planet completely covered in water, with an atmosphere similar to ours, and the scientists would name it something that starts with the numbers 45… you better start running.

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