Another Friday, another post! Today, I’m here to address a subject that has been very much ignored in these posts, a game so awesome I play it almost every day, one that has installed nostalgia in me for a very long time… I’m of course talking about Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!)! This has literally been called the best game on Nintendo Switch (the console I play it on), and personally, I agree. Even though I only started playing BotW less than a year ago, it was still the very top of my list when I heard I was going to get a Nintendo Switch (along with Super Smash Bros. and Just Dance), and that’s for a reason: it’s… a… I don’t even have words to describe it. The first time I played it through, it took me months to re-gain the divine beasts and confront and kill Ganon, and I actually cried at the end of it. It’s…a journey.

  But I’m really happy to get the chance to finally tell you guys about it. The basic rundown is (major spoilers ahead!!), the world is created out of chaos by these three goddesses, Din, the goddess of power, Nayru, the goddess of wisdom and Farore, the goddess of courage. They then create this thing called the “Tri-force”, a magical item which, if touched by someone who has the three virtues (see: the goddesses who created the world) can grant that person’s wish. If someone without the virtues tries to use the Tri-force, it is split into three pieces, leaving the person who tried to use it with the part of the Tri-force they most embody. Two other individuals are chosen to house the two other pieces. Oh, and the Tri-force doesn’t distinguish between good and evil. However, it is much more powerful if the three pieces are united. The three goddesses entrust the Tri-force to the goddess Hylia, Hyrule’s namesake, and leave. Then, after some time, the demon king Demise rises. He wants the Tri-force to rule the world and raises an army to help him. Hylia gathers the remining humans and the Tri-force and puts them on this floating island in the sky called Skyloft, a sanctuary for humans. Demise is defeated and imprisoned on the isle of the goddess, sealed into place. Hylia entrusts the isle’s care into the hands of the Sheikah tribe, who dutifully watch over it. The seal over Demise isn’t very strong unfortunately, but we’ll get to that later. Hylia is re-born as a princess named Zelda, and on the floting island of Skyloft, on the day of the 25th anniversary of the knight academy, a young man named Link passes a big test, blah blah blah, but also Zelda is taken back to the surface of the earth by a bad guy. Demise escapes, Link goes on a quest to save Zelda and defeat Demise and after many shenanigans Link (gasp!) saves Zelda and defeats Demise. Unfortunately, Demise sets a curse in place: a viscous never ending cycle in which a bad guy like Demise, a princess named Zelda, and a hero named Link would be reincarnated and would go on a similar quest to the one that just happened (aka Zelda: kidnapped by baddies, link: on a quest to save her and defeat the embodiment of Evil/ Demise, Demise: reincarnated as a magical being who wants to take over the world (que the evil mua hahahhahas)). And so, the story for the entire Legend of Zelda franchise is set.

Fast forward for the newest game, Breath of the Wild. Ten thousand years before the game starts, the Evil reincarnated promised by Demise is predicted to come back yet again (at this point, Demise’s curse has been going on for some time, so Evil has been re-incarnated a lot over the years and defeated.) The people of Hyrule (the surface world in which Zelda was kidnapped to before the original demise was defeated has now been repopulated for quite some time, and graciously named after the goddess Hylia, into Hyrule) start to prepare for Evil: using the technology and partnership of the now very technologically advanced Sheikah tribe, they build an army of mechanical Guardians, and build four super weapons against… ok late to the party but his name is Ganon, I’m pretty sure you guys get at this point that he’s the guy who is re-incarnated in Demise’s curse, I’m just gonna call him that… where were we? Oh yeah, Super Weapons against Ganon, called the Divine Beasts: a Lizard, an Elephant, a Falcon, and a Camel. Each one has a different power over the elements… and a name: Vah Rudania, the Lizard, has power over lava and fire, Vah Ruta, the elephant, has power over water in all aspects (solid liquid gas), Vah Medoh, the Falcon (or any bird that resembles one; it’s hard to tell exactly), has control over wind, and Vah Naboris, the Camel, has power over lightning. Together, with specially chosen pilots to wield them, they and the Guardians and the Hylians and the Hyrule royal family (the peeps financing everything and also Zelda’s fam) defeat Ganon! Doves, angels, a magical quire! Except, oh no! this is 10,000 years ago! Anyways, 100 years before the game starts (just- just fast forward a bunch, leave us to assume there’s lasting peace in between.), Lo and behold, GANON WILL AWAKE AGAIN!!!! Now, the current royal family strive to follow their ancestor’s path from 10,000 years before, and so, preparations begin: the Divine Beasts and Guardians, who have been forgotten by pretty much everyone (leave it to the story tellers to assume that Ganon was defeated by one person), are suddenly remembered, dug up, and then… just sit there cause no one knows how to use them: the Sheikah’s intense tech knowledge has been pretty much decimated over the years, and so the Hyruleans resort to extensive research, hoping to learn how to pilot the beasts in time for Ganon’s awakening. However, this is only in the hopes of weakening Ganon: the “Chosen hero”, the reincarnation of the original Link, must take up the Master Sword (this awesome sword that I actually have no idea whatsoever when on the Zelda timeline it popped up) and defeat Ganon! Then, Zelda reincarnated will seal him away using the sealing powers she inherits from her long family of Zeldas who are descended from Hylia, the giver of the sealing power. As the Ganon episode looms, the Hero (Link) is discovered (backstory: Link is the son of a soldier in the royal army, he is exceptionally skilled with the sword, and when one of the awakened guardians that was being studied goes haywire and tries to kill everybody with its lasers, he kills it, saving everyone, including saving Princess Zelda’s life. Link is then instated as Zelda’s personal bodyguard, to Zelda’s immense dislike), the Master Sword retrieved (cause apparently it was lost), and everything was almost ready! Except, um, one teensy tiny detail: Zelda’s powers had yet to show itself. As much as she trains and tries to find it, her power stays dormant. Desperate to help the war effort, she aids the group studying the ancient Sheikah technology that would save Hyrule, and finds she enjoys it immensely, although she does not waver from focusing on getting her power. However, her father, the king, is not pleased, and orders Zelda to stop studying the Divine Beasts and focus on her power at all costs. In the final months before Ganon is reincarnated, Zelda, as a last defense, travels to the three springs of the three goddesses, hoping to somehow get her powers there. In each one, she stands in the waters in a simple cloth dress, and prays for hours, in one case up at the freezing top of a mountain! Upon returning, with no luck, from the very last spring, the four champions chosen to pilot the divine beasts, Zelda, and Link witness the awakening of Ganon… right at Hyrule castle, where the King, the Royal army, and the army of Guardians are. Then, Ganon puts in place an evil plan that no one could have realized: pillars of Malice, aka evil embodied, erupt around the castle, and Demon Ganon, basically Ganon vaporized, comes… out of the castle? Around that area, anyways, and takes control of the Guardians, setting ablaze to the castle and the surrounding town… imagine a five-year old with thousands of years of experience who likes to play Godzilla with ants taking control of a bunch of mechanical, 10-foot-tall spider things with lasers, and you get the idea (there are also flying guardians, too, so that’s also terrifying). The Champions race to their Divine Beasts in an effort to try and KO Ganon, but he sends this things called Blights, basically duplicates of him except adapted to whatever element the specific divine beast is, of and also with Ancient Shiekah weapons (oops), and the Blights kill the Champions and take over the Divine beasts. At this point, Zelda’s father, who we come to know as Rhoam, AKA the king, is dead, and if you’re wondering bout Zelda’s mother, who was not mentioned in this monologue, kudos to you for asking but actually, she’s been dead for some time, died when Zelda was six, of an unknown disease, all we know is that it was “sudden and unexpected”, from King Rhoam’s diary. This is also the reason that Zelda was having trouble with her powers, as she didn’t have her mother, who also had the power, to guide her. Anyways, Link and Zelda are in heavy retreat when link is injured badly when defending Zelda from a Guardian, but not before defeating the Guardian, buying Zelda some time, and he soon dies (I think. It’s unclear). Then, with aid from Impa, a young member of the Sheikah tribe, and Purah, also Sheikah, a researcher of Ancient Sheikah technology, Link is brought to the Shrine of Resurrection, laid to rest, and then Zelda entrusts the master sword to the Great Deku Tree, then sets off to confront Ganon, managing to bring out her sealing powers in the nick of time… or perhaps a bit late. For the next 100 years, Link sleeps in the shrine of resurrection, and Zelda holds back Ganon.

And then, the game starts: you are Link, brought back to life by the shrine of resurrection, relatively good looking for 100 (as in he hasn’t aged at all) also a completely different person, because he has completely lost his memory in his time sleeping. The game starts with Link waking up in the shrine of resurrection, and in the time you are playing, you go on an epic quest to regain the Master Sword, retake the Divine beasts, and defeat Ganon! PS for some reason Zelda is still young too. I know that it’s completely not related to the subject, but its stuck in my head :/

Karalaral out!!!

The author is a tween who lives on a cruising sailboat with her family and Great Dane.  She writes every friday when we have power and wifi + inspiration.







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  1. Wow! Such a detailed description! I love that game too! I have finished it twice along with all of the side quests. Can’t wait to play the sequel when it come out!!!

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