Getting creative with vegetarian ingredients, I use provisions on-hand for a great meal.

We often run out of the most popular food and provisions long before we run out of staples, so both the HelmsMistress and I have to get creative at times with healthy, hearty meals that both us and the girls will eat…willingly.  Just such a thing happened while we were off the grid and we didn’t to move the boat to reprovision.  I just happened to have almost everything I needed to make a great vegetarian pasta meal from a recipe I had screen shot’ed from (thank you seriouseats, you saved me with a great recipe).

Here’s the one I used, but I didn’t have every single ingredient, but I substituted nicely:

The only real ingredient I didn’t have was the parmigiano reggiano, but I substituted with other cheese.

Completed meal.  Looks like just a bunch of pasta because the rest of the ingredients are mostly at the bottom. I cooked the meal with only one pot so I had just dumped the pasta on top of the rest of the ingredients.

Doesn’t look that appetizing from the picture I took, but it came out great and I was able to use the food I had on-hand to make a great meal for the crew.

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